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Day 19 of Inktober!

🌻Another Isabelle doodle~🌻

Thank you to everyone who ordered an Inktober Special Commission from me! ;v; I’ve finally been able to purchase more art supplies!

Modern au where rukia rescues bunnies and meets ichigo after yuzu brings home a black bunny. Ichigo is forced to take it home because it can’t stay at the clinic. He searches online for information on where he can take it when he clinks on link for a blog run by a cute girl that rescues bunnies. She blogs about her life and her bunnies chappy, shirayuki and kon, her fat cat. He checks out her blog to see if she has any info on what he can do with his new bun and finds she lives near by on the edge of town. She has an email so he contacts her. The next day he gets an email back and before she decided to go see him, he first needs to send proof that the bunny is real and he’s not just a creep trying to get a date with her.

And so starts the beautiful love story of the ages where ichigo becomes the father of 3 bunnies and one lazy cat and boyfriend to a rabbit rescuer. Also where ichigo reluctantly becomes a Instagram sensation with his cute but bunny crazy girlfriend and their fur babies.

Chad is rukias go to veterinarian
Inoue her go to doctor bc rescuing abused bunnies from bad owners is surprising dangerous.
Ishida her part time legal consultant, cause turns out breaking into a persons back yard to rescue bunnies is illegal and part time bunny clothes designer/business parter.


Rainforest family time & vegan on the go!
Surrounded by non vegans :-)

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