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Please help my friend and her cat.

Here’s the backstory. My friend is currently stuck living with her awful sister. Her sister regularly steals, forces her to be a maid to everyone in the house, and has extremely disrespectful children who my friend is not allowed to defend herself from. She tried to move out so we can get an apartment together, but we had to hold it off since her car broke down and needed to be repaired. With everything that’s been happening, it could be five or six months before she can move out.

Recently, her sister’s uncontrollable pitbull attacked her cat. She’s tried repeatedly to get her sister to restrain the dog and keep it somewhere where it can’t hurt anyone, but, of course, she didn’t listen. Now the cat’s leg will have to be amputated if she can’t raise the money to get it fixed properly. She’s had this cat from birth. She bottle fed him as a kitten and raised him all by herself. He’s her baby.

My friend is so broke right now she can barely afford food. She’s trying so hard to get her car repairs paid and to keep up with her sister’s unrealistic rent, but she just doesn’t have enough to take care of her cat. It took all of her rent money this month just to get him his medication. She’s got a fundraiser right here to raise money to get her cat the care he needs. 

If you can’t donate, please at least share. This kitty doesn’t deserve to have his leg amputated because of someone else's foolishness.


Deer are underrated animals. 

This little fawn spent the summer and fall hanging around the wildlife center, sticking her nose in everything and anything she could get to. 

For the record, nothing in this world measures up to sweet baby deer kisses. She is precious, and she is made entirely of love. 

This newborn calf, still wet with amniotic fluid and already tagged for slaughter, was taken away from his mother at birth and and will spend the rest of his short life in the cramped confines of a veal crate. Yet another innocent victim of the dairy industry.

Just look at the life you have sentenced this poor creature too. Stop doing it I’m begging you, find it in your heart to make sacrifices for him.