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Geary Morrill @__roy.g.biv__ | Richmond Virginia 
“ _RESPECT_ one of the many things I try to teach my girls is to respect nature, and to be a steward to the creatures that surround you. I love animals, and I really love people who love animals. Feels good to know that I connect with so many of my clients in one way or another!”

“The day before my 21st birthday, I went to the desert in Australia, where the sands are red and the planes are vast. It’s empty, but it feeds you. I was naked, and to cool myself off from the sun, I covered my body in this white lilac ocher, which is like an ash that stops your body from overheating and from getting burnt. There was this giant rock that looked like a dinosaur egg. So I went up to it and began to sing to it, pretending that there was a dinosaur baby in there. Out of nowhere, these claws came out from underneath the rock. It was a perentie, which is a vicious version of an iguana. They have big, giant talons that could mess you up. Here I am, naked on the perentie’s nest, and it’s licking the air at me, tasting my intentions. Growing up around horses on my aunt’s farm, I learned that if you’re afraid, the animal will be afraid. Even though I was thinking, ‘Holy shit, this is a dangerous situation,’ I just kept singing to the perentie, and it became struck with a sense of wonder. We circled each other, and, eventually, she just walked off. To have such a primal interaction with a wild animal is timeless. But that’s what vulnerability is: it’s being in the depths of an experience and having the courage and sincerity to navigate it gracefully.”

– Nai Palm in our new episode of the ‪‎What’s Underneath‬ Project. For Nai Palm’s entire story, watch her video 👣👣👣