animal loaf


@ramseyringnecks the first picture is the pose that I get worried about because of her tail position and I can’t tell if it’s an ‘I don’t feel good because I have parasites in my guts’ thing or just the way she relaxes for long periods on her perch? And the next two are taken after she got done with eating and foraging for comparison.


A certain loaf has joined the rest of us in the living room! I should technically wait a week, but it was killing me to have her so alone in my room and dividing my time between her and Horchata and dogs. But now she can see her future girlfriend and get used to the normal action in the apartment. They’ve been cooing at each other, and Sangria keeps pacing as if she is trying to get closer to Horchata.

I am still being careful about cross contamination just in case.