animal loaf

there’s a farmers market every wednesday on the quad and there’s a old lady and assistant who sell bread and they recognize me now when i go to buy cheese jalapeño bread every wednesday like im the fuckin Bread Guy now going to buy my cheese jalapeño bread

n like i take a minute to kinda look like i’m looking for something else but they and i all know damn well i’m gonna buy that cheesey jalapeño bread

@ramseyringnecks on their second date they took a bath together! At the end I think Sangria’s head is underneath Horchata’s neck and neither complain about it! They both got so close while bathing c: .


@ramseyringnecks the first picture is the pose that I get worried about because of her tail position and I can’t tell if it’s an ‘I don’t feel good because I have parasites in my guts’ thing or just the way she relaxes for long periods on her perch? And the next two are taken after she got done with eating and foraging for comparison.