animal jewlery

Well it’s 6 AM and I got three out of like, 60 Gijinka requests done, thank you everyone who sent me suggestions I may very well do more the next time I have a sleepless night because it was a blast. <3 uvu

I thought I’d open a few digital painting commissions to get ahead of my holiday bills, taking 5 slots for now. 

I know it’s still technically Autumn but it’s cold and it keeps snowing so CLOSE ENOUGH. 

Please take the time to read my terms of service before commissioning me

Send inquiries to

Complex armor, excessive jewlery, animal companions etc will increase the final total. The prices displayed are a baseline

  • Prices are in USD
  • Paypal only! You will receive a sketch for approval before I request payment.
  • All characters welcome

Be sure to include:

  • A description of what you’d like.
  • Reference images for the character and the preferred outfit (if applicable) or any details not shown in refs.
  • Any other information you feel is important i.e. expression preference, overall mood, character personality.

I will discuss more detailed pricing if needed before I begin.

If you have any questions or anything contact me!