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Albums replaced with Left Shark

From left to right going down:

NWA - Straight Outta Compton
Slint - Spiderland
Swans - To Be Kind
Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2
The Beatles - Help!
The Clash - London Calling
Big Black - Songs About Fucking
Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Weezer - s/t
Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion

Just Ask Her - Nebula x Female Reader - SFW

Pairing: Nebula x Female Reader

Word Count: ~2,000

Summary/Request: Reader/Nebula in which Nebula is trying really, really, really hard to ask out the reader and she asks for help from Peter and Drax. (From a request sent in anonymously. SO CUTE!!)

Warnings: nothing, unless cute girl fluff is a warning. ^.^

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Masked Pt. II

Alrighty Kiddos here we go. This one is shorter than I would’ve liked but I worked and reworked it and this is just how it turned out. Also this seemed to have grown more than i wanted it to? Because right now it seems to be growing to 5 parts but idk, ya’ll lemme know if you want me to keep going?

pt. i

WARNING: Fuck load of cussing, some mentioned smut, shit ton of Angst.

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idea for next animal crossing

a jeweler npc/shop! can be unlocked and added onto the able sisters or in something cute like a caravan.
big thing is customizable jewelry (like hair pins, earrings, bracelets?) that can be changed with ore you find around town and also seashells.

tbh i just want this because i wanna be able to wear seashells in my characters hair.


Snakes are awesome and that’s just that. I own several myself and while I was 18 when I brought home my first, my love for them has continued to grow in the ten years since. They make excellent fascinating pets, but it is their role in the wider world that is most neglected. Snakes make your world go ‘round even when you don’t know it. When snakes are locally extirpated completely all of a sudden humans gain a real appreciation for what they do. Hunt clubs for quail, grouse, and other small gamebirds have experimented with exterminating snakes alongside larger predators such as coyotes under the idea that more quail would then survive to a hunt day. Well the end result actually involved decimating wild bird populations across the board as rodent populations skyrocketed. Rodents commonly prey on ground nesting birds, especially nestlings and eggs. In a way that actually can make snakes a local wildlife guardian and savior if you treat them with respect.

This little coiled colubrid pendant is an ideal gift for reptile enthusiasts or anyone interest in animals and ecology. It can now be purchased over on the PaleoPanthera etsy store: