animal in space


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Back in the fall I got super inspired by this outfit from @cosmashanti​ (the outfit link goes to a reblog on my main blog because the original post has been deleted) and decided I needed to recreate it for my mayor! And then when I was done I realized it was October and my mayor would freeze in the short sleeves… so I made a long-sleeved version to match!

Mairin likes to wear this dress with the star hairpin, black tights, yellow buckled shoes, and heart i. balloon - but it goes well with a pretty wide variety of items~

If there’s a wide enough demand for it, I might try to make a matching umbrella pattern… (or I might just make one either way because I want it) And if anyone wants a darker skintone edit just let me know & I’ll hook you up!

Is anyone else just really obsessed with the fact that we’re animals but we disassociate ourselves with them?

Like isn’t that so fascinating? The phrase “I’m not some animal!” Is actually a thing but ??? Yes we are! And it’s so fascinating!! Here’s some things to think on:

•We literally have packs. Whether it be family, close friends, friend groups at school, etc. we all need human interaction, and even some of the most introverted people are included in this. People have been known to die from loneliness!

•We all need strong figures to look at and mold ourselves after. lacking a motherly, fatherly, etc. figure can largely impact who a person grows up to be. Without someone to look up to, a child wouldn’t learn useful lessons from them, what’s right and what’s wrong, etc. We rely very heavily on others!!

•We are EXTREMELY territorial. Have you ever thought about this? Signs are placed around fences designed to keep other humans out saying “trespassing will be insert bad thing here” because humans they don’t know aren’t welcome in their land! Even though it’s really not our land, we pay money to “own” it in the eyes of other humans!

•Attraction. With a few exceptions, (hello asexuals! :D) humans experience the desire to mate with others, but not just anyone! While not everything is about looks, they are a contributing factor! For example, ‘skinny’ people are considered attractive because statistically the less fat an individual has, the higher the libido. Biologically, people like this because A) more sex, and B) more offspring, even if you don’t want children! Your body is still designed to want lots of offspring to keep the human race going. Another example is what society claims to be “beautiful.” Shiny, thick, healthy hair is considered pretty because the offspring an individual with this hair would produce will also have lovely, healthy hair! This goes the same for long legs (for running well) and more!

This list could go on absolutely forever! Feel free to reblog and add some more things :)