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a concept: neil or andrew with a service/support dog,,, that is all.


imagine how much andrew would hate it. like, he barely learns to tolerate the cats, and then neil comes back from his therapist with this weird grin on his face and he’s like… “andrew we’re getting a dog.” and andrew’s just like “no we’re not” but he can’t say no to neil really so… there’s this bundle of warm that’s always happy, somehow, and needs walking as well as feeding (wtf, he’s not paying rent?)

but then - the dog actually respects the word ‘no’, unlike the fucking cats. and even though neil cannot train the dog, for the life of him (he wants to just give the dog treats, there’s no structure), andrew can. the fact that the dog will do absolutely anything for treats or a brief scratch behind the ears is ridiculous, but simultaneously… almost…… entertaining?

he trains the dog to fetch his glasses for him, and to attack neil every so often (he thinks it’s a game, which just makes it easier). and he doesn’t have to walk the dog in the mornings, because neil takes it running, and because he was already trained he didn’t shit on the floor or anything, so it’s not really worse than the cats

(but he refuses to learn the dog’s name, because it’s ridiculous, too. the dog starts to respond to “dog” or “hey, you” or “ball of hair” more than his actual name).


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Happy TYPE-MOON Tuesday, Tumblr!

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All blame goes to @shuttershocky for being reluctant to ask a followup question. They submitted an ask about unsympathetic tragic villains, and some examples other than Araya Souren:

Hello! I recently read your piece on Souren Alaya as a villain and I was wondering if you could elaborate on why exactly a character who has gone so far into the crazy hole as to have his motivations be no longer understandable makes for a compelling tragic villain? I’m having some difficulty being able to differentiate that from a villain who’s just plain unrelatable which is what I would like to avoid as an aspiring writer.

 The only thing I had ready to go was this comparative analysis that was so far down the Magi franchise rabbit hole that I can’t think of a witty thing to say to finish that metaphor because I’m not particularly witty anyway especially if I try but my typos are hilarious. Anyway, the post didn’t get the job done:

I think i get it? I have not read Magi so I have very very little idea of what I’m reading, but I don’t want to bother you with essentially remaking a post but with Type-Moon instead. Thank you so much for the explanation! 


Look, let’s get one thing straight here people: I live, eat, breathe and probably have a physical composition of about 25% Kara no Kyoukai. Easily 35% if you include the parts of the Fate Series that isn’t exclusively based upon FGO lore. 

Medb will always be a sack of irredeemable shit because of what she’s done to my beloved Cu Chulainn. I give zero fucks about kintoko. Sorry not sorry if I occasionally get Kingu confused with Enkidu if the artist didn’t make his eye color and/or expression noticeably different from Enkidu when he gets angry. I have been spammed with enough out of context FGO screenshots of angry Enkidu to know that angry enkidu looks less like this:

..and more like this:

…which looks an awful lot like Kingu.

I think Caster Gilgamesh is great and has a genuinely interesting storyline, but his costume design makes me cringe and I ultimately like “trashy aunt” Fate/Zero Gilgamesh better. 

I am not and never will be as invested in FGO lore as I am with Fate Series material based on light novels, established visual novel translations, light novel & manga adaptations of visual novels, and Ufotable anime adaptations. I am not gamer, and FGO translations always end up taking a backseat to a manga or novel that I’m reading. I love reading them, and genuinely think what’s been done with (some) of the servants is as brilliant as anything included in TYPE-MOON light and visual novel. That being said, at any given time, I’m weeks behind people who play the game and am less likely to give FGO and Fate Extra/CCC/Extella exclusive servants equal weight in any given meta. 

In any case, I won’t be spending much time on the blog beyond retooling that question to be more TYPE-MOON franchise specific with discussions of F/SN and F/Zero Gilgamesh, Heroic Spirit EMIYA, Roa, and some non-Nasuverse animanga characters much later in the day, after I’ve taken care of IRL responsibilities and taken care of other obligations. 

That being said, I scored a ton of gorgeous Fate Series fanart from the daily rankings on pixiv while I was on hiatus, so I’m going to queue that up. I’ve become oddly competitive about posting things I got permission to post hours after they’ve been posted in the hopes of being the first person to post artwork so gorgeous that every TYPE-MOON Tumblrite trawling pixiv for fanart is eager to post because good lord, so much of it is unspeakably gorgeous!

Speaking of pixiv daily rankings, I’ve been noticing that the majority of the artists who dominate the global rankings are Chinese and Korean these days. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but a selfish part of me loves it because the Korean and Chinese artists I’ve met on pixiv are (generally) very casual, quick to respond, and more likely to say “yes” to their entire portfolio.

Now that I think about it, it’s struck me as really weird how 9/10 Japanese artist who draws Mushishi has turned me down, specifically citing copyright concerns each time. Usually the rejection reasons are more varied, but it’s always the same reason with Mushishi. Every Chinese artist drawing Mushishi fanart seems to be falling over themselves trying to give away Mushishi fanart, and they are drawing a lot of Mushishi fanart. I’d love to hear the backstory on that one…

Anyway, please enjoy some more fanart spam and expect to see a thing about Araya Souren and other animanga characters late in the evening.

Enkidu screencap from askmotherfuckingenkidu

i know its engrained in our culture in fundamental ways but i really wish we could like… collectively move away from an attitude where its normalized to freak out over people having interests in “weird” and “creepy” animals. 

like its really annoying and kinda hurtful when i want to talk about an animal i love and am interested in, and someone butts in to talk about how disgusting it is or how they want to kill it. and on a larger scale, with little kids (especially little girls)get their interests in “weird” animals shamed or discouraged, sometimes to the point of them getting fucking bullied for it. 

like just…. be mindful of the fact that the world doesnt revolve around you and just because you dont like something “weird” but harmless doesnt actually mean its okay for you to shit on everyone who does