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Do you think you could do a compilation of DIY stim toys?

Hey, anon! I’ve actually been thinking that we needed a master post like this for slime (because the slime recipes get bogged down amidst the slime seller posts in the slime tag, making searching less simple) and it’s not too far a stretch to just catalogue all the tutorials/DIYs I’ve gathered thus far.

Slime and Floam

Talisa Tossell’s Basic Slime Recipe Videos: one | two | three

@tropicalslimes‘s Slime Recipes and Ingredient Lists: one | two | three | four

@stimtoybox‘s Monte Marte Gel Glitter Slime Tutorial

@sensoryviolet’s Slime 101 Post

Edible Hot Cocoa Slime Tutorial

Edible Slime Recipe Compilation Post

DIY Floam Tutorial

Cute Life Hack’s Butter Slime Video

Glitter and Visual Toys

HelloMaphie’s Glitter Pen/Lava Pen Tutorial

@pinklikeme‘s Glitter Jar Tutorial

@diy-stims​‘s Jellyfish In a Bottle Video

DIY Lava Bottle/Lamp Tutorial

Chain Fidgets

@fidgettoy‘s Straw Chain Fidget Tutorial

Marble Mazes and Loops

@stimtoybox‘s Description of a Marble Maze

@stimmingsensation‘s Marble Loop Tutorial

Scented Vial Necklace

@stimtoybox‘s Scented Vial Necklace Tutorial

Phone Case/Orbeez Cooler Pouch

Karina Garcia’s Orbeez Phone Case Tutorial

Weighted Lap Pad, Blanket and Plush

@flyboyskywalker​‘s Weighted Lap Pad Tutorial

Sock Bunny Tutorial

Weighted Tie Blanket Tutorial

Weighted Stuffed Animal Tutorial

@eldritchesoterica‘s Weighted Chenille Sponge Creature Mini Tutorial

Stress Balls

@diy-stims​‘s Stress Ball Components List

@stimmystimmycocoapuff​‘s Crunchy Stress Ball Video

Karina Garcia’s Clear Balloon Stress Ball Video

Aira Tran’s Baking Soda Stress Ball Video


@chelf​‘s Edible Chocolate Playdough Recipe

Playdough Cookies Recipe

@stimmy-things​‘s No-Cook Playdough Recipe

Glow-In-The-Dark Playdough Recipe

Night Sky Playdough Recipe

Fabric and Wool Fidgets

Pompom Tutorial


@stimtoybox​‘s DIY Chewable Compilation Post

Kinetic Sand / Play Sand

@sunshinestimming‘s Edible Kinetic Sand Tutorial

Homemade Moon Sand Tutorial

@stimmythings‘s Taste Safe Moon Sand Tutorial

Kinetic Sand Video Compilation Post

Beads and Beaded Fidgets

@stimmystimmycocoapuff‘s Beaded Fidget Video

@eldritchesoterica‘s Bead Ring Necklace Tutorial

@ounanakos‘s Roller Bead Fidget Tutorial

@stimtoybox + @eldritchesoterica‘s Peyote Stitched Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

Peyote Stitching Tutorial Compilation Post

@fidgettoy‘s Mini Bead Abacus Tutorial

There are of course many more tutorials out there - there’s a good number of them in my drafts folder and queue already! I’ll do another compilation post when I’ve collected more DIYs, and when I’ve got time, I’ll create a proper page for this post and link it in my description.

The Wizard Speedpaint - Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Fan Art~

Gale was just so cool. <3 It was always a tie between Wizard and Chase when it came to save files, and Wizard was worth waiting for. Image free for personal use, enjoy!

Them Not Wanting Her to Leave After Finding Out They’re in Mafia: IKON


He was a cunning young man that definitely knew the art of manipulation. He would lie loads and loads, trying every method to keep your mind secure of what kind of monster he actually was.

He would let you go in the end, but your freedom won’t last long as his manipulative face and acts would come to your consciousness, and you’d feel guilty for actually leaving him, knowing that you shouldn’t feel that guilt in the first place.


You couldn’t remember anything after he told you about his occupation, only having a severe headache at the back of your head. It was terrifying, laying on the ground completely paralyzed and cold, feeling the life leaving your body.

YunHyeong presented himself to the room soon after you awoke, though, carrying a warm sheet to cover you with, and a cup of hot tea, his gun’s holster visible at his hip. “I hope you won’t be pulling a stunt like that ever again, Sweetie, or else I might as well paralyze you completely from waist and down.”


JiWon is not a man who was scared to use a gun, and therefore, you would be put under a gun’s point if you’d step even as close as the door. He would tolerate none of your bullshit, and one wrong move might end in horrible consequences for you.

You had to understand that from the moment you knew his occupation, you were his property, and property was not allowed to leave his house, or in your case, his line of sight.


I hope you do know that HanBin is actually a terrifying man of horrific capabilities, and so I believe that he does not know his own limits. He would go through great lengths to stop you from leaving him.

Depending on his moods he might simply lock you up in his house like a bird in a golden cage; and that’s only if he’s feeling sane enough and happy.

On other days, he might as well put a dog’s collar around your neck and tie you up like an animal in a cage, only leaving you high-quality food and some time for personal hygiene a couple of times per day.


Another dangerous man whose personality could not be read at all. His face might say one thing meanwhile his brain says a completely opposite thing- there was no room fr a heart. However, when he was with you, he felt a spark in that once empty space, pumping his blood all around his body and making him genuinely happy.

In no way would he be willing to give up his own, personal, little sunshine- even if you were against staying. Nothing mattered to him, not even your words of protest and the tears streaming down your face as you tried to break the door, that was locking you inside his bedroom, down.


He was always the softest member of the gang, sparing his opponents, or simply ending their lives with no torture- quickly and effectively. No one could have though that DongHyuk would be any different, but apparently he had his own demons.

After informing you of his occupation, he expected you to react calmly and simply accept him the way he was- only that your reaction was completely opposite of what he expected.

You ran, fought and bit at him as he tried to stop you in your haste to get the hell out of that man’s house. He was cooing once he caught you, swooning over how cute your acting was before knocking you out.

Nobody had any means of contact with you, and nobody could find you.


You wouldn’t believe him when he told you that he killed people and terrorize others for money. Laughing at him, you simply continue watching the game show that was playing on the TV.

Her stormed out of the room but returned a second later, completely dressed and a couple of knives in his hands, beckoning you to hurry and dress up so that you two could go out.

Completely bewildered, you struggled against his grip, protesting. He didn’t listen, and soon enough you were standing in the middle of a murder scene, blood everywhere as ChanWoo stood a little ways away from you, smirking at the bodies under his feet. “Now do you believe me?”

You wanted to run and scream and cry and get some help, but you couldn’t, your knees weak and eyes wide as you fell to the ground, sobbing and screaming in terror.

With a man like ChanWoo, you knew there was no way of escaping.


-him being extremely picky of where you two stay -arguing over paint color -eventually picking a for and painting together -finding his paint supplies in the way quite often -listening to Klaus talk while you fall asleep -feeling lonely so you force him to cuddle with you -him helping you cook before his family comes over -trying to calm him down after a bad day -hugging him to get him to relax - late nights drinking and talking -him surprising you with a fancy dinner with candles and wine -falling asleep on the couch because you two were too tired to make it to bed -the house frequently getting destroyed after witch attacks -throwing dog treats at him to annoy him -adopting a dog because you want an animal you can actually pet -fixing his tie before an event -frequent calls from Elijah to make sure you’re alive -never feeling the need to make the bed 😉


Son Shine Verse / Charming Wayward Sons Verse ± Belize

“Apparently, before Stiles and Juice were a thing, and before Deran and Adrian were just Deran and Adrian, the three of them were all in some kind of weird relationship together.”
“It was not a relationship. It was like a sexual awakening or something. We were friends who boned, I guess.”

[Animal Kingdom tie-in/AU]