animal in a hat


要望がありましたので、他の色も作ってみました( ・ิω・ิ)✧

*˙︶˙*)ノ < 他の色が欲しい方はメッセージを送ってください )


Since there was a request,
I made other colors as well( ・ิω・ิ)✧

*˙︶˙*)ノ < Please give me a message if you want other colors )

赤 Red 他の色2 Other color2

I thought this was an immensely adorable idea for the halloweens, or if you just want a mayor who’s a little feisty. All the hair colors are there, And skin is toned towards a tanned mayor. Skin can be made lighter or darker upon request but include a specific item name!

This pattern aligns with both the 

“I’m serious> Grin and bear it!” and “I’m serious> Fight and overcome!”

Femminine hairstyles.

Big thanks to This Post and its creator Petal-Parasol for guiding me through hair coloring and shape and saving me hours and hours as I fight my way into the much newer concept of hat design.

P.s. This Code is compatible with New Leaf!