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Here is Who We Know For a Fact is on the Isle, Why, and What They’ve Been Up To

As per the Descendants wiki (which needs a lot of updating so it’s possible I’m missing some). Also thoughts in parenthesis are mine, because I’m snarky.

  • Anastasia Tremaine: Abusing Cinderella, deceiving the king and prince, identity theft, assault, seems to generally be involved in villainous group schemes, probably including whatever led to the creation of the Isle. (Seriously, I have NO IDEA why she’s here, SHE REFORMED COME ON. I can only assume that something happened). Now she’s presumably working at the salon, Curl Up and Dye, and she has a bunch of daughters, one of whom is named Anita, and at least one son, Anthony. 
  • Captain Hook: Murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, hostage holding, torture, manipulating Tinker Bell, presumably a lot of theft, since he’s a pirate. (Yeah, okay, he earned a criminal sentence). He’s got three kids - Harriet, Harry, and CJ, and he runs a fishing shop. Also still has the Jolly Roger, so it must have been repaired post-octopus destroying it. He also used to own Uma’s ship but he had a race to give it to someone else and Uma won. 
  • Claude Frollo: ….Do I gotta elaborate? How about being genocidal, abuse of power, attempted murder, arson, torture, sexual harassment and attempted assault, child abuse, false imprisonment as Quasimodo was an adult, he should have been free to leave the tower. (Yeah, he deserves EVERYTHING he gets). Currently he runs a creperie and has a daughter named Claudine. ..Ben, please, I will PAY you to rescue her. 
  • Clayton: Poaching, animal abuse, attempted murder. He has a son named Clay now.
  • Coachman: Kidnapping, animal abuse, child abuse, dark magic. He runs a taxi service….presumably pulled by donkeys. *shudders*
  • Cruella De Vil: Animal abuse to the nth degree, theft, attempted murder since she tried to run a dude off the road. She currently has Carlos and I dunno what she does for a living. 
  • Diablo: Aiding, abetting and enabling Maleficent. Currently still does, now that his petrification is broken. 
  • Dr. Facilier: Dark magic, attempted theft and attempted murder. Currently runs a shop and has at least one child, Freddie. 
  • Drizella Tremaine: All the same stuff as Anastasia, minus identity theft, but she never ever reformed or showed substantial remorse. Currently works at the salon and has a number of daughters, one of whom is Dizzy. 
  • Edgar Balthazar: Animal abuse, attempted theft. This is the butler from the Aristocats for those of you who forgot him. He has a son, Eddie. No idea what he does though - maybe he buttles for one of the royal villains?
  • Flotsam and Jetsam: Aiding, abetting, and enabling Ursula. They currently live in a fish tank at the Chips shoppe. At least one of them has children, but Jay owns them as pets. 
  • Gaston: Kidnapping, attempted murder, inciting a mob to violence and attempted murder, attempted false imprisonment, blackmail. He has a hunting store and three boys - one named Gaston Jr., one named Gaston the Third, and one named Gil. 
  • Governor Ratcliffe: Attempted genocide, attempted murder, conspiracy to frame Pocahontas and John Smith. He has a son called Rick. 
  • Hades: Attempted murder, conspiracy to commit a coup, unleashing the titans. He has a son named Hadie and seems to sell Greek food (or what the Isle can pass as Greek food). 
  • Horace: Theft, ransoming, basically being hired hitmen for Cruella, animal abuse, impersonating another. Claimed to reform. Has a kid named Harold, called Harry. 
  • Horned King: Kidnapping, attempted murder, tried to take over the world, abuse of power. Owns a cauldron repair joint. 
  • Iago: Aided, abetted, and enabled Jafar, impersonating royalty, a few counts of theft, although he reformed (AND I AM SO MAD HE’S ON THE ISLE). Apparently he’s lost his ability to speak (or pretends he has) and has a son called Othello, whom Evie keeps as a pet. Seems to have teamed back up with Jafar. (STILL HORRIFYING). 
  • Jafar: Attempted coup, attempted murder, false imprisonment, theft, dark magic. He has a junk shop where his son steals stuff and then he sells it back. Has a son, Jay. 
  • Jasper: Same as Horace. Has a son named Jace. 
  • Lady Tremaine: Child abuse, abuse of magic, false imprisonment, destruction of property, some believe she murdered her husband. Aided and abetted identity theft and deceiving the royal family. Owns the salon. 
  • LeFou: Attempted murder, conspiracy to commit false imprisonment and blackmail, assault. He has a son called LeFou Deux (and he owes his son an apology for that). 
  • Lucifer: Abusing Cinderella. Has a bunch of kittens, one of which is owned by Carlos as a pet. 
  • Madame Mim: Cheating in a Wizard Duel (presumably punishable by some sort of magical penalty) and attempted murder. She has a few granddaughters, one of whom is called Maddy. 
  • Maleficent: Child endangerment, attempted murder, kidnapping, torture. Often claims a leadership position in villain group plans, has a daughter named Mal, and is currently her pet lizard. 
  • Maleficent’s Goblins: Aiding, abetting and enabling Maleficent. Currently trying to request amnesty from her. 
  • Mother Gothel: Child abuse, false imprisonment, attempted murder. Currently teaching at one of the schools, has a daughter called Ginny. 
  • Pain and Panic: Aiding, abetting, and enabling Hades. Pain has a lane named after him on the Isle. 
  • Queen of Hearts: Attempted murder and abuse of power. Currently owns a salon. 
  • Ratigan: Attempted murder, murder, extortion, attempted coup, kidnapping. Lives on the Isle, occasionally gets chased out of the chip shoppe by an angry Ursula.
  • Royal Astronomer of Agrabah: Knowingly aided, abetted, and enabled Jafar’s plans by checking if the stars aligned for Jafar’s purposes. Has a son named Reza. 
  • Scar: Murder, coup, false confession, assault, false imprisonment, abuse of power. Lives on the Isle. 
  • Shan Yu: Kidnapping, mass murder of civilians, attempted murder, attempted conquest for sake of showing off. Owns a Dim Sum place, and he lives near the Jolly Roger. 
  • Shenzi, Banzai, Ed: Aided, abetted, and enabled Scar, whom they later murdered. Currently have cubs who were given out as pets by Evie. Apparently they were cool with that (HORRIFYING). 
  • Shere Khan: Attempted murder, assault. Somehow owns a pawn shop, apparently he has a soft spot for Evie (or did when she was a small child). 
  • Smee: Aiding, abetting and enabling Hook. Has a son, named Sammy. 
  • The Evil Queen, Grimhilde; Dark magic, attempted murder. Has a daughter named Evie. 
  • The Ringmaster: Animal abuse. (REALLY. THIS GUY WAS NOT EVIL. HE DID HIS DARN JOB, YOU CAN’T HAVE AN ANIMAL BEATING CHILDREN EVEN IF THEY’RE INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. I guess he was cruel to Dumbo afterwards? Still. Adam. Harsh). Has a daughter named Hermie. 
  • Tick Tock: Attempted murder I guess? Has a bunch of baby crocs, apparently refuses to eat Harry’s hand. 
  • Ursula: Attempted coup, dark magic, abuse of power, attempted murder, false imprisonment if turning people into weeds is illegal. Has several daughters, most of whom are violinists, but one of whom is Uma, a pirate captain. These days she only sits on her couch watching soap operas and occasionally chasing out Ratigan, leaving the store to her ‘useless’ child, Uma (I’m bitter, can you tell?). 
  • Yzma: Attempted coup, attempted murder, dark magic, faking a death, scamming. Has two children at least, a girl called Yzla and a boy called Zevon. 
zodiac signs as nct things

aries: chenle the dolphin

taurus: the foreign swaggers

gemini: yuta’s one sided relationship with sicheng

cancer: B A S S B O T

leo: ten on hit the stage!

virgo: doyoung/jaehyun dabbing unironically

libra: uh and that’s a long ass ride

scorpio: jeonghan johnny’s lisp :’)

sagittarius: booming system uh uh

capricorn: kunsol askdjwal

aquarius: limitless but 2x speed

pisces: taeil the animal impersonator


The Alex Ovechkin Aesthetic VI: I Don’t Even Know Man

So, to my knowledge, Ovi has been dressed up as on non-Halloween occasions as:

  • A wolf
  • A shark
  • A bunny
  • A dog

And this is just what I thought of off the top of my head; I’m pretty sure I’m leaving out at least two members of the animal kingdom he’s also impersonated. This trend is like a rollercoaster. But the thing is, the ridiculousness is the point. Think of the attitude and general good nature it takes to just completely abandon your dignify and look ridiculous for the entertainment of others, to be able to laugh at yourself and roll with being laughed at. There are professional athletes out there who never master that (hell, I want to burn the world down in embarrassment when people notice I have two slightly different colored socks on) and then there are people like Ovi who are so comfortable with themselves that they rock being ridiculous to the point where it’s magnificent. And usually they’re doing it for a good cause. That’s awesome.


🌸 I’m back! OMG I miss writing so much and to make this comeback(lol) memorable,  here’s Boyfriend!Taeil for all of you!

Thanks for the people who requested this! I’m sorry it took me so long!

🌸 Feel free to drop any requests in my inbox!

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Audio Ask Meme!

Send me a number and I will reply with an audio recording~

1) Tell me about your otp

2) Talk about a trip you’ve been on, good or bad

3) Read your favorite poem or a poem of my choice

4) Tell me about your pets (if no pets, tell me if you want any or not)

5) Read the third paragraph on the 51st page of the book nearest to you

6) Explain the meaning behind your url

7) Sing your favorite line from one of your favorite songs

8) Impersonate an animal of my choice

9) Talk about your favorite movie

10) List your top five favorite characters, each from a different fandom. Tell why they’re your favorite

11) Tell me a funny story

12) Recite a quote of my choosing

13) Tell your favorite word

14) What is your favorite book and why is it your favorite

15) Tell the last thing you googled

16) Describe your dream job

17) If Peter Pan showed up at your window tonight, would you go with him to Neverland

18) List five things you like about yourself

19) Do an obnoxious laugh

20) When is your birthday and what is your favorite birthday memory

Next Door Playboy

Jeon Jungkook - You

Genre: Fluff/Suggestive Themes

Word count: 1,197

A/N: Is this what you call….fluff?….Okay well I actually had fun writing this and it is quite funny in my opinion…Oh and WINNER - Don’t Flirt goes well with this…Enjoy

>Part 2< 

They say living on your own is an experience everyone should have at least once.

Dorms are fun, yes, new and awkward friendships, bed time stories, mindless midnight talks filled with giggles, shared between roommates are and always will be amazing memories.

But living in an apartment that has a kitchen and your own bathroom is always something to look forward to. Because dorms might be great but they don’t feel like home.

That is why they recommend you to do it at least once.

Well don’t listen to them.

If you don’t want to be wide awake at 2am on a Monday, because your next door neighbor is having a ‘fun’ night, that is.

For the fifth time that week…

I should give him some credit, at least it was the voice of the same girl for the past month, high pitched screams and begging. Which probably meant they were in a relationship, scratching the idea of an infamous fuckboy…

But for the love of whatever god he believed in, couldn’t they do it silently or maybe use his lovers’ house for a change?

I couldn’t blame him fully though, It wasn’t this bad when I first moved in to the five story building that supported four apartments in every level with a bedroom and a living space merged with the small kitchen.

I saw him on the elevator the first week, and when he was emptying his trash on the third one. He was quite the looker with wide shoulders and a nice jawline. He always left the apartment at 8am sharp, just as I waited for the bus to go to my morning classes. He was also a student, majoring in architecture and was known for having both the visuals and the brain.

So did he tell all this to me himself?

Not really.

I didn’t even know his name at first, considering the lovers he has been with all screamed something else.

Our first conversation was not really…on good terms either, one might say. It wasn’t really a proper conversation as well, as I was the only one yelling like a mad man.

It was just after the finals and I was disgustingly crying because of a failed economics test while trying to make myself something to eat when the voices started.

Someone was either killing a goat or was having sex with one because that voice in no way could belong to a woman. But of course he would be the one to come to one’s mind as he changed partners as frequently as he changed his clothes.

Every two weeks.

Here I was crying my eyes out and that good for nothing man was having the time of his life with a farm animal impersonator.

And it made me furious to my bones, filling my mind with only one thought.


So I did what any sane person would do by grabbing the nearest weapon, an egg, and storming out.

Now that I think about that event, I could just walk out with the knife that I already had in my hand but my brain decided an egg would be the better option. Because it wasn’t one of the ordinary ones you see. It was organic.

When I walked to his door with my choice of weapon, I banged the door with my free hand like crazy before starting to kick it.

After the third time he opened it.


With a towel wrapped around his waist.

As he stood before me, it was as if he was the embodiment of the word beautiful, with his wet bangs fallen before his dark eyes and brows that was furrowed, showing confusion that didn’t fit his god like features…I would say if my life was a crappy romantic comedy. Or maybe I would think for a second and look at him properly before doing what I did and this would lead to an amazing relationship.

“Do world a favor and control your sex drive for once, for us poor souls that are trying to eat!” I yelled before taking his left hand, his palm facing upwards, putting the egg I’ve been holding in it and smashing it with my other hand.

But my life wasn’t sappy romantic movie.

At that exact moment, as the raw egg dripped between his fingers, I realized the voices still continued, and if he wasn’t having a different kind of party inside his house, it didn’t belong to him but to the apartment before his.

And that I just smashed my meal into the hand that was holding his towel, which now rested on the wooden floor.

My life wasn’t a chick flick, oh no…

It was a sitcom.

But my not so little outburst did a better job than expected and he was mostly silent after that.

Well for a while at least.

Like I said, for the fifth time that week…

“Did you have a good night sleep last night?” he asked as he approached the empty bus stop with a half-smile.

“Wonderful. Thanks to you and your girlfriend.” I scoffed.

And now after a year, and many more awkward experiences; like the time when I caught him tasting the hand lotion he bought from the convenience store across the road, or when we barged out of our houses with nothing but pajamas, his being a pink boxer and mine something a middle aged man would wear, because the old lady upstairs accidently activated the fire alarm, we were what you could call, friends.

“Girlfriend?” he laughed as he offered me a piece of gum “You must be getting used to the noises or you are just getting old.”

“Why is that?” I asked, putting the sweet treat between my lips.

“Because we broke up.” He said, not sounding sad “It was someone different this time.”

I laughed as my bus approached before taking my bag from the ground before his hand gripped my wrist, an attempt to gain my attention once more.

“Tonight is pizza night.” He said “You are coming right? I have the movie you bring the beer.”

“Wouldn’t miss it.” I replied before stepping inside the cold vehicle and sitting next to the window he stood before, waving and giving out his signature bunny smile.

If only he showed this side to the girls he dated maybe they would last longer.

But I liked being the only one seeing his true self, for an unknown reason.

The side of my somewhat friend that I liked.

My next door playboy.

What was this even….. Here have some cheesy playboy Kookie….

Should I write a part 2 for this? Even tough I already have two more….*sigh*

Well if you guys could give me feedback I would be grateful!

Please know that English is not my first language so if you see a mistake you can message me privately.

The story is mine. Do not copy without my permission.

Anyway thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


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I have a prompt for you. Ron is injured during an Auror mission, and loses his memory of being with Hermione. He wakes up in St Mungo's and doesn't understand that we're together. Fluff ensues. Bonus points if Harry and/or Ginny have to explain that they're dating. thank you

This is very vaguely nsfw, totally ridiculous, and contains horrendously inaccurate medical descriptions. But thank YOU for the prompt, anyway, anon! AO3 | ffnet

“Oh my God, Hermione! Thank Merlin. I came as soon as I could, Harry owled me, but the idiots in charge didn’t pass it on me until I’d finished training—training! Like that’s important right now!—and then I had to get through the Croatian Ministry, and, well, I thought I was asking for the first available Portkey back to England, but it turns out I was asking for the first available potato back to England, and then—but it doesn’t matter, how is he, what’s going on?!”

“All clear,” Hermione replies, cutting across her frantic shouting, and Ginny visibly sags against the wall. “He was in a lot of danger at first—the hit several rather vital arteries with severing charms—” Ginny squeaks, “—but the team of Healers were incredible, and the other Aurors, too. They were able to stem the flow of the bleeding long enough to get him here, then the professionals took over and he’s going to be absolutely fine, once he’s rested.”

“Oh, thank God,” Ginny says again. “Where’s Harry? Can I see him? Ron, I mean, but I’ll see Harry too, and—”

“Ginny—” Hermione leads her to some chairs in the waiting room, sits her down gently. Ginny gets the feeling she’s withholding something, something important, and she begins to panic. Ron’s absolutely fine—that’s what she said, her own words. “All clear”, Hermione said that too, but there’s something… Ginny realises that, despite the fact that her fiancé was almost killed in the line of duty earlier, Hermione is remarkably relaxed. More than relaxed, she seems to be supressing amusement.

She resists the urge to whip out her wand and make her magically prove her identity, like they used to during the war. This isn’t Hermione. If Ron is in any kind of danger at all, she’s always in full meltdown mode, fussing and panicking not…giggling?

“What’s going on?!”

Hermione waits for a passing Healer to leave, then turns back to Ginny. “He’s going to be fine. His injuries will heal completely in a very short space of time, and he is in no long-term danger at all. He’ll get a couple of weeks’ medical leave from the Aurors, then be able to return to work with no problems, the Healers have assured us.”

“But?” asks Ginny.

“But they gave him some pain killing potions, and…”

“He’s allergic to them?”

“Not exactly,” Hermione says, lips twitching. “It’s probably easier just to show you. Come on, he’s through here. Harry’s there, too.”

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I've been wondering if people of each type tend to share certain gestures or expressions. Or of some functions cause particular expressions. For example, I've heard people tend to frown when searching their memory, Si, and Ne eyes dart back and forth.

Depends on whether you believe visual typing is crap.

I’m on the fence about it, although I will admit that Fe is more animated in general. If I’m in a group of people, the Fe users are the ones making faces at each other all the time, both intentionally and otherwise. More so if it is cracking other people up. Someone who sits around doing animal impersonations for friends that look crazily JUST LIKE YOUR PET? Fe-users. They are fun to watch, since they mimic everything. Half the time, without even meaning to.*

The TJs have what I like to call “the scowl of doom,” which bears a strong resemblance to Grumpy Cat. Or Mycroft Holmes.

Se users are staring at … everything. Strongly. Intensely, like they want to devour it. But it’s not like Ni, which pierces your soul and makes you feel like they have just nailed you to the wall. Soul-searching gaze, Ni. When paired with Te, I’m like: STOP. YOU ARE MAKING ME NERVOUS. Except for the times when you feel like they are staring through you to somewhere else. 

Ne looks around a lot, true. Gently, though, like glancing off things, searching for something to occupy its interest. Because, you know, you’re kinda boring. Si eyes are soft in general, reserved… until you pee on something they love and then the fire burns steadily behind the glare suddenly directed at the carpet, because they think glaring at you will make your head explode, and this is their favorite shirt so they don’t want to get it all gory. Si, when pissed off, is more GET OUT OF MY SIGHT.

Some of that was a joke. Some of it wasn’t. Go people watch. It’s fun.

* “Why are you speaking with my accent?” “Oops.” “You looked like Cate Blanchett when you did that. Have you been watching her movies again?” “Why do you sound like your best friend whenever you’re around her?! How do you mimic her vocal inflections so well?” “Uh… do I?” …

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So, any chance of a "Lucifer goes over to Chloe and Maze's new place for totally science reasons and encounters a tipsy/frisky Chloe" drabble? Asking for a friend.

After the third time his knock has not been answered, Lucifer Morningstar begins to get (considering the incident with Uriel, he is more than bloody justified) a little terrified. Only a little, though.

“Detective?” He jiggles the door handle, scanning it frantically for signs of forced entry. “Detective? Are you in there? Don’t tell me Maze drove you into gibbering insanity already – I’ll come in if you don’t open the door in – “

At that moment, it finally whisks open beneath his fingers, causing him to stumble inelegantly forward, he gets a whiff of something rather strong, and then an eyeful of the detective herself, Ms. I-Never-Stop-Working Chloe Decker, hair in a messy, pencil-pinned bun that is coming down in chunks and shirt sleeves rolled up, cheeks flushed and eyes bright as she looks up at him. “What. Are you doin’ here. Lucir – Lucifer?”

“Are you…?” He sniffs. Definitely no mistaking that. “Excuse me, have I interrupted something?” Oh Dad, is bloody Detective Douche here and he walked in on an attempted reconciliation? No, no, no, there is not enough bleach in the world for that. “Detective, are you actually having fun?”

“M having a housewarmin’ party.” Chloe sways slightly on the spot as he peers around in concern. “By myself.”

“Oh dear.” He regards her in amused pity. “You really are an amateur at this whole business, aren’t you?”

“But you’re not?” Startling him immensely, Chloe throws her arms around his neck and leans into him. “You’re Lucifer ‘My life is a party bloody hell I’m so fabulous I never worry about anything’ Morningstar. You’re good at this. You’re not gonna – end up alone. With a lot of cats.”

“Was that bit in the middle supposed to be me? I can see why they chucked you out of acting, you’re totally rubbish at accents.” He is finding it distracting to speak sensibly with her in his arms, all boneless hips and soft skin and loosened hair and beguiling siren’s smile, as she tugs him over the threshold and kicks the door shut behind them. “Ah, Detective, I’m not sure you’re in any state to be – “

“Why d’you call me detective all the time?” She still hasn’t let go of him. “M’ name’s Chloe. Chl-oEEE.” She sounds like a beluga whale. Adorable animal impersonations, that’s her. “You don’t like it?”

“Ah – no, no, I do like it.” Lucifer looks madly around for Maze; he would not put it past her to be getting him back for the whole situation that led to her and Chloe shacking up (please not in, you know, that sense) in the first place. “I like it very much. Lovely. Very lovely.”

Chloe pouts. “So. Why’re you never – not calling me it?”

“It’s my, I suppose it’s just my little name for you. You are a detective, Detective.” His witty banter is suffering noticeably. So are other parts of him, for that matter. “You’re really quite out of practice at this whole drinking business, aren’t you?”

“I work.” Chloe prods a finger into his chest. “I work hard.”

“Yes, that would be the operative word,” Lucifer mutters, trying to hold her away from him. He has made a promise, he is absolutely not going to take advantage of her in a compromised state, but it’s bloody hard right now, with her eyes and her hair and her mouth and her come-hither stare and the way she keeps nestling into him. Chloe drunk is so much more, well, cuddly than Chloe sober, not that he doesn’t love (er, like, like!) her as her hard-edged badass self. So less willing to pretend and dodge and hold him at arm’s length all the time, and after everything, he is so starved for it, for knowing this insane bargain might somehow be worth it, that he doesn’t push her away entirely. “Come now, my dear, why don’t you sit down. I’m sure Maze and Trixie – “

“They’re out.” Chloe doesn’t seem inclined to elaborate where. She grabs two fistfuls of his jacket and holds on like a limpet. “You have really pretty eyes, Lucifer.”

He opens his mouth very wide, then shuts it. “Women seem to enjoy my general physiognomy, yes.”

“Fizzy what?” Chloe laughs, nuzzling his chin with her head, hair still falling everywhere. “You use so many weird words. You’re so strange. But I like you. And it probably hashn’t been – ages and ages since you’ve gotten laid, has it?”

“Longer than you’d think, what with Mum around,” Lucifer mutters. “But really, Detec – Chloe, this isn’t the time for – “

“Talk, talk, talk.” Chloe drapes herself on his chest. “You really never. Really never shut up. Bet I could, though. Make you shut up.”

“Oh?” he says faintly. There is absolutely no blood in his head.

“Mm-hmm,” she breathes, leaning toward him, crawling on top of him and pushing him backwards, hair falling in his face, fingers climbing his chest. She is just about to take his mouth with hers, and he is very unsure he is going to have the willpower to resist, when the front door bangs open.

“Really?” Maze says, staring at them as Lucifer pushes Chloe off in mortification; she falls back on the couch with a whine and slaps at him. “Really?”

imagine Hakyeon losing his memory. He’s just told by each member that he loves Ken’s animal impersonations, Ravi is the actual leader of vixx, he fanboys over Hongbin’s looks, he’s Hyuk’s personal assistant, and that he hates Leo and doesn’t dare to touch him or talk to him whatsoever.

but then the members start to feel guilty and there’s a mega-angst party over trying to get Hakyeon’s memory back and then once they do, they start TREATING HIM LIKE THE DIVINE ROYALTY HE ACTUALLY IS

and they let him step on them like the trash they are

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Could you please describe each member of Vic please? Like their personalities? I'm a really new to them as group and would like to know more about them!😊 please and thank you!! Oh & happy new year!!

This is merely based on what I’ve seen from them and the aura I feel, so take with a grain of salt. 


  • Mom of the group
  • Friendly and engaging 
  • Can come off as sassy at times especially with his infamous stank face, but is honestly the most caring person I’ve ever seen
  • Cares for his members a lot
  • Confident 
  • Hilarious (Dumb and dumber with Ken)
  • Responsible and reliable 
  • Naggy
  • Emotional


  • “Dad” of the group
  • Comes off as cold and intimidating
  • Is actually the warmest person you’ll ever meet
  • Has an obsession with food, small animals and tiny humans kids
  • Honest
  • Observant
  • Soft spoken and camera shy he’s not even that shy he’s just quiet…
  • Extremely polite (They all are actually) 
  • Awkward dork
  • Violent towards his members cause bae doesn’t take shit from no one


  • Moodmaker
  • He’s honestly so effing loud I can’t even deal 
  • Famous for his “Ottokaji Song”
  • Cutest attention whore ever I mean wtf is Ken TV even….
  • Turns into kenjumma when people interrupt him
  • Extremely proud of his animal impersonations
  • Conscious of what people think of him
  • He’s actually pretty quiet when others are around or on shows
  • Stupid, stupid, stupid 
  • Considerate
  • The epitome of weird


  • Another moodmaker of the group
  • Kind and caring him and his sister are so cute omg
  • Pretty confused half the time
  • Gentle
  • Very considerate
  • He knows when to stop with jokes or when things are going too far
  • Will do the tasks no one else wants to do


  • He’s the most genuine person ever 
  • Extremely sincere
  • One of the purest souls in Kpop man hands down
  • Laughs at almost everything
  • Very hard worker
  • Tends to get embarrassed a lot like Leo
  • Biggest Park Hyoshin fanboy you’ll ever meet
  • Considerate and caring
  • Neat freak


  • The sassy/evil maknae
  • Is both Hyukawaii and Manhyuk
  • When he smiles, sun shines
  • Talkative 
  • Trolls his hyungs like it’s his life mission
  • Ambitious and not shy at all
  • Witty


I hope this gave you more insight on the members and Happy 2015 to you too~

-Admin C

chubbli  asked:

ok Aya I don't know the first thing about VIXX but I think it's time to learn where do I even start help me

aka Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis! 

So who is who? Let’s meet the boys…

N: Cha Hakyeon, ‘90 line | leader, main dancer, vocal 
He’s essentially sunshine in human form; the purest of all cinnamon rolls. He’s a bit of a diva as well. He does everything from acting to hosting as an MC, to his own radio show. He’s also part of Big Byung. 

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Leo: Jung Taekwoon, ‘90 line | main vocal 
He’s a super quiet sweetheart and camera shy; he really doesn’t talk unless he has to. His soft talking voice is a huge rather unexpected contrast to his vibrant and clear singing. He loves babies, puppies, and coffee. He’s part of the new subunit VIXX LR. 

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Ken: Lee Jaehwan, ‘92 line | main vocal
He’s the silliest, most aegyo-filled member with the most amazing voice you’ve ever heard. He’s infamous for his animal impersonations. He’s acted, and he’s recently been in musicals.

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Ravi: Kim Wonsik, ‘93 line | rapper 
He’s the charismatic rapper who ruins your list because he goes from super cute to super hot before you can even process what is happening. Also does quite a bit of writing and composing. He’s the other member of the subunit VIXX LR. 

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Hongbin: Lee Hongbin, ‘93 line | visual, vocal/rap
Aside from being ridiculously handsome, he has a fabulously soothing deep voice. He does his fair share in acting and hosting as an MC as well. Quite the sassy, dimpled, human bean. 

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Hyuk: Han Sanghyuk, ‘95 line | maknae, vocal/dance
He’s the very mischievous, youngest member. He basically controls the rest of the members, and he’s also the tallest! He’s a member of Big Byung as well, and will be in an upcoming movie! 

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Okay, those are just basic blurbs of the members…

Get to know them better: 

  • (predebut) Mydol 
  • VIXX MTV Diary
  • VIXX Plan V Diary
  • VIXX File 
  • VIXX TV 1 
  • VIXX TV 2 
  • VIXX One Fine Day

Their music:

They’re known for their concepts…

from the bright and sunny g.r.8.u 

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to the melancholy only u 

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to the dark voodoo doll 

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just to name a few! 

I hope this really quick and basic ref was somewhat helpful. Feel free to ask me anything else! Happy VIXX stanning ;) ~