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Just two sisters chatting~

(folks have been asking about these two for a while, and I’ve had their designs in the back of my head since starting Stick-Gods; so, FINALLY)

yo @ghostwheeze gave me permission to do this, so inspired by this post, here’s a monster i did not intend to be this long!

It’s not something you can just bring up in conversation, you know? You’re an immortal creature from hell - well, from Heaven, but also from Hell, from Earth as well, things are complicated - it’s not a simple point to make. It helped that Shane had never been anyone’s traditional idea of a demon, beginning with his name and ending with his laughter, his humor, his enjoyment of human life and all of its wonders. Nobody thinks that demons can make friends, can fall in love, can live and breathe and want to do all of these things and more. People don’t think of demons and people like Shane Madej in the same breath, and that has always made it easy to hide.

Except, when it came to a young man called Ryan Bergara. As he is wont to, Shane is aging as normal this lifetime, planning to just cycle again when he gets too old for the humans he wants to take through life with him. He met Ryan when this life was twenty six years old, and Ryan Bergara was twenty two for the first time ever, and he was enough of a sunshine boy that parts of Shane wondered if he were an angel. With the curious edge of him, though, Ryan Bergara couldn’t be. It’s because of that curious edge, however, that Ryan did find out that his best friend was a demon.

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So, I came across that really interesting animated music video for Caravan Palace’s song; Lone Digger. The animations are nice, I love the colors in it, and gonna be honest I think the animal-human designs are cool lol. Realistic animal heads but human bodies haha. Its an interesting take.

The music video is pretty graphic. You’ve been warned. VERY NSFW MUSIC VIDEO HERE

bentheechidna  asked:

Could you elaborate on the roles of the real Egyptian gods who are depicted with a Scarab head, Locust head, and Scorpion head? I wish to know for parallel comparisons, because someone had posted on Reddit about the roles of Bolas' gods being deviations on the actual ones.

(For those who aren’t aware yet, the Egyptian gods, while certain ones were often depicted with animal heads, were not actually believed to be humanoid creatures with an animal head instead of a human head. This depiction is an art convention to show the duality of the gods, to showcase the separate forms s/he could take. You can find more info about this in a post by my good friend Lottie over here.) 

The Scarab God

The ancient Egyptian god Khepri was depicted either as a scarab, or (rarely) as a humanoid male with an entire scarab for a head. He was the manifestation of the morning sun, and so one of the three manifestations of the sun god. (Re was the midday; Atum the evening.) 

In his role as the rising sun, he was swallowed by Nut each evening and reborn every morning. Because of this, he was also associated with the concept of resurrection/rebirth (into the Afterlife). Khepri did not have a cult of his own, but amulets with his depiction had widespread use, and he was shown in many Egyptian temples.

The Scorpion God

There are a few goddesses that qualify: the goddess Serqet, and the lesser known Hededet and Ta-bidjet, who are similar to Serqet in her role of protectress against scorpion bites, but who both became identified and/or conflated with Isis in later periods. 

None of these three were depicted with a scorpion’s head, however. Serqet was depicted as a humanoid female with a scorpion on top of her head. She could also be shown as either an entire scorpion, as a woman with both a lion’s and a crocodile’s head, as a cobra rearing up, or in leonine form.

Serqet was a protective goddess, and eventually became one of the four goddesses who protect the deceased. Her earliest attestation is from the First Dynasty, and she is mentioned in the Pyramid Texts as protecting the King. Similarly, she was a mother goddess, and also was thought to protect against scorpion bites in particular. 

The Locust God

The ancient Egyptians didn’t have a god who was depicted as a locust/with a locust (for a) head. Here’s a tiny little locust (1/3 inch) from Hetepherachty’s mastaba tomb, though: 

I’m interested in that Reddit post btw, can you link me?

I’m actually kind of scared of anthropomorphic animals in general but I think characters that have like, entirely human bodies and then just completely realistic animal heads are pretty rad. object heads are cool too.

Would you guys like it if I post drawings of animal heads on human bodies they’re aren’t creepy it’s just I want to know if you’d find it weird and not like it

anonymous asked:

Do you think the Gods can look completely inhuman? Like, they can look like creepy monsters and not at all like a person? I've been thinking about this a lot. Wondering what you think.

I definitely think they can, although I’d say it’s more prevalent in non-Greek mythology.

Most prominent example of an entirely non-human god is probably the Feathered Serpent from Mesoamerican mythologies, most easily recognised as Quetzalcoatl. You’ve also got Dakuwaqa, a shark god, from Fijian mythology or Anansi, a spider deity from West African folklore. Entirely animal and therefore non-human –on the next tier, you have gods with animal heads and human bodies, like Ganesha from the Hindu Pantheon (elephant head) or Sekhmet from the Egyptian pantheon (lion head).

Itzpapalotl (Aztec) was a “fearsome skeletal warrior goddess” which I guess could still be interpreted as person-like but definitely more on the monster side of things. In a similar vein, Hine-nui-te-pō (Maori) has obsidian teeth in her vagina, the entrance to the underworld, though she is very firmly a human girl earlier in her mythology, 

Moving more towards creatures than actual deities but it’s all similar: Ajatar (Finnish) an evil female spirit of the forest, appearing as a ghost or a snake or a dragon, the djinn (Arabic), creatues made of a smokeless and “scorching fire” and the seraphim (Biblical) who were heavenly creatures of pure light, also associated with fire and heat. 

The gods are generally masters of deception so yes, they likely could have manipulated their appearance to look entirely creepy & inhuman.

But I think it’s  important to acknowledge that being divine in and of itself was a frightening and “Other” thing to mortals. I imagine Zeus looked monstrous enough when he appeared in his true form to Semele and scorched her from the earth.


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