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Animal Beanies

10 cute animal beanies to stay warm in this season

Tired of the usual beanies you see when winter weather slowly moves in? While slouchy beanies have been getting a lot of attention lately, the common black, grey and cream varieties they come in can get tiring really fast. This season, why not get playful with your outfits and rock a cute animal beanie instead? Check out our top 10 cute animal beanie picks below!

1) Penguin Animal Fleece Lined Beanie

2) Husky Plush Animal Ear Flap Hat

3) Orange Fox Beanie

4) Lion Animal Fleece Lined Beanie

5) Giraffe Animal Lined Beanie

6) Tiger Animal Lined Beanie

7) Polar Bear Beanie

8) Owl Animal Ski Beanie

9) Puppy Animal Ski Beanie

10) Panda Bear Domo Fuzzy Knit Beanie

Which cute animal beanie would you take home? Let us know!


The first picture is from Rosy’s Garden and it is of an “Authentic” Animal Hat Alpacasso. The next 3 rows of pics are well known bootlegs/knock offs of this series. The awkward faces, low quality and weird colours really give this away!

I am posting this because I have been told that some people think the Animal Hat Series from Rosy’s Garden is fake due to the difference in material vs newer kid series such as flower crown.

First of all yes, that person is correct about difference in material, but it’s not because it’s fake but unique in production! :D If you are new to Alpacassos, older series have a hand stitched mouth that I find wayyyy cuter than the current machine embroidered one! Amuse has changed their production ways in recent year and through out their business have produced a variety of Alpacassos, some very different from others. They have no “standard”, so if you’re basing your knowledge off current series to judge older series, you’ll be totally off. I have some really old series and let me tell you they look absolutely horrible :P but they’re “authentic”.


This is what I meant (for those who messaged me and asked why I posted that rant a few days ago) when I said I don’t like beginners giving advice to others because there has been people blaming the difference of this series from other Alpacasso as fake. (Cause it feels stiff!? «< here’s a hint for those trying to answer the giveaway question that Rosy is holding ^^)

When such advice is given, other people who see it that are also new to these plushies get confused @-@ It’s not productive at all ahhh, so please refrain from giving advice that you’re unsure of yourself, it really saves all of us from having to debate/reason/correct wrong judgements ;A;

Some people are more understanding and quick to admit their mistake but I have seen some really stubborn folks who think they are “hot shots” and refuse to believe their opinion can be “wrong” -sigh-