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Species in the Rhinochimaera family are known as long-nosed chimaeras. Their unusually long snouts (compared to other chimaeras) have sensory nerves that allow the fish to find food. Also, their first dorsal fin contains a mildly venomous spine that is used defensively. They are found in deep, temperate and tropical waters between 200 to 2,000 m in depth, and can grow to be up to 140 cm (4.5 ft) in length.Chimaeras (also known as ghost sharks and ratfish) are an order of cartilaginous fish most closely related to sharks, but they have been evolutionarily isolated from them for over 400 million years.

(Info from WP and .gif from video by NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer—this is not an animation!)

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my most favorite frog is the glass frog, they're super cool frogs that live in Central America with completely clear skin, so you can see all of their organs!

glass frog are so amaze!!!! their belly like window

everyone love them belly so many

but i also love them from the above! 

personal theory: 

all glass frogs….. 

actually fairies


they too beautiful to be for real animal!!!

all their different type, all too beautoful!!!!

spotted glass frog

granular glass frog

reticulated glass frog

ghost glass frog  even has MAGIC EYES

my tiny heart is explode from too much beauty of from a glass frog


YAHOOOOO this was fun to do ! so not long ago I asked @devilsroost​ if Bendy ever thought about getting a voodoo doll of Dylan so he can make his life a living hell aaaaaannnndddd BOOM ! ideas started to pour down like rain and so was born Mama Bayou the witch doctor/voodoo priest snugs.

Now i got big plans for her and specialy that she will make this Bendy pay for his hideous crimes. She speaks whit the ghosts of the victims from ,,The bad thing’’ as they restlessly beg for revange as they cant pass on intro after life. As a victim herself after loosing her husband to the ink demon she promised she will make justice and nothing will stop her from doing so.