animal furs

As we start to transition from fall to winter, and as you start searching for the perfect winter coat, remember to avoid feathers, fur, leather, and wool. These materials belonged to a sentient animal who was likely trapped, abused, and then killed for your coat. There are tons of inexpensive alternatives like polyester, cotton, nylon, faux leather/suede, or synthetic fleece. You can also shop second hand.


Kino’s guide on how to make cosplay animal ears (method 1)

Been burnt out on drawing so I took 2 hours of a break to make this. Materials are easy to come by at any craft store. You decide on how detailed you’d like your ears to be, there’s also many methods to make ears like this but I’ll be showing you my method 1 today :). I’ve included the patterns for the ears for free, just save the image and print and cut. It’s not a full on guide, just a “TLDR” really, though if you have any questions, feel free to ask or DM me :) or message me via kinokreations on facebook :).

Edit: I forgot to mention: The purpose of the wire in the middle allows you to position the ear in any shape based on “emotion” so you can flatten it, and re-adjust it again to normal :)