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nO. Don't do a fox and the hound au i will cr y

The sound of howling echoed through the vast grassy land. It didn’t take long for the sound to hit Gabriel’s ears and he perked up with excitement. His fluffy fox tail swished in the air as he propped himself over the old wooden fence that surrounded his yard. 

In the distance, he saw his best friend Jack returning home after a long time away learning how to be a proper hunting hound. Boy, has Jack grown… Gabriel had grown quite a lot himself. No longer was he the young, helpless cub he once was. Still, it was strange seeing his friend appear so… different.

Not to mention, there was a huge pile of animal pelts laying in the back of his truck. Some of which belonged to foxes… like himself. He felt a little unsettled at first, but Gabriel trusted their friendship had not faltered over this time apart. He swore that as soon as Jack had settled in and his master was sound asleep, he’d make his way over and say hello to his old friend.


That night, Gabriel made his way into Jack’s neighboring yard. Jack picked up on Gabriel’s scent almost immediately and perked up with glee when he noticed Gabriel’s head poking through the bushes. Jack appeared to be genuinely happy to see Gabriel, which really helped ease the old fox’s worries. 

Gabriel noted the few specks of gray he noticed in Jack’s blond hair, and the two quietly laughed as they mused over each other’ growth. Still, Gabriel felt he needed to set things straight.

“Say, we’re still friends, aren’t we Jack?” 

Jack was silent. His smile immediately vanished,and he lost himself in thought. With a gentle, disappointed sigh, Jack shook his head. “Those— Those days are behind us now, Gabe. I’m a hunting dog!”

Gabriel was… shocked. He stood there, mouth agape in surprise before his ears drooped and his head lowered in pure and utter heart break. He looked Jack in the eye, pleading with him through his stare alone, begging that Jack not do this to him. 

But, Jack was firm, he told Gabriel he had to leave. If his master were to wake up, they’d both get in a lot of trouble. Gabriel tried to assure Jack that he wasn’t afraid of that old man. They could still be friends, they could make this work! 

Then, as if fate were playing some cruel joke, the lights of the house flipped on, and the old shotgun wielding man stepped out, growing enraged as soon as he saw Gabriel, fox ears and tail standing out against the darkness of the night. 

The sound of a gun shot rang through the land, but Gabriel did not sustain any hits. The sound alone was enough to send Gabriel running, though… but Jack wasn’t too far behind, following the call of his master to chase– hunt— kill

BTS Animal Series: Namjoon - To Quench the Thirst

A/N: This is just straight up crack fic

word count: 2,042

Yoongi   Hoseok   Jimin   Taehyung   Jin   Jungkook

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Namjoon woke up with a stir, he couldn’t feel anything. And that’s fucking weird. He tried to move his legs but they won’t budge. The fucking lights are out, and guessing by the limited sunlight, it appears to the sun will be rising soon.

“What the fuck?” He tries to say. It sounded like ‘what the fuck’ to him but it came out more of a cry or some gurgling sound. Did his body just decide to stop fucking working while he slept?

Did he drink something he wasn’t supposed or did the fuckers he calls friends poison him? They might have.

But why the fuck would he feel like he doesn’t have fucking legs or the ability raise his arms anymore.

What the fuck happened since he fell asleep.

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