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rfa + v and saeran's reactions to mc being an animal foster parent ( someone who cares for animals until they get adopted ) and having at least five dogs and cats at any given time?


  • heaven
  • literal actual heaven
  • he loves going over to MC’s just to see the animals
  • and mc too but. the animals oh my god
  • he gets super attached to them and cries whenever one has to leave?
  • like every single time MC tells him not to do that but. they are animals what can he do
  • helps MC take care of them whenever he can


  • hhhhhhhhhh
  • hhhhhhhhhhhh
  • she can do this. she has been through worse
  • oh god the fur is everywhere
  • MC how do you live like this?
  • she always brings a lint roller to MC’s house and just cleans herself and MC often
  • ok she does. love the animals. somewhat. they grew on her
  • but she knows better than to get attached so remains a lil bit distant but still shows interest


  • he’ll do anything for love
  • but this is really on the border of no can do
  • like he loves the animals! they’re cute and MC loves them plus it’s their job
  • but damn
  • his allergies are going batshit
  • has to wear a medical mask to MC’s place because he would probably just drop dead right then and there otherwise
  • still he’s sure that somehow everything will work out in the future


  • he’s more than glad to accommodate his penthouse to MC’s job right away
  • he just requests to make sure of two things:
    • all cats neutered (for the sake of Ellizabeth 3rd) which is also something important so y'know
    • to make sure nothing will harm Ellizabeth 3rd
  • at first it seems like it will be difficult but for a house cat, Ellizabeth sure is social
  • all the animals adore her and she gets sad when they go?
  • Jumin is glad to see that both MC and Ellizabeth are happy so he’s glad too


  • he just walks into MC’s place like
  • this is it The Best Place on Earth
  • lowkey wants to drag Vanderwood into the place to see them have a heart attack or something
  • every single time he walks in all the animals tackle him and lick him all over the face
  • finds it super hard not to get attached but? He’s also a master at not getting attached to people so he manages not to cry when the animals get adopted


  • it’s nice. he really likes MC’s place
  • most animals really help him feel at ease
  • the animals seem to calm down with him around too?
  • also the whole thing helps him a bit with the idea of letting go of people
  • because he knows from a start that the animals will go one day so he sorta has to just enjoy the time he has y'know
  • it just helps him in general and it makes MC super happy


  • he thinks animals are neat but he’s not a super fan
  • so he just tends to chill around the house and pets whatever sits on his lap
  • at first he was super careful walking because what if he stepped on something he didn’t see?
  • but he noticed that for some reason the animals always clear a path for him
  • he likes it when small dogs come in because they fit perfectly in his lap and they make cute little puppy noises

These two pups are named Shentea and Diamond. They are in desperate need of a foster home, and if none can be found before the end of the week, they will likely face euthanasia.


Because their previous owner claimed that they were wolfdogs. They are not. They are likley German shepherd/husky mixes, and now their lives are on the line because of misrepresentation.

I’ve offered to foster these two if no other option can be found, but if you or anyone you know may be able to lend a hand, PLEASE contact me ASAP. They are currently in Klamath Falls, Oregon, but I can help with transportation if need-be.

Miss Shentea was adopted into her forever home this weekend! So happy for her but also sad to see her go because I had her for almost a year and was growing rather attached.

Her new home is fantastic, though, and she is already adjusting quite quickly. The new family is absolutely smitten with her!

I still have Diamond, but I suspect that he will be quick to find a new home now that he is an “only dog”. I have high hopes that he, like his sister, will find a great match.