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How do you respond to people who blame animal activists for mass lay offs, such as the one at SeaWorld? Is it justifiable to oppose captivity if it causes people to lose their jobs?

Tell them they’re blaming the wrong guys.
The park’s long history of deceiving the public simply caught up with it. Seaworld had been in a slow decline since before Blackfish (competing parks were innovating and marketing better); its problems were only amplified thus. There were positive directions they could’ve moved, but they didn’t.

Instead they bungled through a ridiculous PR firefight, ultimately looking worse for it. Manby came in and made a few improvements (the largest being the cessation of orca breeding), but the problems are far larger than that and his bolder decision-making came pretty late in the game. In addition, partnering with HSUS (many animal folks don’t even regard it kindly…) was a strange move that alienated and disturbed many of their existing, loyal clientele. None of that business ineptitude is animal activists’ fault.

As for the latter question… that’s way too broad and multi-factored to answer with one answer. Imo it’s specific to a given situation.

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if it's not too much trouble, i was wondering how you'd describe the distinction between animal hearted and therian?

Animal-hearted is identifying with an animal, a very strong connection with it, but you don’t consider yourself one. And then therian is identifying as so you see yourself as partly/wholly that animal non-physically.
There are some overlaps between the two quite often, some animal-hearted folks wish they were that animal and want to live with them and stuff. Picture a crazy cat lady but with knobs on. Many therians love their theriotypes and have a connection that way too, but not all, some just happen to ID as it.

I’m chimp-hearted for example. I have a strong affinity with chimps that surpasses just liking them. I dunno, they’re like an extension of me in a way. An integral part of my life, a permanent fixture. But I’m not a chimp, I don’t think of myself as being a chimp. Bonobos tho? Fuck yeh that’s me, but not literally, sadly :P I’d be a fuckin genius if I was.

anyone else have that one villager that lived in your very first animal crossing town and you just love them unconditionally

Things I love about Animal Crossing

- It’s so good and pure?

- You can pay off debt by just fishing and catching bugs and selling them for exorbitant prices, like where tf do I sign up for this job in real life?

- Diggin up giant dinosaur bones like the little four year old paleontologist-wannabe me always dreamed of.

- Socializing is fun.

- Characters like Sable, Brewster slowly warming up to you after you talk to them a bunch over a period of time like aaaAHHHHHHHH???

- Brewster saying “Please keep doing your best.”

- Isabelle the actual pure cinnamon roll. Protect this pup.

- Villagers sometimes clapping after they see you catch a fish or a bug!

- How velvety the environment looks in New Leaf, like let me just rub my face against that grass

- How nice and soft the music is (but the Gamecube version will always have the best music)

- When you get to be great enough friends with a Villager, they will give you their picture! <3

- The dumb little jokes your character makes whenever you catch a fish or a bug

- How colorful each Villager is, and how they are all so different in appearance.

- When a grumpy Villager takes a liking to you and acts nicer because you are their friend ahhhhhh

- Running off to the Museum whenever you find a New Thing and you’re so excited about it!

- Rover

- Rainy d a y s

- Just how simple but uplifting this game can be when you are feeling down.

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