animal ferris wheel

BTS taking you to the fair.

A/N: Halloween & autumnal reaction requests are open all through October! 

Summary: How BTS would spend a day at the fair with their significant other. 

SeokJin: buying cotton candy & sharing, winning you a stuffed animal, going on the ferris wheel, fireworks at midnight

Namjoon: getting frustrated at the grabbel machine, dragging you on every ride, getting slushiees

Taehyung:  giving you his jacket when your cold, forcing you into the horror house, walking hand-in-hand, getting fake matching tattoos

Jimin: getting dragged on every ride instead, buying a stuffed animal for himself, going on the childrens ride, taking polaroids together 

Yoongi: buying hot chocolate, failing at winning you anything, buying you deep fried oreos as an apology, leaving before the fireworks because of exhaustion

Hoseok: refusing to go into the horror house, couple games, lots of laughing, enjoying the fireworks & eating churros

Jungkook: bumper cars, getting several cotton candies, trying every game, lost child at disneyland, eagerly trying to win you a prize

The Signs at the Fair
  • Aries: Riding all the rides until they puke on someone
  • Taurus: Walking with Virgo and Capricorn around the Fair
  • Gemini: With Aries, extremely hyper and happy ready to ride
  • Cancer: With Pisces and Aquarius trying to win a prize
  • Leo: Trying all the food with Libra and Scorpio
  • Virgo: Walking with Taurus and Capricorn, taking great pictures of the rides
  • Libra: Eating everything from the concession stands
  • Scorpio: Eating everything they can on a stick
  • Sagittarius: Going to all the rides but once they're done they try and get Aquarius to go on the Ferris Wheel with them
  • Capricorn: Talking to Taurus and trying to figure out how Virgo's pictures are coming out so good
  • Aquarius: Trying to win a stuffed alien and only agrees to go on the Ferris Wheel with Sagittarius is if they can win them the alien
  • Pisces: With Cancer, winning most of the stuffed animals for Cancer (mainly crab stuffed animals) and win a few things for themselves too

Imagine Loki taking you to the carnival and riding the ferris wheel with you. He thinks it’s romantic and plans to kiss you at the top but when he looks over he discovers you’re terrified of heights. He spends the rest of the ride comforting you. To make it up to you he uses his magic to win you a giant stuffed animal and makes you laugh when he discovers the joy of funnel cakes. You’ve never tasted anything sweeter than a powdered sugar Loki kiss.