animal exhibit

lardo is. soft okay

listen i’m like so tired rn and kind of half asleep but like i have a lot of feelings about soft lardo okay like she feels like she has to put up kind of this rly tough image of herself and because she’s seen as such a bro™ but she’s a person with really strong feelings and sometimes she has trouble reconciling that but like. she can be soft okay

•her baby duck love! she loves all the baby animals okay. when she was younger she used to go to the zoo with her grandmother and they would wander around the animal exhibits for hours together

•speaking of her grandmother, this is the same woman who bought her her first set of paints and brushes when she was little. her grandmother would draw outlines with pencil and little larissa would sit at her table and messily fill them in with her paints and that’s how she got into art

•she just. really loves shitty, okay? like, for a long time as a bro, and then eventually something more, and while she’s still not 100% sure where they stand yet, at least officially, she knows there’s just a lot of love there. he’s her best friend. he knows all the stuff about her that no one else does

•her first love was her best friend when she was 15. her name was quinn and they kissed for the first time in the empty band room and lardo really thought they could last forever. she was a mess when they broke up, didn’t leave her room for two days, but got some good art out of it

•one of the reason’s she’s such bros with jack is because they just both need to be quiet around each other sometimes. like, they don’t always need to talk to each other when they hang out, lardo can just put her head in jack’s lap and watch breaking bad with him without talking or he can just sit on her bed reading a book while she paints. they’re just comfortable being around each other

•she’s just a really good person to have around when someone is upset??? like she won’t try to make them talk before they’re ready, she’ll just let them be, make them coffee, make sure they eat, and is just there to listen. this can flip, though; sometimes she tries too hard to take care of other people and kind of neglect herself. this doesn’t happen as much when she gets closer with shitty, though, because he loves her a lot and wants to make sure she’s happy

•idk lardo has a tough exterior but underneath that she’s just a soft emotional person who loves her friends a lot okay i love her


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“I? Like the letter, I?”

Was he like the others, then? Spark couldn’t tell from this distance, not in the dim light, not yet. But the previous ones had all exhibited animal characteristics among human ones.

“I, I’m not here to hurt you. My name is Spark, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. Can you tell me a little more?”

Edie had been hiding away in her room for at least a week now. She hadn’t showered and had barley changed her clothes. The girl had no intention on moving anytime soon, she just wanted to lay in her bed and cry. She missed her family more than ever and she felt so alone.

All Edie’s friends were back in Australia and she had very little interaction with them now. Her family was gone.. and the relatives that she had here in America the girl barley knew. All she wanted to so was run away.. or worse.

The girl figured she probably smelt horrible now, considering she hadn’t showered in a long time. She sat up on her bed, eyes red with bags underneath. She saw someone standing at her door “i’m not an animal in an exhibit, what do you need?”.

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Do you think going to the butterfly pavilion at the natural history museum in Los Angeles is ok? Thanks. :)

I’m not familiar with this particular venue or event, but most of the time when we’re talking about animals being displayed in a museum its essentially the same thing as keeping them in a zoo or aquarium. The goal is likely to be education, but this doesn’t have to be done with live animals, and it is likely to have an impact on the animals themselves. Do your research and look into it, but in my experience these places are usually little more than animal entertainment exhibits.