animal equality

If you love animals, you view them as someone, not something.
You wouldn’t eat someone you loved, right? Unless maybe you’re this guy.




“Animal rights activists from the group “Animal Equality” staged a demonstration in Barcelona, Spain, in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona, during “Day Without Meat” event on March 20, 2013. Demonstrators simulated raw meat packaging found in supermarkets, by covering human models with fake blood and plastic sheets, in an attempt to raise awareness and move people to stop eating meat." 


This just makes me want to not eat people anymore. 

Here is why dog meat campaigns are always [human]shit.

Every few years I see an animal rights organization target the killing of dogs for food in Asia. For the record, I am opposed to the killing of any animal, dogs included, for consumption by our species. That said, these campaigns are nonsense, and here is why.

First, these campaigns are run because human sympathy for dogs and latent racism both run high. People in affluent society do not tend to eat dogs (although they eat more intelligent animals with complex social structures like pigs) but the thought of these foreigners munching on Fido is just too much! Lots of wealthy donors send money every time one of these campaigns gets started, which is why they get started so often. Sometimes, as in some provinces of South Korea, they get started even when there is already a ban on selling dog meat.

One organization who I will not name has run multiple campaigns to ban the sell of dog flesh in South Korea, at least three by my memory. Here is the trick: 1.) Find someone violating the ban. 2.) Run a sensationalist fundraising campaign saying “We need to stop this senseless eating of an animal that our own culture does not eat!” 3.) Watch the money roll in. 4.) Pressure local authorities to shut down the business violating the ban. 5.) Declare success and watch more money roll in. 6.) Repeat. (This same thing is done every few years with stores that have already agreed not to sell fur, but that is another story.)

The problem with all of this though is that we live in an incredibly racist society. Every time one of these campaigns gets started you can bet you are going to see an explosion of xenophobic, anti-Asian sentiment all over the internet. What is worse, this racist spew doesn’t always emanate from someone outside of our own ranks, it often comes from inside of it, and that is a horrible setback for non-humans. 

If you want to save animals, we have billions to save right here in the United States. If you want to save animals in Asia, we need to allow the organizations already on the ground there to ask for our assistance, and provide it then and only then. Otherwise these campaigns will always meet resistance among locals, and will actually set back the goal of animal liberation abroad. Remember, this is not a movement for and by white people- this is a movement that needs to eventually capture the compassionate hearts of all humans. To do that it must have a broad appeal and not simply be one more form of colonialism. 

In the meantime, more dog meat campaigns are on the way. If you are vegan and see racist comments being posted on these videos or hear them spoken at meetings, protests, etc, PLEASE BE THE PERSON WHO SAYS SOMETHING. Never let that garbage go unchallenged.