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Been playing a lot of Harvest Moon: Skytree Village since classes are over ^q^) 

I was gunning for Dean originally but THEN I saw Gabriel’s event where he ate the dog food to test the quality for his brother’s sick dog and then I fell in love

So yeah, I married him LMAO 

IDK what it is about him but he always seems kinda sly in his expressions…every time he asks me to do a request he always ends it with a “you don’t mind, right?” and he does this SUPER CUTE SMILE AND IM LIKE…GABRIEL, I FEEL LIKE YOU ARE SUBTLY MANIPULATING ME But I am so attracted to you I will give you anything you want

still love you Dean.. someday I will marry you, macho florist


@lucky-leafeon You read my mind, actually! Just last night I was thinking to myself ‘Hm… Maybe tomorrow morning I should make Toriel’s dress…’ and BAM! You requested it! ^^

I hope you like it! :D I’ve also got an alternate version of the dress I will reblog this one with~!

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When I was in 8th grade I had the highest IQ in the district (148) and I would play my 3DS in class almost all year because they didn't want to bump me up to the next grade. I would pretty much fool around in class all day and the teachers didn't care less. Aced every test and I am now doing college work! Moral of the story is I was a slut for animal crossing

me too dude

Matsuno brothers when studying
  • Osomatsu: "Fuck this shit. I'm out." *proceeds to leap out of the window*
  • Karamatsu: *just studies normally* *answers problems and exercises about the topic* *does advanced reading on the next topic*
  • Choromatsu: "Today, I should study and be productive!" *opens his textbook* *glances at his phone* *proceeds to Tumblr*
  • Ichimatsu: *looks at the study material* *studies for a bit* *closes the book* "I'm done." *actually understood what he studied*
  • Jyushimatsu: "Teach me, nii-san!" *is actually eager, just a bit of an airhead*
  • Todomatsu: *burns his textbooks* *texts his professors some compliments and sweet nothings* *real intention is for him to pass that professor's class*

Animal Crossing.  The game where you can catch sharks with a regular fishing pole, and if you remove the tiniest of things from your overflowing pocket, you can fit the live shark in there.  

And you can keep it fresh and alive in your pocket, closet, dresser, or in a tank that literally has no filter and is way too small for it.