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US government takes animal-welfare data offline
The US Department of Agriculture will no longer make lab inspection results and violations publicly available, citing privacy concerns.

The disappearance of information caught animal welfare groups by surprise. “I’m just flabbergasted,” says Eric Kleiman, a research consultant at the Animal Welfare Institute, an advocacy group in Washington DC. “This is not only the opposite of transparency, it takes us back to the Stone Age.”

But Matthew Bailey, president of the non-profit Foundation for Biomedical Research in Washington DC,  says the move has some merit, because animal rights activists sometimes target scientists who use animals. “I would certainly agree that protection of personal information is of utmost importance, given the rich history of targeting individuals involved in animal research,” he says. But Bailey acknowledges that it will now be difficult for organizations like his to analyse trends in animal use in research.

Espinosa declined to answer questions about what triggered the decision, or whether input from business interests, such as the circus industry, or the 20 January resignation of agency head Michael Scuse were factors. She would not comment on whether the White House had a role in the move, but added that the USDA has “been reviewing and updating the information that is released to the public for the last year”.

Nature is an extremely prestigious scientific journal. This is not a drill.


When I warned everyone to make plenty of back ups, I’d mistakenly believed they would work the same as the previous hacks. They do not.
Due to the dump and inject tools now being with the game closed, all of them are subject to the time and date check that occurs when the game is loaded. If the time and date of the save do not match the time and date that the game was last saved, the game will state that the data is corrupted and force you to erase your save file. Meaning that all back-up files will not be immediately playable if you have played the game since making the file.

Thankfully, a method to ensure the date and time stamp match has been found here:

This allows you to load any save file you own, (/other peoples if you choose to send them to someone), whenever you like. But you will need to do some basic hex editing each time. Basically you need to copy the most recent time stamp from the hex file and paste it over the time stamp of the town file you want to inject. Without doing this the game will try to corrupt your saves, but so long as the first 8 values in the hex match the values assigned the last time the game saved it will allow you to load any town you want.

This is a rather long winded method. But if all you want to do is return to a previous back up, you only need to take the most recent time stamp and put it on the back up file. If you have corrupted a save file and require loading a back up to get your town back, you will need to follow most of the steps and create a new town to generate a new timestamp. The first couple steps I believe are exclusive to data corruption for digital copies where you do not have a copy of the town file, they can be ignored if you already have the town file.


Scientists can stream Netflix through a steak and it’s actually awesome news for doctors

Researchers at the University of Illinois successfully streamed HD video through raw meat. They placed a device on either side of a piece of meat, wirelessly transmitting the data through the meat from one device to another. This breakthrough doesn’t impact binge watchers, it impacts medical researchers and patients and here’s why.

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