animal cruelty not ok

I’m tired of people thanking me for not being the “preachy vegan”. Since when are vegans preaching to you about veganism? Like we just exist and that’s enough for self-proclaimed carnivores to assume we are preaching. Knock, knock, where did your compassion go? Knock, knock, are you feeling guilty ‘cause I choose to eat a plant-based diet and you don’t. Yes, I am unapologetically vegan. I will no longer apologize for making you feel uncomfortable at the dinner table.

ok so y’all are so ready to boycott seaworld which i agree with 100 percent but do you realize that the meat industry and tons of corporations that sell animal products abuse and torture millions of animals daily? like tons of animals are cramped in cages and barns with broken limbs, diseases, etc and yet no one seems to be spreading that shit when it deserves to be spread like wildfire