animal cruelty not ok

Me to my family: meat is so bad for you and the environment we don’t need to kill these innocent animals

My family: shut up u hippie liberal

Mainstream news channels: heh heh I guess the crazy vegans might be right, meat isn’t so good for u after all!

My family: oh my gosh did you know that meat causes health problems wow. I’m so informed now. This is brand new to me.

Me: I’ve literally been saying this for years ok..

It’s that time of year again and I want to remind everyone that if you find a baby turtle outside, relocate it if it is in danger, otherwise leave it alone. Don’t bring it in and try to make it your pet.

At work I hear “we’ll release it when it gets bigger!” a lot from people not realizing that once you bring an animal into captivity from such a young age and condition it to expect food from people, you cannot release it and expect it to know how to hunt for its own food or avoid predators. Keeping a turtle in an unheated tank with no proper lighting or filtration will also weaken its immune system, making it more susceptible to illnesses it would catch in the wild. Re releasing is a death trap.

If you are for some reason bound and determined to keep a turtle you’ve found outside as a pet please consider that these turtles get the size of a dinner plate, require expensive heating and lighting setups, strong filtration and frequent tank maintenance, and a variety of foods. They can’t live in a bowl or a 10 gallon tank forever. They need at least 10 gallons of water per inch of shell, meaning adult red ear sliders and painted turtles need at least 100 gallons as adults.

Turtles are expensive and they are NOT easy beginner pets. Removing a wild animal from its home for your own enjoyment and keeping it in subpar conditions is animal cruelty.

This is my cat Mr. Dinkles

Mr. Dinkles is one of the best boys around. Dinkles is super cuddly and full of snuggles.

However, Mr. Dinkles had a bad past. He and his sister lived together in a perfect household. Their owner, who was an elder lady, took care of them. When Dinkles was 3, he and his sisters witnessed their owner get put into a hospital. Their owner was sick and frail.
They were given to their owner’s daughter and her husband, who were abut 30-45. Dinkles and his sister were put into her garage for 2 years. He didn’t know where he was, he was scared and was poorly treated. The 2 were abused by the owners. When they were 5, they were surrendered to a shelter. Dinkles was matted, full of fleas, and sick. Same for his sister. The shelter fixed them, but they were traumatized. When my family went to adopt him, we can see the looks on his face that he was hurt in ways.

But cats aren’t the only ones who can experience trauma.

People can have situations like Dinkles. Have a loving home, a family, and feel happy. It can turn around quickly and somebody can be hurt, abused, and dumped. Dumped somewhere to be forgotten about. When someone finds hope, that scar over their heart will remain, and make them afraid.

Dinkles hid from my family because he was afraid that we would hurt him. After a whole year, he wasn’t scared. Because we showed him something.

We showed him we cared about him. We showed him love.

You can do the same. Show abuse victims and survivors you care about them. Show them that you love them. Show them that you will treat them better than their abuser. 

Always show abuse victims love. You never know if they’ll be loved again if you don’t love them first.

Hey guys! This isn’t going to be a very formal post and it probably should be but! If you’ve got Snapchat, please look at the dodos story today, it’s really important. If you don’t then I’m gunna try and explain the gist of it.

Basically, there’s an animal, a civet, who’s feses can be used to make coffee. Weird, but aparently pretty common. The problem? These animals are often taken forcibly from the wild and are abused while in captivity.

I’ve only just learned about this and I dont know what exactly we can do, but the dodo suggested requesting Amazon stop selling this coffee, and they have more information on how to help on their website. I’m not the person to talk to about this, but people need to be aware because this is disgusting. Thanks guys, sorry this isn’t the best post to help.


(or things you need to know before interaction happens)


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Private & Selective;

Before anyone comes here & calls the mun an elitist for making this a private & selective role-play blog, just stop right there. She decided to make it such for her sanity. She suffers from generalized anxiety disorder, ptsd, & depression & only can handle so many threads before it becomes overwhelming for her.


If you have any triggers & that fact isn’t stated on your page, please tell the mun what they are. She will make sure to stay away from those subjects when role-playing with you. She has four; rape, animal cruelty, child & spousal abuse. It’s ok if such is apart of your muse’s back story. But these things can’t be happening in our threads. If said subjects are essential for a plot, please do a time skip.


You must be 18 or older to role-play​ smut with this Thor. No exceptions. The mun doesn’t care if the legal age of your country is 16. Tumblr is an company based in the United States, where she lives. Here the age to legally send anything sexual to another is 18 or older. If it’s not stated anywhere on your blog that you are of age, the mun will assume that you are a minor. Therefore she will not role-play sex scenes will you. Sorry, not sorry. She does not want to go to jail & be labeled a sex offender. The mun is over the age of 21.

Want to rp?

If you wish to role-play with this Thor, please have a plot in mind before approaching the mun. & be willing to make the starter. Messages from those who come to the mun asking if she has any ideas & will she make the starter, will be ignored. Clearly you haven’t read the rules. Which is a must that you do before interaction happens.


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Marvel Cinematic Universe;

This verse is based of the MCU version of Thor. Post Age of Ultron. FYI; since this is a frequently asked question: Yes, this thunderer is an Avenger. After the events of AOU, the Asgardian seeks the meaning behind the vision. He has no idea that Loki is alive and hiding out in the disguise of his father. Place of residence varies.


This verse is an AU. Because of his actions in Jotunheim, the thunderer had Mjolnir taken away from him, his powers as well, his memories erased, and banished to Earth. Where he lives his life as an Australian named Donald Blake. Whom is a punk rocker, with many tattoos, his ear piercings stretched to ½ inch, and his nostril pierced. There he has three jobs; a bouncer at a bar, a tattoo artist, and a motorcycle mechanic. He is also the singer/guitarist of a band named The Angry Pussies. Place of residence varies.

The Walking Dead verse;

This verse Thor is basically the same as he in the Punk!Thor one. He was banished to Midgard, stripped of his powers and Mjolnir, and his memories erased. Living life as a mortal name Donald Blake. Whom once was apart of a group. But unfortunately was separated from them. Now he fends for himself and fighting off walkers with an ax. The man hopes that he finds another group to join soon. Knowing there’s safety in numbers.


Thor was born on the date of December 20, 964 in a cave in Norway to his mother Gaea and father Odin. The infant was given his name on the day of the 25 day of that month. Both Gaea and Odin agreed it would be in the child’s best interest to be raised in Asgard. The realm that Thor would rule over once his father no longer could. Because he was Odin’s first born son, it was his birth right to be next in line to be king.

Thor’s taste has basically stayed the same over the years. Even as a child his favorite foods were meats, like chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and so on. He even enjoyed sweets like pies and cakes. His favorite and still to this day is cherry pie. He also likes ice cream. Coffee flavored is his favorite. He knows his way around the kitchen. Thor is a very talented cook. Whenever he was bored growing up, he go to the kitchen and watch the servants prepare his family their meals. That’s how he learned to create culinary masterpieces.

His education was public. At first Frigga and Odin wanted him to be home schooled. But after some thought, decided public was best. So he would the chance to interact with those of all races. The school in Asgard is attended by individuals from all over the different realms. As in any school, there were the usual subjects like math, language, history, etc. There was also classes he took to train to be a warrior as well as magic studies. The teacher that taught that, Lady Astrid was his favorite. He had a crush on her. Because of that, he was distracted and failed the class.

Problematic childhood? A bit. He was very protective of his brother, Loki. Whenever someone bullied his sibling, he would end up fighting the individual/s. Which led him getting suspended from school on may occasions. Therefore, he would get grounded by his parents. While he was a teenager and courting Sif, many nights, he’d sneak out to go see her. Causing more headaches for Frigga and Odin.Thor’s first love was Sif. Whom when he turned a man asked to marry him. When she went to go train to become a shield maiden, the marriage was postponed.

Thor prefers to either lounge around in just pants; pajama bottoms, sweatpants, or jeans. If not those articles of clothing, his birthday suit. If he’s not in his armour, he’s dressed causally. Blazers, t-shirts, jeans, etc. Thor does not wear underwear. He goes commando. Besides being the god of thunder, Thor is a fertility god. So he’s a very sexual being. He’s a dominant most of the time. There are few that he will submit to. He’s very kinky and into BDSM. He is pansexual, meaning that he isn’t concerned with gender. He’s been with individuals that identify themselves of genders besides female or male.

His modes of transportation on Earth are his dark red Harley Davidson and black Ford truck. And of course flying. Both vehicles, he takes care of himself whenever something is wrong with them. Unlike what many in the fandom believe, Thor is not an idiot. He is a fast learner, who quickly learn the skills of a mechanic. That ability goes for anything that Sparks the thunderer’s interest.


Incoming rant, MY beliefs… I really don’t care if you disagree! If you want to go on about it and message me, go right ahead but don’t be rude.

I see little toes and fingers! Just like me… I feel a heartbeat and hear her crying when she wants loving, food, or to go to the bathroom. I see a soul, a loving creature. A friend really… Someone who is always there for me. Someone who will always love me, and forgive me. Someone who is always happy, and always willing to play! Someone who doesn’t judge. I really think we can learn a thing or two from our animal friends. & maybe if you stopped being so close minded you’d see we are very similar. You’d see you’re being selfish and cruel. You’re not superior. You may think you are but, reality check BUD… you’re not. I do not believe “GOD” put animals here for our use. That is complete and utter fucking bullshit. Selfish, self centered, egotistical, yep that’s you. So there you go! I know you’re not reading this, and even if you did you wouldn’t care. I just had to let it out somewhere.

Ok, so i have this friend that went vegetarian a few years ago because of the animal abuse etc etc. But the thing is that she just told me that she legit wants a monkey, and she was pretty serious talking about that and that she was searching for the right vaccination. She lives in a house in the middle of the city without a garden. Isnt she aware of how the animal black market works? The abuse all this animals suffer being trafficked and taken away from their habitat and their families? How depressing is for a wild animal to live alone in the city and not in their right habitat with its mutuals? Not to mention that having a wild animal is very dangerous not for themselves but for the owners. What she is doing is pretty hypocrite but i feel that she is just being innocent and uneducated.
Please if you are thinking on having a wild animal please please educate yourself on whats best for them, avoid having wild animals for your sake and theirs. Stop animal abuse.

  • Game of Thrones: Hold your noses everyone, we've get pretty tense things coming up in the next season!
  • Legend of Korra: Politics! Family conflicts! Spirituality!
  • Game of Thrones: Oh, that's nice...
  • Legend of Korra: Anarchic terrorism! Kidnap! Animal cruelty!
  • Game of Thrones: Um, ok. I...
  • Legend of Korra: Regicide! Strangulation! Literal damnation!
  • Game of Thrones: Wait, what?
  • Legend of Korra: Torture! Murder! Genocide!
  • Game of Thrones: ...
  • Game of Thrones: Jesus christ.
  • Legend of Korra: Why, what do you have?
  • Game of Thrones: Uh, rape probably?
  • Legend of Korra: ...
  • Game of Thrones: ...
  • Legend of Korra: You're a real sick fuck, you know that?


I stopped at a goodwill today, and as I got out of my car I noticed that the black car next to mine had a dog inside. Upon closer inspection I saw that all the windows were up and the dog was panting frantically. Needless to say, I was very concerned.

I waited until the owner of the car came out, and this was the conversation we had. Let me just point out a few things:

1. It was like 65° at least (not that the air temp really matters in this situation)
2. This dog was a beautiful well groomed husky with tags and a collar.
3. A dog (usually) doesn’t pant rapidly when they haven’t been physically active UNLESS they’re overheated.

Basically, this asshole completely ignored all of my concerns and facts about the dog and proceeded to lie straight to my face claiming they “weren’t even his”

I’m still shaking and upset about this, this is NOT ok.

Aren’t we vegan because we think animals shouldn’t be abused? So what’s up with vegans being ok with others eating animal products? It’s ok that they are contributing to animal cruelty as long as you aren’t?