animal crossing town tune

things that make me smile in acnl
  • sending clothes to my faves & they wear them the next day
  • fishing
  • watching my villagers interact with each other
  • when a villager shows me a letter I sent them & tells me they reread them sometimes
  • seeing furniture i gave villagers displayed in their homes
  • buying flowers to plant
  • watering my garden
  • digging holes around Pietro’s house
  • going to the cafe to get coffee
  • running around during rain storms
  • hitting Pietro with a bug net
  • making music boxes
  • designing my house
  • hearing the bells when Isabelle walks or runs
  • hearing Pietro is leaving my town
  • birthday parties !!
  • being invited to come over to villager’s houses
  • when my villagers hum the town tune

the fairy town of Fawn has been updated! since the last update, the baby fairy Bambi has moved in, the garden fairy Rossa has redone her house, and the queen fairy Mischa has rearranged all of the town’s flowers and organized the beach! come explore and play to your heart’s content. ꒰ ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱

dream address: 5300-4781-6551