animal crossing sweater qr


My first ever QR design I’ve made. I love the aesthetic of Dan and Phil’s new cherry blossom sweater so I decided to try and recreate it. Idk how to stop the writing from being on the underside of the sleeve but I hope it’s not too annoying!

Tag me with your cute mayors if you end up using it! If people like it I might make the other colors too!


Cable Knit Ombré Sweater tutorial!

1) Lay down the a dark, medium, and light color on the front, back, and sleeves. Most of the pattern is just repetition. If you don’t want the ombré then you’re done at this step!

2)Choose what colors you’d like the ombré to be, if you don’t know what to choose now, just go with very different looking colors so you can see where you’re putting them!

3) For the front and back: put the darkest values of them on top of the black line. I put my middle dark color 4 squares up and 4 squares down from the center, and the rest you can just use the paint bucket tool on either side
For the sleeves: Because the top of the sleeve stretches, put your medium color starting at the half way point and move up 8 squares

4) Now do the same with you medium values over the grey, don’t worry about the fading part yet, just 8 rows each.

5) Fill in your lightest colors

6) Now comes the fading in part! Get close up and put the magnifying square so that its at the right edge in the middle; you won’t have to fade outside of this box.

7)This is the difficult part for me, ad the time that I usually make my colors glaringly different. Starting at the end of the medium color and extending outwards you’re going to alternate the colors, one, three, one. Or purple purple purple blue purple purple purple blue. While keeping the value in mind. That is to say its blue purple purple purple blue…, but it may be Dark blue, light purple, medium purple, dark purple, etc

8) After you’ve got one row of the 1-3-1-3 done, your going to alternate every other, so blue purple blue purple, still keeping the dark medium light aspect for TWO rows.

9) Check to see if everything’s looking okay, and now is the time to play with your colors! Then once you’re satisfied you can pat yourself on the back because YOU DID IT!

*Remember this for when I put up the heart knit tutorial ;)


ACNL QR Codes! Undertale Sweaters! <3

Let your inner Frisk/Chara flow with a bright and delightful sweater. xD

Also! Glitchy painting doubles as an awesome Glitch wall paper for your rooms! :o It is inspired by Glitch City from Pokemon Red and Blue versions. <3

… And of course an awesome Despicable Me reference with the last one :3 I had a moon in my basement forever ago and I set this next to it. lol


I recently started playing ACNL again, and tried out some more complex clothing designs! I made a sweater that I did up in several different color palettes.

Charcoal Fairisle Sweater

Bloody Fairisle Sweater

Candy Corn Fairisle Sweater

Electric Blue Fairisle Sweater

Pinkie Punk Fairisle Sweater