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Pidge's Garden: Video Games
  • Pidge: *pops into Shiro's room* Hey.
  • Shiro: What's up?
  • Pidge: I was thinking about the whole video game thing and how you can't play first person shooters, and I came up with the perfect solution. *hands him her 3DS*
  • Shiro: What's this? "Animal Crossing"?
  • Pidge: Yeah. You get to be mayor of your own town and take care of a bunch of whiny animals. It's basically like being leader of Team Voltron, minus the evil alien empire trying to kill you.
  • Shiro: Huh. I'll try it out. Thanks, Pidge.
  • Three Days Later:
  • Shiro: This smug villager...
  • Pidge: Reminds you of Lance, huh?
  • Shiro: The resemblance is uncanny...

BEWARE!!! –is totally the Box Ghost’s catchphrase.

i didnt like how i drew kabuki so i went and tried making him more like an animal and not a circle with triangles attached to it + a human body


Meow. :3 Kitty is a cat because of course she is. Then Johnny needed to be a cat because black cats symbolically represent bad luck!! Also, making him a black (unlucky) cat was a great way to merge him with his shadow. That is also why he has a little fang. Cats are one of the few species that I’ve assigned more than one character to (it’s just these two, though. There will be no more cats).


Reversible Isabelle Charm~

Isabelle wears her summer outfit on one side and wears her winter outfit on the other.

★Comes attached to a 1.25 inch (3.25 cm) sturdy metal ring. (Cell phone straps are also available)

★Artwork is printed in between two pieces of acrylic so you never have to worry about the artwork scratching off!

Size: Approximately 2 inches (5 cm) tall