animal crossing shizue


After a long time working on it, I finally finished my Animal Crossing animation as promised. Ever wondered how late Isabelle works when the mayor’s not around? Well, I do, and I’ll never not feel bad about it. Thanks Nintendo!

I’ll upload rough animation and other things a bit later, anyhow, enjoy!


I opened my redbubble shop! 

I have 6 pieces for sale with different products available (some have stickers, prints, phone cases, pillows). 

Current artworks are tiny shizue (acnl), pastel maccachin (YOI), shizue’s day (acnl), hamlove (hamtaro), daisy (acnl) and bijou (hamtaro).

thank you for looking!

store link:

So I was kinda in the mood to draw some Nintendo characters and Isabelle came to mind. I admittedly haven’t played as much Animal Crossing as I probably should, but Animal Crossings characters are so dang charming that I couldn’t resist… well, ‘cept for good ol’ Resetti. >.>. May draw some other Animal Crossing stuff soon ;).