animal crossing pic because i like that one


Curious | 5E00-008A-076D| @mayormak

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a dream town post, but I’m back again with the adorable little town of mayormak, Curious! I adore overgrown towns, and this one was right up my alley with all the trees, bushes, bamboo, clovers and flowers. I especially like when dream towns have presents and this town had all sorts of goodies strewn about~! Last, but not least, I loved Mimi’s tiny rooms, they were so cute and detailed even despite being small.
I took the statue pic because I thought it looked like an eye and it amused me haha


so i’ve been getting back into playing my copy of animal crossing happy home designer lately because i brought it with me a few days ago when me and my moms were driving out of state so i’d have something to do in the car and i forgot how totally addicting it is to me……its so calming lol. anyways i’m gonna upload some photosets of pics i took from the houses i’ve made in the past few days, here’s one that was supposed to be princess themed i think. i liked this one a lot