animal crossing new leaf


vague idea for a 50s-ish style diner that brewster works in with a sibling of harriet’s(or general family member?)

they mainly serve desserts n coffee.

the design’s also barebones as heck because it’s just an idea oml

having a sibling of harriet made the most sense to me– and brewster actually kinda.. fits in nicely? it’s odd.

the doors on 2/2 would be employee only- you’d go in to work part time in the kitchen, or if u speak to the poodle, u can serve customers!

(or something™)


She’s pretty weird - I mean, why’s there a rose in her mouth??? Also, she thinks she’s some sort of royalty or something, slacker! She wears a crown and lives in a castle like she’s a queen. It’s totally super odd.

Buuuuuut…. Mayor Kuma doesn’t really talk to anyone outside of town for some reason. Meeting new could people be good for her, so…uuuughhh, I gueeeess I can share this blog with one more person. Go knock on the door of her ‘castle’ and make friends, as long as you don’t forget about your favorite me!! 


I wanna doodle your mayor!

apparently this is something a lot of folks are doing??

inspired by @sunclubs either way!

SO! I wanna doodle / sketch your mayor! It’ll be simple sketchy lines and flat colors. It might be a bust, full body, or chibi, I dunno!

And it’s completely free, of course. :3

Please reblog with a link or image of a CLEAR REF of your mayor! Feel free to include a little bit about them (and/or yourself) as well!

(also I need to follow more AC/gaming blogs, so feel free to reblog if you’re one of those too~)

I’ll take 5 to start with. <3

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