animal crossing margie

I have three sweet villagers in my town and i like to image that every once and a while they get together to drink mango juice and talk about their crushes

Lolly’s aro ace but she still contributes to the conversation uwu


A couple of completed mini illustrations for the oh-so-cool killajax!  Cute as ever, Margie and Pekoe – you guys, they were the same little dress!  They’ve gotta be the most adorable friends in town.  And a classic question posed to Marshal by Axel, heh~  The size difference in these two is as entertaining as Marshal’s response.

Thank you so much again for commissioning me, always a pleasure!

Walking around town, I hear someone fall in a pitfall I rush over and…

Butch. Caught red handed with a shovel in his hand. Margie has literally been here one day and you are already bullying her. 

Looks like this is another job for justice mayor!!

So long Butch…

 It was not nice knowing you.


Today, July 14th, marks the ever-so-sweet and charming Dizzy’s birthday!  Here are a set of themed commission illustrations for the seriously cool killajax!  Birthday illustrations are definitely some of my favourite to work on and when I get to feature the sweet elephant residents, I get even more excited~  Dizzy is one of the most awesome villagers.

Wishing a very happy birthday to you, Dizzy!