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I know this post is a lot shorter than the other three, But I thought these two lil designs were so cute they should be shared together! trick or treat!

P.s. This Code is compatible with New Leaf!


My tutorial of how to sew a Reese from Animal Crossing cosplay

Mary and Joseph’s kids

I want to adopt the Christiansen children and marry Mary. I will become the better father that the creepy children deserve and need to become good. Mary’s not the best mom, but she deserves better than Joseph. Joseph can continue to live on the yacht for all of eternity, I honestly don’t care much for his route.

I have so many imagines for the children…

Imagine trying to get Chris to open up and smile a little, so you introduce him to an old version of Animal Crossing Amanda used to play. You hand him the old DS, instruct him on how the game works, and tell him to be a good mayor. He gets completely hooked within playing for 20 minutes, and learns that he can manipulate the time in the game by fixing the time on the DS. Mary is both happy and distressed cause the kid won’t put the damn thing down at the dinner table. He will cry legitimate tears when the DS battery eventually dies and Mary has to run over to your house to get the charger from you.
That Halloween, you and Mary work together to make Chris an Animal Crossing costume that looks like his avatar but with a top hat and sash that says, Mayor. He refuses to take it off for a whole week and even goes to sleep in it. He only takes the dirty costume off after you promise him a K. K. Slider plushie that you have to pull out of the attic storage.
You slowly introduce him to newer versions of the game, and he learns how to browse forums and hack the game thanks to Carmensita. Once he tires of the game, he rifles through other DS games Amanda has left behind and got his hands on Professor Layton. The top hat is back on his head for at least another 2 weeks.

Christie loves the idea of playing with makeup, but Chris and Christian have no interest in it what so ever, Mary isn’t always available, and Joseph can’t even figure out how to open a container of foundation for the life of him. She finds surprising companionship in Lucien after you find her alone in the Christiansen yard and ask a passing Lucien to paint her nails for her after she tells you of her troubles. After having black nail polish painted onto her fingernails (much to Joseph’s distress), she’s completely entranced and makes regular visits to the Bloodmarch manor on weekends for makeovers with Lucien and Damien. Lucien enjoys the practice partner and mostly does nail art on Christie. (He finds that she’s surprisingly good at sitting still for long periods of time.)
Her favorite nail art so far is the gradient of orange-pink-purple Lucien did after she told him her favorite color is the sky during a sunset. The picture of Christie’s toothy smile and colorful nails is Mary’s phone background for a whole year. The day she got the picture, Robert got to hear the whole story enough times to be able to retell it perfectly and Mary almost kills her phone battery cause she had her phone open the whole night staring and cooing at the picture.
The day you let the neighborhood girls play makeup with you, you spot Christie staring from behind the yard fence and invite her to join in. You sit on the lawn chair in your backyard as the girls paint your nails and play with your hair. It ends with you needing to take a long shower to get all the hair gel out, a painful experience of removing rubber bands and clips from your hair, and 30 minutes of sitting and removing nail polish from everywhere that’s not your nail. The makeshift gradient Christie does on your right foot is her pride and joy, along with being the cleanest of all the paint jobs and actually being on your nail. Lucien refuses to admit how happy the picture you send Damien of your toenail art makes him feel.

Christian is a wild child with an even wilder imagination, so wild it sometimes gives him nightmares. It doesn’t help that the church Joseph works at has some creepy, if not frightening statues lingering here and there of forgotten saints. In the day time, he can pretend that they’re monsters he has to fight or old ruins of a lost city, but at night they can be pretty haunting.
You walk Mary home one night after a fun night at the bar, and she immediately falls asleep on the couch. You go around the house to check in on the kids and find that Christian is still awake, puffy eyed and sniffling up a storm. You rush to his side and ask him what’s wrong. He tells you a vivid dream he had about the church statues with shark teeth chasing him down dark stone corridors on all fours. You pick him up and hold him in your arms, rocking him back and forth to sooth him, and eventually begin to sing a quiet song (I would sing him Hang on Little Tomato by Pink Martini, it’s a good lullaby song). He falls asleep in your arms but won’t let go of your shirt, so you cram yourself onto his bed and sleep in a position that will surely have you sore in the morning. Mary gets a wonderful picture of you sleeping on your side with your back pushed up against the wall, dinosaur pillow protecting your head from the hard corner of the bed frame, on top of a Disney princess blanket that’s been haphazardly pulled over the sleeping child cradled in your arms. 
Christian becomes very attached to you after the incident and will ask you to play make believe with him. You’re either the dashing knight come to save him from Octo the baby blue Kraken, or the gentle hearted dragon who flys him through the living room. Playdates end with him tired and sleeping on the couch tucked in a Maple Bay blanket.
You give him your phone number so he can call you if he ever needs you for a nightmare after you find him sleep deprived one morning. The calls are luckily not very frequent.

You have still never seen Crish, but that’s okay. The small baby is mysterious but lovely none the less. He leaves gifts for you by his crib, mostly flowers from the garden, and generally stays out of trouble. The few times he does cause a problem, you find that standing and speaking loudly into an empty kitchen gets the message across. Robert is completely convinced that the child is a cryptid, and you can’t find proof that he’s wrong. Crish occasionally acts more like a brownie fairy than an infant, and the fact that you leave lukewarm bottles of milk by his crib for him doesn’t help disprove the accusation. 

Okay, personally I am in love with this one. While thinking of the standard costumes you see every year to make in game it was obvious I had to make a skeleton. I had completely forgotten about actually having skeletal clothes available in game, but I honestly think my version is much nicer than the in game bone outfit.


The Greg Universe cosplayer gave me a freebie: a guitar pick! Sadly I don’t play guitar, but I’m keeping it nonetheless~.

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Rosalina and R2-D2 video.

Signing with Dino Andrade.

Voldie's Isabelle/Shizue wig tutorial

Hey guys, so I decided to go as Shizue from Animal Crossing:New Leaf for Halloween this year, and I took photos of the process of me making the wig. Of course, this whole process would have been easier if I had time/money to get a yellow base wig with blonde bang clips, but what can ya do? Anyways, the supplies I used for this are:

First thing’s first, I dyed the base wig to be a more vibrant yellow. If you’d like a tutorial on how to dye a wig, I posted one here

Alrighty, time for some surgery! It’s important to (kinda) know the anatomy of the wig you’re cutting. I started by cutting the lace cap off of the blonde wig. The lace cap contains the bangs, as well as the hair on the crown of the head. It usually has a skin cap as well, which is the centre circle of the lace cap. In the photo below, you can see how I cut the lace cap off of the rest of the wig. The lines running parallel along the wig are the wefts, and cutting these is usually messy (though you have to for this tutorial)

After removing the lace cap, I put the other bits aside. They’re not needed for this wig, but it might be good to keep them in case you ever need platinum blonde wefts in the future! Then I trimmed down the lace cap so it was just the bang part of the wig. I cut just above the centre of the skin cap, because all those hairs are facing forward or to the side, and everything I cut off faces backwards. 

This is the final product for the bangs

Then, after waiting forever for my base wig to dry, I cut the bang section of that wig off. Make sure to keep the bang section as well, because it’s needed later in this tutorial. 

Next I puzzle pieced the bangs to the base wig and sewed them together. Except I forgot to take photos of the process, so here are so photos courtesy of God Save the Queen Fashions! (Note that in these photos, the entire lace cap is being replaced on the wig, but it’s the same idea)

Now that you’ve got a nice, two toned wig, you’re going to want to add in Isabelle’s bun. This is where the yellow bangs come in. I sectioned it off into 3 parts, and used the middle because it was the thickest. Don’t forget to avoid cutting the wefts when sectioning it off

Next I folded the wefts into 3 to make a thick weft that’s about an inch thick. 

I folded the weft in half to give it a bun look. Then I sewed fabric over the ends to keep it all together. It’s important to sew over a few times, and to use a very short stitch, otherwise the hairs will come loose.

I found the spot where I wanted the bun to sit, which is right behind the skin cap. I cut a little hole in the netting between two wefts, just wide enough for me to shove the bun top through.

Then I shoved the bun weft through, and sewed the end of the weft (the fabric part) down to the inside of the wig as shown in the photo. I sewed it down behind the bun, so the bun will flop forward easier, otherwise it would have drooped so far back that it wouldn’t be perky and visible. 

Here’s a photo of the final product (excuse the instagram filter)

I hope this tutorial comes in handy. I’ve used the same techniques for other characters, including Shirahoshi from One Piece (the bun tutorial), and a rogue wig commission. Please feel free to send me any questions, or photos of your finished products!