animal crosing new leaf

Quick lineart of my bab, Jin. He carries a golden axe as his favorite tool to <strike>murder his friends</strike> chop spare trees in search of stump patterns! He’s not a fan of shoes and will always wear just stockings. Sometimes goes around barefoot. Gave up on figuring out how patterns work. May or may not be wearing underwear. Maxed out rooms/space. Has one other human resident, but they do not get along, and makes sure said resident has a lousy shack. Possibly violent. He likes digging holds, his gold shovel being his next favorite tool, to ‘trap’ his friends/villagers in their homes. Is very lazy about watering his flowers. Has a disturbingly unhealthy, semi-secret obsession with Isabelle.

>A Forest

>Shep (Husband)
>Beau (Wife)
>Caroline (own)
>Felicity (own)

>White Stockings
>Sweater Dress
>Jester’s Mask (usually)
>Eyepatch (sometimes)

>Max Casual

Animal Crossing New Leaf © Nintendo
© Muteni (He’s an OC outside of ACNL)

Fishing in ACNL
  • fish shadow is tiny:probably a sea bass
  • fish shadow is huge:probably a sea bass
  • fish shadow is huge and has a shark fin:still probably a sea bass somehow
  • fish shadow is in a river:sea bass
  • fish shadow is in a pond:sea bass
  • new villager:sea bass
  • your character:sea bass
  • tom nook:sea bass in eyeliner
  • isabelle:sea bass in a cardigan
  • fish shadow is sea bass sized:moray eel
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