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Happy Cephalopod Week! Cephalopods are my favorite animals, so in honor of the occasion here are some very special squid, octopus, and ammonites I’ve crocheted! All for sale here. 

I love crocheting the curly tentacles of this ammonite! What other colors should I make? I love that they’re prehistoric so we don’t know what color their tentacles were- leaves lots of room for creativity :) 

Check ‘em out here if you’d like! 

Amigurumi Commissions!

I wanted to make this post to announce that even though my etsy shop is closed down for now,** I am still taking commissions** for amigurumi via tumblr PM and paypal! I take commissions both in patterns I already have and custom requests. 


Bunny- $25 

Come in solid colors, himalayan, blazed, or dutch. Can have both up and lop ears, and both black or pink eyes. (Dutch bunnies are an additional $5 due to work time.) I am SUPER good at these guys.

Mouse- $10

Guinea pig- $20

Available in solid colors, banded, blazed, and dutch. Eyes in black or pink! 

Normal Stock

Cat- $35 

Only solid colors for now, but you can request variations in a custom order.

Horse, Unicorn, Pegasus, and Alicorn- $30-40 

Dog- $30-40

Current breed list: Beagle, labrador, dachshund, Jack russell terrier. More breeds available upon request! 

Cockatiel- $20

Snake- $55

These babies come out at about 3′ long. May take longer to complete.

Koala- $45

Come with fluffy ears!

Barn Owl- $40

Sea turtle- $15

Also available but with no pictures: Fischer lovebird, rat

Everything you see here is completely customizable in color, pattern, and eye color! I can add in whatever fine details you’d like. You can even send me pictures of your pets to go by. (Additional pricing may occur for extended work time or need for a color I don’t have.)

Custom Requests

If you don’t see anything here you like but are still interested in commissioning, feel free to PM me with any custom requests. I turn down no order unless I physically cannot accomplish it. Pricing for custom requests is completely subjective depending on work time, additional pattern purchases, and any new colors/supplies I may need. 

See something you like but don’t got money? I’m also interested in art trades!

One of my favorite ongoing projects is what I call my Ugly Blankets. It started as simply a way to use all that scrap yarn that is inevitable when you crochet as much as I do. I gave away the first 2 I made to friends. After I lost my best friend and my very first Ugly Blanket made its way back to me, I couldn’t give them away anymore. I still loved making them but I didn’t know what to do with them. Then I realized that animal shelters can always use blankets for their temporary tenants. Now I make them with the express purpose of donating them to animal shelters. Making them is soothing for me and hopefully cuddling them will bring some comfort to those animals who are awaiting their forever home.

Adam the Rabbit

Adam the Rabbit created by FlyingRotten

Inspired by Adam Raki of Adam (2009) (by Max Mayer)
And Animal Crossing series (by Nintendo)

• Size 3 & 3.5 mm crochet hook
• Felt :
  - blue
  - purple
  - red
• Yarn :
  - light blue (Ciel - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
  - ligh blue-green (Ce - Super Baby [3 mm] by Phildar)
  - blue (Porcelaine - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
  - turquoise (Piscine - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
  - white (Blanc - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
  - red (Pavot - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
  - yellow (Orge - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
 - dark brown (Marron foncé - Basic Merino [3.5-4] by Katia)

He is the one who makes me think :
I want to create this one ! I want to try to crochet this cute boy !

Not really satified for his eyes… Maybe I will put white felt in place of white wool.

Thank you FlyingRotten for telling me what color was the tail of this little rabbit.
It’s the little sun of Nigel”, she said.

BONUS : Behind the scenes

Nudibranchs are wonderful marine slugs that come in a variety of astonishing colors and varieties. They are by far my favorite animal to see scuba diving!

This particular species, commonly referred to as a “Sea Lemon” (can you see why?) lives from California up to Alaska. It eats sea sponges and is both male and female! A crochet plush nudibranch would make the perfect gift for a marine biologist, a scuba diver, or anyone who loves sea creatures.

I’m really sorry for posting content that strays from the theme of my blog, but I would really appreciate if you could hear me out. I’m an autistic stay-at-home mom (yes, we exist) who owns a tiny Etsy shop to try to bring in some extra money to save for the future. Well, my partner suddenly lost his job and we don’t have money for groceries, rent, diapers, or anything really… He was not at fault for losing his job, his employer just told him he couldn’t afford to pay him anymore without giving him any notice… so we didn’t know this was going to happen and we’re scared. Even if everything somehow got sold in my shop, it obviously wouldn’t be nearly enough to get by until we’re able to get new jobs, but at least it’s something! So if you could please REBLOG this, I would be so grateful. I also take commissions for custom crochet plushies, so send me a message if there’s something I can make for you! Thank you so much for reading ♡ My Shop: