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Almost finished!  I’m hoping to finish up this carved and painted raccoon skull today.  So far she has bronze metallic paint and in the carved parts is copper metallic paint, but I still want to add patina staining to this piece.  She is also missing an incisor so I’m going to find something to replace it, probably a little gem.  

White people really do not understand the idea of cultural appropriation so I’m gonna explain it to you one y’alls level okay? Bc the absurdity of these counter-arguments I’m getting is out of hand, and I’m tired of arguing with people so far beneath my level on a subject that harms me more than them.

You live in a little village where everyone is identified by the clothes they wear. Everyone in the village has a blue shirt. Your family has a blue shirt with polka dots on it. The people in your village eat lots of tasty yellow fruit with a special mixture of spices and pray to a fruit god every time you eat them. You also eat lots of nuts, but that’s not as important. This is your village’s culture. 

There is rumored to be a village to the west of you, where everyone is given a special toy shaped like an animal when they are born. It is very important to every individual, and means a lot to them. They keep it and polish it all their lives, and it is burned when they die. They eat special starchy balls full of meat, but also once a month,make a drink that honors their dead. This is their culture.


The two villages have grown bigger and bigger over time, which makes them spread closer and closer to eaach other. There are no big territorial battles- the two villages like each other and sometimes share resources. If someone from the first village passes through the second, someone might give them some of their food for the trip and vice versa, so now some people in each village like and sometimes make the food of the other. A few people who have made close friends with people in the other village begin wearing colored shirts like them, or giving their children a special animal doll because someone from that village explained why that was special and invited them to do so. Things from each culture are shared with respect and friendship, and this happened naturally. This is CULTURAL INTEGRATION.


The shirt-wearing village considers itself bigger and stronger. They have invented spears that help them hunt, but think maybe hunting would be even easier if they had more wood from the other villages territory, and less competition. So they decide to invade, fight and kill people in the animal-doll village. They kill some of their stronger warriors and subdue the rest of the villagers. When they are done, they let these villagers into their village as long as they agree to stop carving animal dolls, as long as they agree to learn their language, and as long as they agree to eat and dress like them, and leave their culture behind. This is CULTURAL ASSIMILATION.


People from the two villages see each other from time to time but aren’t all that friendly. The shirt-wearing village likes the look of the dolls from the animal-doll village, and decides to make their own just like them, without asking. They’ve heard the dolls have a complex ceremony and meaning, but they don’t care. To the animal-doll village’s dismay, they learn that the shirt-wearers have been making ‘soulless’ animal dolls that are not connected to a villager, are not prayed over the right way, and in their belief is a dead and cursed thing. They never asked, and they did not follow the rules. In the meantime, many shirt-wearers steal fish from the animal-doll village’s fishing cages, stomp on their crops for fun when they are drunk, and make rude faces at them when they see them in the fields. They learn how to make the special drink they commune with the dead with, but drink it all the time, carelessly, and still won’t talk nicely to the animal-doll village people. They are mostly disrespectful, but still take things from the other village without being nice to them, and without asking. They enjoy the things the animal-doll people make, but do not enjoy them, and cause them suffering. This is CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.

And lastly….

You, a shirt-wearer with a blue spotted shirt, are playing with a toy. Another child comes up to you and in a friendly manner, asks to play. You hand them your toy. This is sharing.

Another day, a different child with a red shirt points at your blue shirt, makes fun of it, and takes your toy. This is stealing. This is more like Cultural Appropriation.

You guys need to learn that there are more ways for a culture to spread than just Appropriation. Cultural Appropriation is not ‘the sharing of a culture’. Fighting Cultural Appropriation does not keep cultures from evolving. It is simply pointing out that consent matters with culture, too, and when you take something from a culture you still disrespect and oppress, it’s not consensual, and the people do not have to let you do it.

All of the hand carved stamp/relief print skulls skeletons and wet specimens I have made so far make a pretty good Cabinet of Curiosities when arranged all together like this.


Its done!  (I think.)  Carved, metallic raccoon skull with one little orange kyanite tooth.  My first skull carving is a real success, and it will be going on my Etsy shop for $90.  



noun | gar·goyle | ɡärˌɡoil/

In architecture, a grotesque carved human, animal, or monster or figure projecting from the gutter of a building, typically acting as a spout to carry water clear of a wall. It is a common feature of Gothic cathedrals.

Art History Glossary: A helpful list of art and architecture terms to support curious rookies.


Latest addition to my Etsy Shop, a gorgeous patina rabbit skull that’s been carved with a dremel.  The copper patina is hand painted with over 5 different layers of paints and solutions.  It’s also got one orange kyanite incisor

Pet Healing Spell 🐾

My sweet bunny Navi has been suffering from intestinal and stomach issues since April - she hasn’t been feeling well the past few days, and with the recent hurricane, I might have trouble getting her to the vet as quickly as I’d like due to flooding and road closures. The best thing I could come up with to both ease her pain and my worry, aside from at home care, is this spell. 


  • brown candle (animal healing)
  • carving tool
  • tiger’s eye gem chips (stomach and intestinal problems)
  • aquamarine gem chips (stomach and intestinal problems)
  • sea salt (intestinal problems; cleansing and banishing ailments)
  • small jar
  • taglock for your pet
  • lunar energy (healing)


  1. carve your pet’s name into the top of the brown candle and light it
  2. gather your ingredients and add them to a small jar 
    1. personally i liked adding a layer of salt between each layer of crystals, and then adding the pet’s taglock to the top of the jar
  3. close the jar
  4. once the candle has burned down past where you carved your pet’s name, you may drip wax onto the top of the jar to seal it
  5. extinguish the flame, and set the jar under the light of the moon to charge it with healing energy
  6. once charged, set the jar near your pet’s living space where they can’t get to it
  7. recharge under the moonlight as necessary or when your pet isn’t feeling well

  • disclaimer: this spell is not meant to replace medical care - please seek medical attention ASAP if your pet is having health problems.
  • note: you may add different crystals depending upon your pet’s particular ailment.

Update: Navi is feeling much better now! Thank you all for your love and support. 🐰🖤

anonymous asked:

"Whether or not [the Iron Throne is] what [Dany] truly wants is a topic for another time". Can you please talk about it?? I believe that, since her only connection is to House Targaryen, she feels she must honor them... Even though they were never an actual family to her. Even though she could never settle down and have meaningful relationships (I think that's what the "house with the red door" represents and that's why it's still mentioned as of ADWD). Thoughts?

(No need to add this to the ask about Dany if you answer it, but the fact she never had any family members to help her aside from her troubled older brother makes Aemon’s death that much more heartbreaking. Damn, now that I think about it, for all his struggles, at least Jon got support from House Stark AND House Targaryen, Dany had no one, really.)

I’m adding your second ask because it is spot on and I have 8,937 feelings about this so BUCKLE UP.

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Animal Kingdom - Among the Roots by Jeff Krause
Via Flickr:
Love taking a walk under the tree in the afternoon.

“I took this photograph when I was visiting the Cross River village of Nkim,” says Galembo. “There was no masquerade going on at the time. But carved-wood, animal-skinned Janus masks like this one appear at funerals, ceremonies honoring [Cross River] Nigerian kings and chiefs, and other rituals. The feathers are a symbol of power. Masks depicting two faces—one of which is usually gentle, the other fierce—appear in many different cultures.”

— Phyllis Galembo, National Geographic 2012.