animal bridges


the town of eggshell

dream address: 7900-6529-1392

when you live in england, your summers typically consist of rain or rain, so i thought that would be perfect for eggshell! if you like storms as much as i do, im sure you’ll have a blast. if not, you can still visit the resident’s houses for shelter and food. i recommend visiting late at night when you’re wrapped up warm in bed ⛈

if you happen to post any pictures, tag #clovoid so i can see!

Story time

Went to get afternoon drinks with some grad school compatriots and when approaching the bar, one of the other patrons looked at Deacon and said to his (I’m assuming) wife: “we need to get a vest like that for Cooper so he can go everywhere with us.”
Me: “Actually, my dog is a service animal. He’s not just a pet with a vest on.”
Man: “but you don’t look disabled”
Me: “…what does a disabled person look like, exactly?”
Man’s wife: “Jesus, Charles. Stop talking. This is why the Olsens won’t play bridge with us anymore.”

Tumblr doesn’t really like big files so I had to sacrifice quality, but I really wanted to paint that Bob the goldfish headcanon. Here you go!! He’s round and orange and I love him. (also he faintly glows.)