animal armour

Elephant armour from India. 17th century. Composed of 5,840 plates, weighing 118kg, it’s largest animal armour in the world.

This fabulous 17th century armour is composed of 5,840 plates and weighs 118kg, some plates are missing and originally the total number would be 8,439 and weigh 159kg! The tusk swords that accompany this armour (not on display) weigh in at 10kg.

It is the only animal armour of this scale on public display and recently entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest animal armour in the world.

Here come the Battling Beasties, a trio of armoured animal adventurers: Slaughterbear, Clawhammer and Cecile, who burst into battle with unparalleled courage and ferocity!
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Hi tumblr here is my new commissions post! I am opening commissions again for the summer to help support my basic needs like food and home supplies. I am a university student looking for a job who is relying on financial support from emotionally abusive parents to make ends meet. I don’t receive very much money from my parents in the first place, but for the summer they insist that I begin to make my own money. My savings alone cannot get me through the summer!! You can help by commissioning me or reblogging this post so that more people see what I have to offer.

- Human, humanoid, anthro/furry, and animal/creature characters
- Armour and weapons
- Robots, mecha, and gore
- SFW and limited NSFW (ask me!)
- Digital and traditional in a variety of mediums (ask me!)
- Backgrounds ranging from simple to highly detailed
- And more! Ask me if your commission would not fit this list :)

- Extra characters cost an extra half of the original price
- Ask me about other types of work, like logo and tattoo design! I’ve done these before but they don’t fall into the above categories and require more work, so I will give you a quote
- Discounts are available if you order many pieces at once or ask for a more simplified style

ALL PRICES ARE IN USD. (I am Canadian but the majority of customers are american so far) I will accept the equivalent in other real life currencies, since I can convert with paypal.

- send an ask or IM to this blog!
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