animal amber alert

our baby Blaze got out of the house on Sunday morning while no one was home and we haven’t seen him in days, we’re all so worried for him, he’s only 4 and he’s never been outside before, he loves to head butt people but he hates being pet. he’s a super friendly cat and he loves people and other animals. if you see him he’ll respond to Blaze or Blue. I love this little guy so much, he was last seen in the Shelton, CT area please if you hear anything or see him please contact to me at 203-305-9241, we just want our baby home. 💔😢
thank you.


If anyone has seen this cat, please let me know. Her name is Calico and she’s been missing for weeks. She’s got a short-haired grey coat with orange and white patches, and was last seen in Vallejo, California around the marina (Mare Island Way). She’s been missing since January of this year (2013) and was reported to have been wearing a collar with tags on it when she went missing. 

I know the pictures are crappy but they’ll have to do. If you don’t live in California please reblog this for the followers that do, any help at all in finding her is appreciated. She’s got a loving family that misses her.