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  • Me: *meets cute girl,* flirts discreetly, testing the waters
  • Her: says something about boyfriend of over a year making it clear she over a 100% straight
  • Me: * Maybe I can make her changer her mind*
  • My inner Ally Hills: Why, oh why do you think it's okay/ To pursue when you knew she wasn't gay/Why, why are you coming to me when it's/five word to learn let the straight girls be
  • Ally: So, Mani is the person I've been seeing recently.
  • Normani: ...Why are you all looking at me like I'm a zoo animal?
  • Lauren: Well, Ally acts as sort of the mom of the group, so emotionally, this is kind of like being told that you're our new mom.
  • Normani: But you know it's nothing like that, right?
  • Camila: Absolutely. Do you cook macaroni?

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how does taka treat nahyuta's family? I know taka might hate or tolerate nahyuta, but what about the monk's sister and mom? does taka hate them or is pretty chill with the two?

SO I actually go back and forth on this quite a bit.  

As people might be aware, I love the idea of Taka hating Nahyuta so much.  Just because animals gravitate to Nahyuta and here is one who actually can’t stand him at all and of course it has to be Simon’s beloved bird.  Of.  Course.  

I go back and forth with how Taka is with Amara.  Laura ( @nerdyskeleton ) introduced the idea of Taka loving Amara and like being completely enamored by her and it produces some really cute stuff where Simon feels all betrayed by his hawk and just imagining Taka flying over to Amara and kind of loving on her is just…an adorable thing to imagine. 

That being said…I really also like the idea of Taka originally hating everyone who is not Simon.  No matter how good they are with animals, Taka is not a fan and it takes quite a lengthy amount of time before anyone besides Simon to even get close to the bird.  Only Athena and Edgeworth have managed to make Taka like them, and Taka would still attack each of them with no hesitation if Simon wanted it. 

With this headcanon, I actually even see Taka being more protective over Simon post-AA5.  While I sometimes am afraid that I’m assigning too many human traits to Taka, I also remember Simon saying Taka has a human spirit, so I figure…I can get away with some shit.  Basically, I see Taka as being more protective over Simon due to what happened with Fulbright; Taka was a bit weary of the detective and didn’t really like him all that much, but only attacked him when Simon specifically wanted it.  There was something…off about that human, but Taka still did not show any more outward aggression towards Fulbright than towards other people. 

Post 5-5 Taka has to be there as his human friend endures such a deep betrayal, and with Simon’s sadness, the hawk develops a much more suspicious nature towards anyone and everyone who dares to get close to Simon.  Particularly those who try to get emotionally close, hence why he hates Nahyuta so much.  Edgeworth and Athena have proven themselves and so Taka enjoys them.  (Aura too, but in a different sort of way.) 

So, even when Taka sees Amara, the hawk just glares at her when she speaks to Simon, ready to claw at her face if Simon requests it.  Same thing with Rayfa…Taka really does not like that one.  She raises her voice too often and tries to hit Simon over the head with that long stick she carries.  On more than one occasion, Taka has tried to go after Rayfa, but is called back.  (One time after that, Taka flew up and pooped on the girl’s head…Simon found it hilarious, and so Taka was pleased.) 

BASICALLY I go back and forth between those two extremes; I’m slightly more partial to the latter, simply because I enjoy the idea of Taka being super overprotective of Simon and making anyone in his life need to prove themselves first before gaining his hawk’s trust.

My insomnia has returned for the past two nights. I’m writing out some pet / animal headcanons that are sloshing around in my head right now, just to tire myself out so I can finally sleep. Not sure if that’s a logical solution, but meh.

Cait: isn’t an animal person. She tolerates Dogmeat because he’s Claire’s (Sole’s) pet, and she’d never harm an animal that isn’t trying to kill her, but that’s about it. 

Codsworth: is programmed to respect and kindly treat all animals unless they prove to be harmful.

Curie: loves animals. She spoils Dogmeat with treats whenever she travels with Claire. She probably has a soft spot for mole rats from the centuries spent inside Vault 81′s secret vault, even though most of them are hostile. I can definitely see her adopting a baby mole rat that lost its mother and domesticating it.

Danse, I: likes animals but prefers dogs. He bought a dog bowl for Dogmeat when Claire joined the Brotherhood. He kept it full with food and water, in his room, to give Dogmeat a quiet place to retreat during the days they had to leave him behind. 

Danse, II: has a dog of his own. When he’s exiled from the Brotherhood, Claire gives him a Rottweiler puppy, so he isn’t completely alone while staying at the bunker. He names the puppy Athena, after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war.

Deacon: loves animals but prefers cats. They’re agile, stealthy creatures, but can also be incredibly clumsy. He probably had a cat when he was a child but hasn’t had another pet since. Loves Dogmeat. He also sneaks the mutt treats when traveling with Claire.

Hancock: probably likes animals more than they like him. I imagine some dogs and cats are wary of ghouls. He’s always enjoyed looking at pictures of and reading about horses. Wishes they weren’t extinct. Sometimes dreams about riding a horse through Goodneighbor. 

MacCready: sees the benefits of having a well-trained dog, but pets cost money and MacCready is a frugal bastard. He’s not going to have a pet for himself. It’s a different story if Duncan wants one. 

Nick: is also an animal lover. Cats are mesmerized by his glowing eyes and most dogs seem to like him. Pre-war Nick had a cat named Bogart. During the nights Jenny spent over, Bogart would wait until her and Nick were asleep and curl up between them.

Piper: likes animals on a case-by-case basis. She thinks it’s neat to have a pet, but it’s not for her. She’s busy with the paper and raising Nat, and honestly, I think she worries about a pet getting into the ink and ending up with paw prints everywhere.

Preston: is a freakin’ Labrador personified, so of course he loves dogs. He likes all animals, never shoots at an animal unless it’s hostile, and is yet another companion who gives Dogmeat treats. But, out of all the companions, Preston might be Dogmeat’s favorite.

Strong: sees any animal and thinks it should be eaten. (Poor Dogmeat.)

X6-88: only tolerates an animal if it serves some kind of purpose. He doesn’t understand why some humans have animals for companionship, because how can an animal be a reliable ally?

Bonus, Farah (OC): didn’t grow up with a lot of animals inside the Institute. There were lab rats, the synthetic gorillas, and a few dogs and cats. But cats are her favorite. Farah feeds several of the stray cats in Diamond City, and she even built a shelter for them to rest and keep safe from radstorms and thunderstorms.

Bonus, Claire (Sole): grew up in a rural community and was raised to respect all animals. Cows, horses, pigs, goats, chickens, etc. Someone in her hometown even had a herd of alpacas. But while Claire loves all animals, dogs are her favorite. Even with her mom barely making end’s meat, they managed to have a pet in their home. Her childhood dog was a rat terrier / bluetick coonhound mix named Freckles.