animal advocacy tip 9

Animal Advocacy Tip #9

If another vegan has a problem with the way you advocate, AT LEAST LISTEN AND RESPECT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.

We all have different ideas about what works best, about what is offensive and what is not, and what actually ends up helping our cause. You know, the one we share?

The best thing we can do is share our ideas on what is the appropriate way to deal with the enormous odds we’re up against: the cultural ramifications of giving animals rights, the taboo against vegans and animal activists, etc.

If you disagree, fine, but there’s no reason to refuse in engaging in discussion. Think of it as an opportunity to learn something new or to share what you know.

*COUGH* and if you’re a white vegan and a vegan PoC has something to say about you comparing the exploitation of animals to historic human slavery, you better RESPECT AND LISTEN to what they’re saying instead of getting indignant about them calling you out on your whiteness, even if you disagree *COUGH*