For a couple years I was mama to a little pupper girl who was rescued right out of the fighting pit of a fighting bust.  She survived those injuries, as well as the chronic illness she got from the cruelty she suffered.  She was one of my favorite dogs, and I rarely cry anymore from desensitization, but I burst into happy tears when she got adopted.  She’s so good and sweet and deserving.  Her family is amazing and sends lots of pics and they just sent this one of her first Christmas tree.  Folks who are willing to adopt a dog who has special needs are the. best. 

I hate that all someone has to say is, “Well, I’m a dog trainer.” and everyone just assumes they know what they’re talking about. There could be a video of someone beating a dog with a stick and if someone came in with, “Well, I’m a dog trainer, and I’m saying this isn’t abuse.” everyone would be like, “Oh, whew, okay.”

Dog training is not a regulated profession, there are many shitty dog trainers out there. 

Don’t just assume something concerning a dog is okay because a dog trainer said so.


CPR! STAT! by LadyDrace

Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Length: 1152

Rating: T

Warnings/Tags: Pre-Slash, Human AU, Officer!Sam, Baker!Gabriel, Puppy, Mentions of Animal Abuse, Fluff

Summary: Gabriel and Castiel come over to Sam and Dean’s place for Christmas. But Gabriel was not prepared for this kind of cuteness overload.


My reaction to this fic was identical to Gabriel’s reaction to the puppy. I love when puppies are the cause of Sam and Gabriel’s relationship to blossom! This was such an adorable and wonderful story! Extremely heartwarming and sweet! - Gisselle

Puppies are amazing. Sam is amazing. The combination? ILLEGALLY ADORABLE. You should defnintey read this if you like cute things and those two adorable men. -Tyler

Can the writers just give Sam a damn dog already?! This story is adorable and the puppy is only a small percentage of the fluff. The Sabriel is top notch and I love the ending! - Lauren

Please keep Mack in your thoughts today, as I rushed him to the vet due to some worrisome symptoms he displayed last night and this morning. The vet is keeping him for observation. I don’t know what’s happening to him yet.

If you want to pray for him, then by all means please do. Mack has been so important to me since I adopted him 7 years ago. I rescued him and helped him through the difficulties of surviving an abusive home, and he’s helped me in return.

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ghost im so angry???? i just saw a video of an asshole youtuber giving a random vagabond cookies filled with toothpaste as a joke and like????? what the fuck dude that isnt Cool that could literally poison him????? and also he made some gross ass remarks at the end like "that will be good for him bc he probably hasnt washed his teeth since he became a vagabond" literally what the fuck???? ew ew EW EW

(asshole youtuber anon & tw animal abuse mention) oh did i forget to mention he also has an entire saga of videos of him mistreating his cats as “jokes kek”????? seriously fuck this dude


ew can i personally end this person like who thought they were a good idea

thesummoningdark replied to your post: a dog’s purpose (2017) is heterosexual propaganda…

Context?? (I googled it but all the results were about a PETA boycott)

there is absolutely no context for this honestly i just think it looks like a bad movie

(there’re one or two tumblr posts going around about the circumstances under which one of the dogs was coaxed into doing a stunt possibly being distressing for the dog and much debate over whether or not it was cruel or standard for training a dog or whatnot, which, like, is important stuff to discuss, but also i haven’t seen enough posts about how it’s just gonna be like if you turned a limp hallmark card into a movie) 

KYLE: Well, I really don’t have all of the information.
KYLE: I don’t know enough to make an informed decision.
KYLE: But from what I’ve heard from sources that aren’t Stan, it sounds pretty brutal.
KYLE: Like, I guess they file down their teeth and drug them?
KYLE: Don’t take that directly from me, I don’t know if it’s true or not.

KYLE: …Stan?
KYLE: Are you. Are you crying?
KYLE: Oh my God. Dude, what’s the matter??
STAN: I’m just.
STAN: They treat them so poorly, and.
STAN: They shouldn’t be forced into it like that!
KYLE: Okay, it’s okay.
KYLE: Come on. We’re gonna go get some air.
Danger Days: True Lives of the Hakogaku Killjoys - Benzaiten (DaughterOfTheWest) - 弱虫ペダル | Yowamushi Pedal [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: Mature

Ships: Fukutomi Juichi/Kinjou ShingoArakita Yasutomo/Shinkai HayatoMakishima Yuusuke/Toudou Jinpachi, Aoyagi Hajime/Teshima JuntaKanzaki Miki/Tachibana Aya

Characters: Fukutomi JuichiShinkai HayatoArakita YasutomoToudou JinpachiTeshima JuntaAoyagi HajimeKinjou ShingoMakishima YuusukeTadokoro JinOnoda SakamichiImaizumi ShunsukeNaruko Shoukichi, Tachibana AyaKanzaki MikiShinkai Yuuto

Tags: ViolenceForced Medicationtrans headcanonsBloodmentioned transmisogynyPTSDtherapy animalsmentioned animal abuseArakita’s potty mouthTooth-Rotting Fluffthese tags make it sound a lot worse than it is tbhBasically this is Desertpunk!Yowapedayou don’t need to know the killjoys canonSo many nicknamesdid I mention guerilla graffiti artists Toudou and Makishima?


Every story starts with a question. Different questions for different tales, sure, but it always has to begin with something:

“When did the world start going to shit?”

“Why are we in the desert?”

“Who are the Fabulous Killjoys?”

Deceptively difficult to answer. The short version– the half-lie and plastic truth– is that the Killjoys were legends. Heroes of the broken. Scourge of that hell called “the Desert,” or Saviors of that haven called “the Zones”. Depends on who you’re talking to.

The long version?

True to form, that would take a little longer.

[After over a year of having this sitting in my drafts, I finally finished + posted my MCR Killjoys AU prompt from SWAG 2016, lol.]

Fight Song ~ Part 11 ~ Get Out!

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Warnings: Abuse, Confrontation, Language, Panic Attack, Resentment, kidnapping, animal abuse, Mentions of Rape and child abuse.

Pairings: Tony X Reader X Marie; Steve X reader X Bucky

Word Count: 1875



Reader’s POV

My body was shaking as I pulled from Pepper’s grasp to stare at the person behind her.

“Hi sweetheart,” The woman says and my eyes widen as I gulp down a breath of air.

“M-m-mom?” I stutter as I stare wide eyed at her. She simply nods at me with a soft smile on her lips. All sorts of emotions were running through my mind but the only thing that escaped my lips was rage. “Get out!” I growl at her making her face fill with a mixture of sadness and regret.

“(Name)?” I hear Tony say from behind me and I turn my rage bubbling inside me.

“What did you do?!” I yell out as I glare at him.

“Before you get all,” He waves his hands in front of him before he continues, “Angry. You need to listen to what she has to say.”

“The hell I do!” I yell out as I turn back to my mother and say, “I told you to get out.”

“(Name), I’m sorry for what I did.” She replies her hands fidgeting with her small bag.

“You’re sorry?” I scoff as I roll my eyes. “Do you know what I’ve been through because of you?” I yell out completely unaware that I now had an audience. “I’m sorry doesn’t cut it.”

“(Name) you need to calm down.” I hear Steve say from behind me and I slowly turn toward him.

“Please tell me you didn’t know she was coming.”

“Tony called us this morning.” He replies and I grit my teeth as I slowly nod. My heart was racing in my chest; I bite my lip before I turn from him back to her. “Come on leave them alone for a bit.” He says making everyone leave the foyer and head into different parts of the house save for me, my mother, and Tony.

“Peanut-” He starts but I instantly interrupt him.

“Shut up! Just shut up! I can’t-I-I can’t breathe,” I say as I grip tightly to my chest as it tightens. My mother starts to move toward me and I instantly flinch away. “D-Don’t touch me!” I yell out and she freezes. Tony is instantly at my side pulling my face toward him.

“Listen to me (Name), it’s alright. You can do this.” He says but I shake my head as say through clenched teeth, “No I can’t.”

“Yes, you can peanut. Just think about all you’ve been through,” he says pulling my head into his chest and gently smoothing my hair down continues, “You are a beautifully strong woman who needs to face her past.”

“But I can’t!” I cry out again as tears threaten to fill my eyes.

“Yes you can, I’m here peanut; I’ve got you.” He says and the tears start to pour. He was here. He was here to help me. He wanted to help me. I grip tightly to his shirt before taking a deep breath and pulling away turn back to my mother.

“Say what you have to say, and if I don’t like it, you have to leave.” I say as I clutch tightly to Tony’s hand.

She nods slightly before she clutches tightly to her bag and says, “That day all those years ago, no matter what I was going through I should never have given you up. It has killed me every day since. After I dropped you off I found that no matter what I did I couldn’t kill the pain it left in me. I was wrong, oh so wrong, to leave you with him. I have no idea what you have been through and I know that nothing I can say will ever make up for it; but I truly am sorry. I mean that.” I look her up and down to see that she was dressed nicely in an expensive outfit and even her bag was a Prada.

“Looks like you did pretty well without me.” I say bluntly as I stare deep into her eyes trying to convey all my hate to her.

“I married a wonderful man a few years after I left you. We went back to get you together but by then you were gone and I couldn’t find you anywhere, please believe me when I say that I looked. I looked so hard I never stopped looking.”

“Then how come you didn’t find me until now?”

“Tony,” She says as she glances over at her old lover. “He found me.”

“You did?” I ask as I slowly turn to him.

“I can find anyone. I’m a genius.”

“Alright smartass,” I say as I roll my eyes.

“There are no words to describe how sorry I am (Name). I know you can never forgive me but I at least wanted to see you and tell you that I’m sorry and that I still love you.”

“You’re right I can’t forgive you.” I say as I turn from Tony to her. “I was a child and you sold me to your drug dealer.”

“Wait what?” Tony says and I turn to see a look of confusion and anger filling his eyes.

“Oh she didn’t tell you?” I ask as I look from him back to my mother. “She sold me to her drug dealer so she could get high.”

“What the hell Marie, why didn’t you come to me? I would have helped you?”

“Seriously Tony? You were a man-whore at the time. There was no way you were going to believe that I had a baby and it was yours.” She replies bluntly making me raise an eyebrow.

Well she’s not wrong.

“Still you could’ve tried to get me to listen.”

“Alright that’s enough.” I interject as I pull from Tony’s grasp and taking a deep breath continue, “Alright, you both wanna know what I went through because you both were too stupid to think?” I turn toward my mother and say, “Because of you I was almost raped at the age of eight. The only way I could survive was by putting a bullet through his head. After that I was sent from foster home to foster home where I had to constantly worry about whether or not they were gonna beat or rape me. You wanna know the worst part? The worst part is that when I shot Devlin it didn’t bother me. I liked it. I liked killing people.”

“(Name) I-” she starts but I hold my hand up to stop her.

“I am a seriously fucked up person who has hallucinations that feel so real I have a hard time believing they’re not. So you say you’re sorry, well I’m sorry but that’s just not good enough.” I walk past her toward the front door and reaching for the doorknob I pause and turning back to them say, “I also almost died last night. I’m so fucked up that I wanted to die, to be free of all the pain and memories.” Tony’s eyes widen as he realizes that he almost lost his daughter and my mother just stares at me in shock. “Oh and I made out with Cap and Bucky,” I walk out the door slamming it behind me. I pause on the porch my chest heaving before I make a beeline for the woods. I needed to be anywhere other than there.

Pushing past the tree line I just keep walking not even bothering to look back. My head was full of voices arguing with each other making my heart race uncontrollably in my chest. What had they been thinking bringing my mother here? How had they even found her and what politician was she married too? My mind races suddenly making me fall to my knees as I try to slow my uncontrollable breathing. I hear a noise from beside me and I turn toward it to see Baldr creeping toward me his ears pinned back in anger as he growls at something on the other side of me.

I quickly turn from him to the other side of me and see a man in what looked like a failed attempt at my father’s Ironman suit. Instead of the usual hot rod red and gold colors it was chrome and blood red. The eyes were rounder and the instead of the slit mouth his suit looked like it barely had one at all. “What the hell are you supposed to be?” I ask as I slowly crawl away from him and over to Baldr.

“Aw, I’m upset you don’t recognize me (Name).” He says and for some reason his voice sounds familiar.

“Who the hell are you?” I ask not taking my eyes off of him. I feel Baldr kneel down to get in between me and the wannabe ironman and I feel my breathing start to return to normal. I watch eyes narrowed as his faceplate opens up to reveal a man about my age with dark raven hair and icy blue eyes. He seemed familiar, who was he?

“Come on (Name), MIT senior year? Also the year your father killed mine.” He says and my eyes widen in sudden realization.


“In the flesh,” He says using his arms to motion down the rest of his body from his chest to his feet. “Well in the armor, if you want to get technical.”

“How did you get a hold of my father’s tech?” I ask as I force myself to stand up straight.

“What like its hard?” He says chuckling making me grit my teeth and narrow my eyes angrily.

“You don’t have the right to wear that armor.” I say sternly as I clench my fists and Baldr growls angrily.

“Don’t I though?” He says tilting his head sarcastically. “After all it is the same technology that murdered my father.”

“Obadiah was a madman Zeke; you know that better than anyone else.”

“DO NOT SPEAK ABOUT MY FATHER!” He yells out angrily making me jump in surprise. “Your father murdered him in cold blood!”

“Are you fucking kidding me!” I yell back at him my eyes wild with rage. “Your ‘Father’ tried to have mine assassinated in that desert just so he could have some shitty company. If anything he got what he deserved!” Suddenly he surges toward me his hand wrapping tightly around my throat and lifting me up into the air. I kick and thrash to try and get free when I suddenly hear a yelp and look down to see Baldr lying on the ground a few feet away not moving. “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I cry out as I punch and kick at the metal suit.

“He was in my way.” Zeke chuckles and I feel rage surge through my body. Taking a deep breath I let out a blood curdling scream to somehow alert someone that I was in danger; but before I am able to see if anyone comes black spots fill my eyes and then as the world goes black I hear Zeke chuckle triumphantly.

Tony’s POV

“Did you hear that?” Tony says as he holds his hands up to quiet everyone. “Something’s wrong.” Tony instantly runs from the house and out the door where he instantly climbs into his Mach 90 and say, “FRIDAY I need you to locate (Name).”

“Right away sir,” She replies and Tony can feel his heart start to race. Something was wrong and he could feel it. Call it parent intuition or whatever but he just felt deep down in his gut that (Name) was in trouble.

“Tony what’s going on?” He hears a familiar voice ask and turns to see Steve standing a few feet away with the rest of the team walking up behind him.

“Something’s wrong, I can feel it.”

“What, is it (Name)?” Steve asks his eyes filling with concern.

“Yeah, I’m having FRIDAY run a scan for her.”

“Sir I’ve found her.” FRIDAY’s female voice chimes out and he nods as he replies, “Good where is she?”

“It seems she is being held captive by a man in an suit much like yours sir.”

“That’s not possible,” Tony says as he narrows his eyes.

“I’m sorry sir but my calculations are not wrong.”

“Okay then let’s go,” Tony says and right as he is about to launch himself into the sky Steve grabs his arms and says, “Tony what’s going on?”

“Peanut’s in trouble.” Without another word Tony launches himself into the sky and quickly makes his way after the now retreating mysterious suit.

“Don’t worry Tony; we’ve got your back.” Natasha says into his comms and Tony clenches his jaw.

His stomach was in knots. Who had his tech? Why would they be after (Name)? Were they using her to get to him? If so they’d regret it dearly. He had missed out on so much in her life. He had been unable to protect her from the trials of her childhood but there was no way he was going to fail to protect her now. No matter what this mysterious people wanted he would given ten times that just to get her back. She was his child, his peanut. He loved her, even if she didn’t feel the same about him, he still loved her. No one was going to stand in between him and his daughter.

“Hang on peanut, daddy’s coming.”

Will Continue In - Angry Girl’s Cause The Most Damage 

Your bird deserves more than peanuts.

Literally and figuratively.

If you have no intention of doing research and keeping your birds properly, do not get a bird. 

They cannot live on peanuts. They cannot live on peanuts.

Today I had the horror of witnessing a distressed young Jardine pretty much on its death bed and I can not tell you how much it hurts to see. Possible liver and kidney failure, definitely malnourished and so puffed up at first glance I mistook it for baby fluff. This bird was so far gone by the time they decided to have them checked out that they had to be hand-fed to even survive more than an hour.

I don’t know if this little one is going to survive, but I’m almost certain they won’t be getting the acute care they actually need and improved husbandry from now on and it breaks my heart.

Please. Please. I know if you follow me, then you likely wouldn’t do this to your bird, but there are people out there who will kill their companion out of neglect.

You wouldn’t survive off of eating only peanuts. Your child wouldn’t survive eating only peanuts. Your bird won’t survive eating only peanuts.

The creatures in our care deserve better than to live short lives full of suffering.

Don’t get a bird until you’ve done thorough research. For the love of everything please don’t get a bird because you think it’s cute but know nothing about how to keep them healthy.

And goodness never get a Jardine just because you think Dax is neat. Please.

I couldn’t get this post out of my head and then WORDS happened

scenes from a cross-country road trip

In Iowa, they stop for gas.

There’s a dog outside, tied with a heavy length of chain. When they pull up, it lunges to the very end of the chain and scrabbles at the snow, its bark high and panicked. Karen can count its ribs. From the seat just behind her, Max whines anxiously. He bumps Karen’s arm with his huge, blunt head.

“Hush, now,” Frank says absently. He reaches behind them and scratches Max behind one ear, but his eyes are still on the dog outside. Its scrawny ribs and ragged fur, the muddy ice and snow beneath its paws. It’s all raised hackles, bared teeth, and rolling white eyes. Karen knows fear when she sees it.

Frank does too. His expression, hardening the moment they rolled up, is now as craggy and remote as the exposed granite of the mountains back home.

Karen’s knuckles tighten on the gearshift. She says, “You’re not killing anyone.”

She doesn’t frame it as a question.

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I love how y'all suddenly start giving half a damn about disabled vegans who can’t be gold-star for health reasons (as opposed to berating them, erasing them, or some combination of the above the way that you usually do) when their existence becomes a convenient derailing tactic.  I’m sure I’ve absolutely never seen any silencing tactics along those same lines before.  And I’d need a tongue as long as an okapi’s to fit it any further into my cheek.

galwayghost replied to your post “Person:  “Aw! I want a teacup (pig, dog, etc)” Me: *fight it. fight…”

What’s wrong with teacup animals?

Thanks for asking! Teacup animals are bred for size, at the detriment of their health. Dogs aren’t meant to be 3 pounds.  Good Husbandry and teacup dogs are mutually exclusive, you can’t have both. As for pigs.  Pot Belly pigs are already miniature pigs.  Pot Belly’s average 100 lbs and it’s not unusual for them to reach 200.  A small Pot Belly is around 90 lbs.  Pigs continue to grow until they are 4 or 5 years old, but can start to breed at around 4 months.  Often, breeders claim their animals are “teacup/miniature” but are really just….Pot Belly’s.  But the parents are 4 months old and so the buyer sees the parents and thinks “ah, tha’ts how big they’ll get!” Then…SURPRISE your pig is now 200 lbs.  Many get abandoned at that point.  Even worse, the ones who are smaller than what they should be are often deliberately starved by the breeder (and sent home with feeding instructions to uninformed buyers who think the breeder is giving them good advice) during critical growing periods to keep the pigs small.  Those pigs often suffer brittle bones from starvation and have a lot of fractures throughout their lives.

On the next episode of “Haylee ruining cute animal things!…… Brachycephalic dogs!  Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxers, Frenchies that means you! :)”