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Making Dragons Deadlier...

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One of the most famous, if not the famous, creatures in all of D&D History.

And so for the Reptile-Lovers and Exceptionally Cruel Dungeon Masters who just happen to have a few dozen Dragons in their Settings and Campaigns, here’s a selection of Traits and Weaponry to armor-up those special little guys and girls and turn them into the world-destroying weapons of D&D, that we all know and love…

Note: Here is 80+ Traits, Actions, Reactions, Attacks and Much More for all your Dragon-Making Needs…

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Harry James Potter, head of the DA and protégé of Albus Dumbledore himself, did not become a career Auror.
-Sure, he worked with them after the war-everyone did.
-Harry and Ron led the charge in rounding up old Death Eaters and Hermione researched and wrote crazily, making sure no stone was left unturned in their hunt and no memories were lost of the new history they’d made (her writings were eventually compiled into what is largely considered the most comprehensive history of Voldemort and his attacks ever written. Madame Prince has three copies in the school library).
-Even Neville and Luna lent their respective plant and animal (however strange) based abilities towards getting past old defenses and remaking allies.
-These children were born and raised in the midst of war, and it took a while for most of them to learn the ways of peace. But once they figured it out (sort of) they settled into their new roles.
-Hermione rose rapidly amongst Ministry ranks, Ron returned to family, the only truth he’d ever been sure of, and Harry went back to his first (real, remembered) home.
-The Defense Against the Dark Arts position had been rid of its curse for two years by the time Harry applied for the job, and the teacher who held it for those years was only temporary anyways. McGonagall had been hoping Harry would return to Hogwarts, and return he did.
-Harry Potter’s Defense lessons were notorious for their seemingly random schedule, where one day the class would be practicing spells normally, the next running obstacle courses in the Forbidden Forest, and the day after that having a class wide discussion on the power of emotions and their use in spells
-His first lesson of every year was on the power of chocolate and conversation to comfort, just as he had learned from Remus Lupin years ago. Like his old professor, Harry rewarded students with chocolate for good deeds and correct answers.
-Seventh Years got to choose personal research projects, ranging from meticulous dioramas of various battles to the best way to make a pile of dung explode
-Sixth Years learned more complicated traditional spells, including the Patronus and healing charms (Harry’s stag never failed to draw gasps the first time he showed it to a group)
-Fifth Years combined lessons from all their other classes to find ways to fight without traditional spell work, including stories from Harry about using Wingardium Leviosa to fight a troll his first year and Neville using his plants during the Battle of Hogwarts. (Often, Harry would bring in Hermione, Ron, and Neville to assist in the telling of these tales and the teaching of their techniques.)
-Fourth Years got lessons in love and death and ancient theories and stories, along with turns for everyone to go under the Invisibility Cloak on the day devoted to the Deathly Hallows
-Third Years learned defense against other species with a final like an obstacle course similar to the one given to Harry by Professor Lupin
-Second Year was for most traditional dueling spells, started with Expelliarmus. (Any students that complained about the “boring” spell would have him reply calmly, “this is what saved my life against Lord Voldemort” and shut right up)
-First Years started with basic theories, and continued to shielding and camouflaging charms (because Harry never really signed up to fight, and would rather his students never have to)
-every year ended with huge tournaments between the years, which he used to help houses bond with each other and to assess skills. They changed between magical paintball or laser tag, scavenger hunts, or temporary prank wars (the other professors’ least favorite), and the winners got to camp on the grounds for a night for s'mores, swimming, and a midnight Quidditch game
-His first students were mostly old enough to have been his classmates, just like those of the DA had been, and so his first years of teaching were to war-torn children like himself, who had gaps in their normal seating arrangements that their friends, now dead, had sat in, and the occasional blank stare that Harry was never offended by, as he was accustomed to seeing them on his friends and himself when they were revisiting horrors they’d witnessed
-as he continued teaching though, his students came in excited to learn from the famed Harry Potter, and he had to persuade them early on that to them, he was just a teacher who’d show them a trick on the Quidditch field or the location of a secret passageway, nothing more and nothing less
-eventually, students would get more excited when Harry announced that Hermione, the Minister of Magic, was coming to visit and chat with them about research, or Ginny, his Quidditch star wife, was arriving soon to show off her Bat Bogey hex than when he mentioned his own history
-and as time went on, Madame Pince’s copies of Hermione’s history book stayed on the shelves because students realized Harry was more likely to engage in a snowball fight than a duel and was happiest tucked into a Weasley sweater with a cup of tea, chatting with friends about anything other than defeating Dark Lords; and he was recognized in Diagon Alley less by adults wishing to shake his hand and more by children wanting to say hello to their favorite professor
-and students came to love him, not for his fame as the Boy Who Lived, but as a professor who cared, and sought to teach in a way that everyone could learn from, and Harry wouldn’t have it any other way

My piece for the @kirbyzine benefiting Meals on Wheels! You still have a little bit of time left to get yourself a copy, so do yourself a favor and go check out the INSANE amount of INCREDIBLE Kirby-themed artwork!!!

I wanted to highlight some of my favorite combo abilities from Crystal Shards… I loved skating all over the place, becoming an animal friend, bursting into fireworks, and creating my own food to eat… GOOD MEMORIES…

Animal Necromancy- Bone and Spirit Work

When the word ‘Necromancy’ pops up, a very specific image pops into the mind. It is always having to do with human bones and spirits. While that is the most popular application for necromancy, it goes far beyond that. Its use spans into working with all dead things, both human and non-human. 
One of the most applicable necromantic methods in modern times is animal necromancy. The ability to work with animal dead is useful one for a witch to have.
I’ve often been posed with the question: “I’ve found some animal bones, but what can I do with them?” 
The first thing to consider is sanitation and legality. Is it legal for you to own these bones? Do you know what animal they came from? In certain states, it is illegal to own the pelts, feathers, bones, antlers, etc of certain animals. Always double check your local laws. 
Sanitation wise, you should pick up your bones with bags and gloves. If they are only bone with no flesh left, rinse them with water and soak them in peroxide for about three days depending on the size of the bones. 
If they have flesh left, your best bet is to bury it in a burlap bag. It gives minimal damage to the bones and will clean them completely. It is also the slowest process. It can take several months. When they are simply bone, you can do the peroxide treatment to them. 
Cold water maceration and simmering is an option, but it is rather unpleasant and smelly. I don’t recommend it, especially if you live with other people. 

Now, after all that, you’re left with clean, legal bones.  
First thing to do is introduce yourself. Let the spirit know who and what you are. Get to know the spirit residing in the bones. The spirit may not be as potent in a femur in comparison to a skull. The skull is the spirit’s house. 
You may find that the spirit is quite upset and riled up. If it was shot, hit by a vehicle, or killed by a person, it may be less than welcoming to you. If this is the case, you have to soothe it. Burn tobacco for it. Give it pomegranates and apples. Give it food (not always the food we would eat). 
If it cannot be soothed, and you’ll know if it can’t, then you have two options. One is to put the bones back where you found them. Leave them there and forget you ever touched them. The other is to remove the spirit from the bones. As you would banish a spirit from a house, you would banish the spirit from the bone. It is to remove all power left in the bone and leave it nothing more than a length of calcium. It can, however, be inhabited by another spirit of the same kind of animal.
Assuming the spirit was able to be soothed, you will continue working with it. 
The next thing to do is ask the spirit if it is willing to do work with you. Never assume this. If it isn’t, take a step back to what I just mentioned. If it is, it’s a good idea to find out what kind of job it’d be best for doing. Small skulls could be turned into ritual adornment, while big skulls could be used to make ‘watch dogs’ disguised as decoration. If you live in rural areas, you’ve seen the bull skulls hung above barn doors. Little do those farmers know that long ago, those skulls were likely hung as a way of protection or apotropaic magic. Sometimes the spirit will make it known how it wishes to be used. 
You can also use the skull of an animal to house your familiar. If you purge the spirit out of the bone, your familiar can inhabit it. Or, conversely, you can adopt the spirit of that animal to be a sort of familiar. I’ve even seen cases where a witch’s familiar came this way. 
There is also the case of reddening the bones. To redden the bones is to give them breath, strength, and life again. You stain the bones red as blood. Many witches use red ochre when doing this, but I’ve also heard of using red wine, rowan berries, and even beets. This isn’t an absolutely necessary thing to do, but it can give extra power to the skull and spirit you’re working with. 

Someone asked specifically about using a bluejay to go to Hell/the Underworld. In the States, it isn’t legal to own any parts of many native birds. However, it is possible to work with the spirit of an animal without owning the remains. What you need is a vessel. This can be a special jar, bottle, statue, or even a clear quartz. You’ll have to find the body or bone of the animal, place to vessel near it, and coax the spirit in. Once you have it, you can work with it. 
And how would you get the bluejay to take you to Hell? You lay down with the vessel, shut your eyes, and go flying with the spirit. 

What other kind of work can be done with animal spirits? It all depends on the animal. A horse’s skull can be of great use to a witch, if they’re familiar with German witchery. They can be used to fly, to cross the hedge, and to severely curse an enemy’s land. A bird can keep a watchful eye and assist with flight. A fox can hex, steal, and spy. A bull will protect and attack those who threaten you. You can make the skull of a toad into a ring or the spine of a snake into a necklace for ritual. They will help give you power in your workings. Buck skulls can help in accessing the Wild Powers. The skull of a buck and ram are highly prized by traditional witches. It can give connection to the Man in Black. 

Skulls are also a symbol of death in general. Even an empty one can be used to great effect in any necromantic working, including ones involving human spirits. It can be a key to the door between worlds. If it is the skull of a fox, toad, rabbit, or other messenger animal, it will do very well for amping up general necromantic workings. 

These are the basics and beginnings to animal necromancy. It’s a good starting place for those interested in the oft tossed aside topic. Necromancy, however, deserves a word of caution perhaps more than other areas of witchery. The spirits can take vengeance on you if you mistreat them. It is best to comply with whatever spirit you’re attempting to make a relationship with. Do not be mistaken, they can be forced, but it will earn you a poor reputation and a vengeful ghost. 

Monk Week: New Monastic Traditions

image source: Complete Psionic D&D 3.5e supplement

Way of the Zerth Cenobite

The Zerth Cenobite is a student of time and the body’s movement through it. For the Cenobite, time has become simply another dimension to move through. The teachings of the Zerthin style have been passed down through Githzerai monks from deep within the plane of Limbo. A useful subclass for a creative player that rewards forward thinking. It is a great for Banishing the biggest threat in an encounter to make it easier on the rest of the team. It is also a near-impossible class to kill with its ability to become temporarily invulnerable or step forward in time to evade danger on top of a monk’s regular tendency to skirt death.

Temporal Strike: At third level, you gain the ability to hit enemies forward in time a number of rounds equal to your monk level when you hit an enemy with an unarmed strike. The creature must make a WIS saving throw to resist the effect. If the effect is resisted, the creature is only moved forward in time by one round. Once you use this ability, it cannot be used again until you finish a short rest to meditate on the passage of time.

Future Sight: At third level, you may spend 1 Ki Point to cast Augury as the spell.

Timeless Step: At sixth level, you are able to step forward in time any number of rounds up to your Monk level using an action. To the rest of the world, you have effectively disappeared in a soft flash of light, ceasing to exist until you return. You return at the start of the round, without any changes to your status from the moment you used the ability. You can use this ability once per short rest.

Temporal Acceleration: At eleventh level, you may spend 1 Ki point to accelerate your timeframe for one round, gaining an extra action and doubling your movement speed for that round. Once you use this ability, you may not use it again until you complete a long rest.

Temporal Distillation: At seventeenth level, you can emerge from mortal peril unscathed by entering an alternate timeline where no harm has befallen you. At the start of any round (regardless of any and all status conditions affecting you), you may use this ability to return to your state at the beginning of the previous round. Any status conditions, changes to your hit point values, spells cast upon you, or movement taken or imposed upon you since the start of your last turn is removed. This does not change the results of any rolls or uses of abilities since the last round, just your bodily status and position since the last round. No other creatures are affected by this ability. Once this ability is used, it cannot be used again until you finish a long rest.

image source: Genji (Overwatch)

Way of the Bladestorm

The bladestorm disciple is a monk that has trained to optimize a stealthy and deadly weapon: the shuriken. They work in shadows, attacking from stealth to take down their foes with a cloud of metal shuriken before they have realized what’s happened. For the purposes of this class, a shuriken has the statistics of a Dart.

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Red Queen High Houses - House Viper

Abilities - Animal manipulation

Color - Green and black

“This woman looks like I could snap her in two, manacles and all. Probably part of her facade. She wears her own house colors, black and emerald green, alongside Samos silver to denote her allegiances. Viper. Lady Blonos’s voice sneers in my head. Black and green are the colors of House Viper. Evangeline’s mother is an animos.”


Since I’ve gotten a lot of requests for it and I said I was going to update my commission info a long time ago– here it is! 

DaPandaBanda / Destiny-Islanders / Legendary-Defenders / Traitorsandpancakes commission info! (Pick your favorite DaPanda hahaha)

So here’s the basic info you should know:

  1. I’ll only accept payments from PayPal. I’ll send you an invoice to the e-mail address of your choosing once I’ve received your request. Please pay me at least half up front!
  2. OCs and characters outside of fandoms I usually doodle for are totally cool in my book! If you do want me to draw your OC, though, please send me lots of references so I can be as close to your interpretation as possible!
  3. Check out my main gallery if you want to get more of an idea of what to expect from a commission from me, especially for the comic strips. :)
  4. Feel free to be as detail-oriented as possible when you commission me. If you want me to draw a character in your favorite canon costume, let me know! If you want a character to have a certain look that they don’t have in canon (e.g. Jason Todd with his hair in a bun), let me know! If you want a character to be in a certain kind of pose, let me know! If you’re commissioning a comic strip and you want to write the script and just have me draw it out, let me know! You’ll be helping me out by being as specific about your commission as possible. :>
  5. Things I will not commission: Animals/furries (It’s not a matter of like/dislike; I’m just not confident enough in my animal-drawing abilities to charge money for that… sorry), backgrounds, NSFW, gore

PLEASE NOTE: I work full-time, so I will probably ask for around two weeks to complete your commission. I will communicate with you personally about when you can expect your piece to be done, depending on my schedule.

Commission Slots: Currently filled! I’ll update when they’re open again.

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Ayla’s Guide to Making Miraculous Ladybug OCs

@cain-wasnt-abel​ sent me an ask on my main blog ( @the-queen-of-the-dragons​ ) requesting some tips for making Miraculous OCs after they saw my post saying I was always willing to help. This guide is over 1,300 words long and was written in an hour, so it’s all going under a read-more so people don’t get annoyed. I hope it helps!

Please note that there are also a few spoilers in my explainations.

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anonymous asked:

I know you're busy so take your time with this ask! I was curious what you think everyone's spirit guardian would be (for the RFA plus maybe the minor trio?). A spirit guardian is usually in animal form, so it's kinda like a spirit animal in simple terms. It's a guardian that doesn't have to match the personality of the person, per se, but compliments them and challenges them to grow in some way.

What an interesting ask! Haven’t seen anything like this before

Zen:  A bear

Originally posted by naturegifs

  • The bear stands for strength and confidence
  • Its for taking leadership, and take action without fear
  • Although Zen is often stereotyped as a confident narcissist, there is more to him than that. Because of his past, he needed to get more confident in himself, and a bear spirit would help to give him confidence and inner strength
  • This spirit animal can symbolize healing abilities, whether it’s at the physical, emotional or spiritual level
  • I think this would suit Zen, so he can grow into a more content and confident person on the inside as well what he shows people

Yoosung: A deer

Originally posted by naturegifs

  • The deer stands for gentleness, sensitivity and being able to get through obstacles in life
  • With its gentleness, grace and innocence, it would connect Yoosung to his inner self, and show him that he doesn’t have to be more “tough and manly” to be an adult, but rather accept his nature
  • With its ability to get through the bad times your life and move into a new “terrain”, it would help him come at ease with the whole Rika situation. Learning to accept that there are several different stages in life and not just focusing the one you’re in right now can be difficult, but the deer would show him how to do so without necessarily forgetting the other stages

Jumin: A panther

Originally posted by elfmaiden

  • The panther stands for understanding of death, knowing the dark, and power
  • Even though he doesn’t act upon it, the whole situation did leave some impact on him. Seeing his best friend and leader of the group fall, and everything that happened before and after, must have made him somewhat closed off
  • It would help him understand what he really wants, what position in life he’d rather be in, and accept how things were before
  • It would help him really take the lead, and stand up for what he thinks is right

Seven: A fox

Originally posted by sunrise-mystifies

  • The fox stands for physical or mental responsiveness, seeing through deception and ability to find your way around
  • The fox is ofter seen as a trickster, but there is more intelligence and observation behind that than people thinks
  • It would help him to be more observant, and help him take wiser decision on an everyday basis
  • It also challenges him to move quick and swiftly, having confidence in that there is nothing more to do with what lies behind you. Of course, this doesn’t mean he should ignore his brother, but rather think more about what is really the best choice to make at the given moment

Saeran: A wolf 

Originally posted by won-der-land89

  • The wolf stands for sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts, and wanting freedom 
  • It would help him trust his instincts and accept the current situation. The wolf is similar to Saeran in that it wants to be alone, and has a hard time trusting people
  • However, it would help him be more free in a good way too, and help him be more sure of himself and what he wants
  • The wolf is known for being alone, but rather than just that, it could stand for knowing your personal boundaries and learning to accept that people are different in that area

V: A butterfly 

Originally posted by maydaymarina

  • The butterfly stands for powerful transformation, renewal/rebirth, and
    the world of the soul
  • A butterfly helps with important changes in your life. It would help make the impact a bit milder, and help him with the obvious pain the situation has led him to
  • It also stands for a certain innocence and lightness in life. It would help him see the world from a slightly different point of view, and remind him of his beliefs and peacefulness 
  • It helps him show his true colours, and supports him in times of personal transformation

Vanderwood: A panda

Originally posted by thisisnotapandablog

  • The panda stands for gentle strength and nurturing ability
  • It would help him come at ease with himself, and accept things how they are. With its heart-centered energy, it would remind him to properly take care of himself and let him be at ease with who he is
  • As opposed to Vanderwood, the panda has a soft and kind-looking outside while being strong on the inside. With this contrast, Vanderwood being tough looking on the outside while maybe not so strong all the time on the inside, it would remind him that it’s ok to not always keep a strong mask while still being confident with himself and his choices 
  • The panda also teaches the importance of personal boundaries, letting him know that its fine to keep his distance in order to be comfortable and gain healthy relationships with other people
Shapeshifter in the Animal Shelter AU

(requested by anonymous)

Talk to me about an AU in which one of our muses is a shapeshifter who has been snagged off the street and is up for adoption at an animal shelter. Perhaps the other muse has come to adopt a completely different type of animal, but then realizes they can communicate with the shapeshifter and decides to adopt them and free them from the cage. 

Alternative idea: one muse is a witch/spellcaster whose animal familiar has been trapped and later adopted from a shelter, and an unknowing stranger has accidentally taken home this special, magical companion of theirs. They don’t know what to think when the animal begins displaying supernatural abilities (spooky powers, telepathic communication, not to mention consistently whining for their real owner) but the magic-using muse quickly tracks down their familiar and has a lot of explaining to do. 

radiantshadowtrooper  asked:

I'm curious: do you think the characters would subconsciously be attracted to (in a s/o) a quirk similar (like offensive, defensive, elemental, mind, quirk affecting, etc) or opposite of theirs? I know personality matters more but I think quirks would affect it too psychologically without them noticing. For Tsuyu, Bakugou, Kirishima, Aizawa, Todoroki, Shinsou, and Midoriyama please :) I hope it made sense how I explained this ;^^

Aizawa Shouta: Aizawa wouldn’t really care about the quirk of the person he’s with, and it entirely depends on his interactions with them whether they work together or not. He’s very particular about the people he wants to be romantically involved with and who he ends up falling for, but in general, their quirk has no effect on his opinion of them.

Asui Tsuyu: Tsuyu would admit to herself that it would be much easier to find a person who was a bit froggy like her, or even just had the same love of water as she did. It would have to be on a case by case basis but it’s most likely she’ll end up marrying another person that slightly resembles her or has more animal like abilities like she does.

Bakugou Katsuki: He would most likely be more attracted to a person with an offensive type quirk, not necessarily in his realm, but if they could deal a lot of damage it’d probably excite him. He likes sparring with his partners and being able to learn from them as much as they can from him (he won’t admit he’s actually learned anything from you, though).

Kirishima Eijirou: We’ve seen that Kirishima is attracted to a friendship with someone who has a quirk that almost mirrors his, so it’s likely he’d fall for someone who has a quirk that resembles his, too. It’s mostly because he likes to have a bit of a competitive edge to see who can use the quirk better, but it’s much more playful romantic wise.

Midoriya Izuku: Midoriya, most likely, would be attracted to a person without a quirk, just because that’s how he lived his life until he met All Might. He would would want to be with them to protect them, and he would also feel like he could truly trust them with his secret without being judged (because it’s many quirkless peoples dreams to be bestowed with a quirk).

Shinsou Hitoshi: Shinsou would fall for a person with a quirk like his almost too quickly, because he understands the struggle they go through daily with mind controlling. He would like having someone with nearly the same quirk because he would be able to identify with and trust them with his problems easier, as they could be more empathetic with what he had gone through in the past.

Todoroki Shouto: Because of his father he’d more than likely shy away from someone who was purely a fire quirk user, and might be more attracted to those who use ice because of his mothers slightly more positive influence. He tries not to let quirks weigh in too much on his opinion, as he doesn’t want to have a relationship like his father and mother where he marries someone just because of their quirk.