animaine 2012

Cosplaying as Roxas at Animaine 2012. 

Photo taken by Andrew Marston. 

Always felt so insecure as Roxas, because there are SO many Kingdom Hearts cosplayers out there, and SO many of Roxas in general that I just felt terrible in comparison to all of them because I was chubby. But then I realized that I always have FUN when I cosplay Roxas and I have made SO many friends while cosplaying him - not to mention I get compliments on the cosplay all the time, and people are always asking me for pictures. So I’m not the greatest Roxas because I’m not skinny… doesn’t mean I can’t be a good Roxas and have fun to boot! :)

Animaine in a Nutshell.

Because I always have to tell every little detail about cons I go to because I am annoyingly obsessed. 

Overall it was a wonderful con. There was no drama and it felt like a giant family reunion or something (but without wrinkly aunts who pinch your cheeks… and everyone was dressed as fictional characters and busting out into dance frequently). 

It was my first time staffing and I felt like a noob, but after all was said and done I will definitely want to sign up for it again for next year. 

I basically was in the artist alley if I wasn’t on a shift. The only panels I went to was the bootleg one, and the one my friends in the artist alley were running - and ten minutes of the Anime Forever screening. XD

Biggest Highlights:

  • Seeing Callista and Danielle because I haven’t seen them in MONTHS.
  • Buying amazing swag such as Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete on Blu-Ray, an ADORABLE Aerith figurine, A My Little Pony 2013 Calendar, New Earrings, charms, Con Shirts, and a checkerprint kitty hat. :3
  • The raved DJ’d by Greg Ayres. Omg you know you’re having a good rave when afterwards your entire body is sore. 
  • All of the Artist Alley shenanigans. (Random dancing, singing, etc)
  • Meeting a lot of amazing people. Seriously, I was so social this year which is shocking for me. XD 
  • All of the 3DS StreetPass Tags. Haha.
  • Listening to the concert from the hallway while I was on registration and dancing around anyway. 8D
  • I tried an actual Japanese meal for the first time. Loved it. 
  • Getting actual professional cosplay photos. 
  • The Bootleg Attacking.
  • Con Crush asdfghjkl; <3

The Only Not-So-Great Things:

  • Let’s just say I really need a room next year. I wouldn’t have had to leave so early and deal with all the crap that came with needing to leave early every day, especially with being on staff and missing half of my shift one morning, not being able to go to the staff dinner, or being able to hang in people’s hotel rooms when they asked me to, etc. 
  • I lost my Link sticker that I got in the artist alley. Sobbu.
  • Only got to see fifteen minutes of Anime Forever, which I REALLY wanted to see and something happened both times it was screened - and then I didn’t have a chance after that because of being way too busy. But I did love the fifteen minutes I saw of it. XD
  • Not being able to say goodbye to a couple people. 
  • Rushing around a lot.
  • It being on Labor Day Weekend. 
  • The lack of people that showed.

Really nothing to complain about. Loved the con, and more people need to go next year especially since it will be in November again. It’s just so full of friendliness and fun. If you live in the area, give it a shot if you can. You won’t regret it. (:

Uploading some pictures from it soon. 8)