The 100 aesthetics (mythology): Goddess of the underworld Clarke and her flower wearing king Bellamy (Hades+Persephone gender bend)

“ They pause and look back at one another, smiling as if sharing a secret. Two lovers that can never exist as one, except in that single, brief instant. Lying there, Persephone smiled too. And as quickly as a smile parts two lips, the two sky wanderers parted ways ”
―Kelseyleigh Reber

Too Busy Being Yours To Fall For Somebody New Badboy!Calum Imagine

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A/N: this is the first imagine of pfftcliffordaugust (and it’s going up on time ayy), it’s kind of badboy!calum

Warning: none

Synopsis: Calum leaves you and just over a year later you are getting married, but Calum turns up on your wedding day.

It had been just over a year since Calum had decided that he was done with what you had to offer. You wanted to pretend that it was a shock but you knew it wasn’t, he wasn’t one for relationships or any sort of long term relationship.

He moved, a lot.

Moved to and from place to place with his friends, the only people who he actually wanted to keep around for longer than a couple of months.

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Wincest AU: Dean’s not great with the whole “chick-flick moments” thing, but sometimes there are no words to say.

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t b h same //:

Positive highlights on the ROWYSO Tour so far
  • Ashton looking hella fine
  • 5SOS perform SKH and all the other songs so well
  • The way they sound live has been improving so much
  • Michael’s feather in his hair
  • Muke doing the guitar thing
  • Muke doing the guitar thing
  • Muke doing the guitar thing
  • Muke doing the guitar thing
  • Muke doing the guitar thing
  • Muke doing the guitar thing