Hogwarts Headcanons No One Asked For


  • muggle born
    • his parents were very proud of their son
  • the sorting hat didn’t even stutter when it called out hufflepuff
  • has a black cat named Mittens
  • he made the quidditch team as chaser in his 3rd year
  • prefect by 5th year
  • quidditch captain in his 6th year
  • headboy in his 7th year
  • he was reveered as the schools golden boy by the teachers
  • the students knew that he and matt were party/prank central
  • after he graduate he became an auror, but after and unfortunate accident three years later
  • he returned to hogwarts as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher
  • kinda wigged out by the fact he can see the thestrals so he avoids them at all costs


  • a born slytherin
  • his family are wizards going back for ages
  • ¼ veela
  • he has little grey rat named Sharknado 
    • Lance: people think sharks are all bad. but they’re not. that’s why i’ve subverted the genre with sharknado. if you want vicious go look at dolphins
  • he made the cut as a seeker in his 4th year
  • charming things to shift through the colors of the rainbow is just what he does (after he comes out he starts doing the bi flag)
  • a potions master
  • obsessed with mermaids and the great lake
  • he turned keith’s hair white for a prank and issued a school wide apology for how horrible it was
  • runs a club to advocate against shark culling

Keith, Hunk, Pidge, Allura, and Coran under the read more because this post is long.

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Harry's 'Sirius' Adventures
  • Draco: I let you live in my house
  • Draco: you get to share my BATHROOM
  • Draco: you basically own the kitchen
  • Draco: and you throw your feet up all over the place as if YOU'RE the one paying mortgage
  • Draco: So please
  • Draco: just for me
  • Draco: don't bring in every single stray dog you see on the street and claim it's because it reminds you of Sirius. I get it. I do. But this is too much, Harry.
  • Harry: *smothered in dogs* You can't do that to me!
  • Harry: See, look. Sirius the Ninth is sad now.
  • Harry: please don't kick out Sirius the Ninth
Jily Fic Masterposts: 1 Muggle 1 Magic AU

Just as we love to imagine Lily happening when they are muggles (where there is no wizardry involved), the trope of having one of the pairing muggle and one magic makes it even better. These fics sometimes make the blood purity issues even more poignant by making Lily a muggle, or sometimes totally flip this trope so we get to see confused Muggle!James. In these fics, even when James and Lily come from different worlds, they’re still endgame.

  • mind, body, soul [Darling, Dearest, Dead excerpt], G, one shot - “In hindsight, James will admit that there were probably a number of other ways- better ways- to have gone about asking the girl for help…”
  • Just Stay Here Tonight, M, one shot - Lily Evans isn’t a witch.
  • Man’s Best Friend, M, one shot - Lily and James reconnect after Lily meets James’ dog, Padfoot, at the dog park, and their relationship blossoms from there. The only problem: this isn’t an AU, and James is going to have a whole lot of explaining to do.
  • The Icing on Top of the Cake, T, one shot - In which there is no war, Lily is a Muggle, and the Marauders set up a bakery. 
  • Upside to a Foolish Bet, T, one shot - Stranded in a Muggle inhabited town with his best friend stuck in Animagus form, James must rely on the kindness of a Good Samaritan.
  • magic, Unrated, one shot - Prompt: Lily revealing her magical self to muggle!James after they’ve been dating for some time 
  • Muggle Stalking, G, one shot - She’s “that gorgeous red-head who waitresses on Tuesday and Thursday” and he’s “that fit bloke who orders the tea and raisin scone”, but somehow they’re still Lily and James. 
  • Lily Evans Life As A Muggle, K+, multichapter - James Potter has a strange fasination with the pretty green eyed waitress at the muggle coffee shop in London. The marauders dont understand why he insists on going there day after day.
  • The Little Muggle, G, multichapter - Lily Evans is a muggle, and she falls in love with a Wizard, James Potter. The Dark Lord, Voldemort, gives Lily some magic and 3 days to make James fall in love with her.
  • The Princess and the Wizard (Part 1) (Part 2), G, multichapter - The first thing that anyone should know about me is that I’m a decent liar with a horrendously boring life. 
  • Untitled, G, one shot - In which Petunia is the witch and Lily’s not but she still meets James anyway.
Monsta X Hogwarts AU - Animagus form

Shownu - Bear

Wonho - Leopard

Minhyuk - Coyote

Kihyun - Cat

Hyungwon - Deer

Jooheon - Wolf

Changkyun - Coon


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AU where Harry’s animagus is a bunny and he attracts a ton of rabbits that like to follow him around, and Tom is pissed because he knows exactly what those rabbits want.

So he (maybe) hunts them in snake animagus form with Nagini.

Harry is suspicious about where all his bunny friends went, but he has no proof and Tom prefers to keep it that way.

don’t ask where I’ve been

I think that the Marauders often orchestrated little skits where Sirius would come bounding into school in his animagus form so that he could steal parchment out of one of the Marauders (mainly James) who hasn’t done their homework and they can start yelling,
“A DOG IS STEALING MY HOMEWORK! A DOG IS EATING MY HOMEWORK! ARGH! OH MERLIN WHAT A TRAGEDY IS THIS?! MY BEAUTIFULLY COMPLETE HOMEWORK. GONE! FOREVER!” They yell it so loudly that their professors hear and let them off and one day Sirius wants to get out of doing his homework so James does it instead - everyone completely freaks out as a huge stag gallops into school and snatches some paper out of a grinning Sirius’ hand

Lily Potter would have been an Animagus

And you can’t convince me otherwise. She would have disliked the fact that she was the only one in the Marauders that wasn’t an Animagus. Hated the fact that she wasn’t able to go around as an animal with the rest of them for hijinks and a bit of fun. 

She would have spent months and years learning (from probably McGonagall) so she could surprise James. I imainge she’d do it as a Birthday present, just on his birthday, wake him up with a nudge of her adorable deer nose while Baby Harry giggles riding on her back. And James would have first been super confused how a deer got in the House, cause let’s face it it wouldn’t be the first time he didn’t see the obvious thing in front of his face (especially concerning Lily).

Eventually she’d start showing mannerisms of herself while in her deer form, and James would lose his mind, before transforming himself, and then they both take Harry around the forest for a morning ride on the best birthday of James’ life. 

And it soon becomes a birthday tradition of the family to go on forest deer runs. And it’s super damn adorable!

Just Potter things.

I've been thinking about soulmates lately.

What if your animagus reveals your soulmate? Like when you and your soulmate change into animal form, revealing that you are the same animal, same markings and everything. Imagine Harry finding out Draco has the same animagus form, color and same weird markings as he does, that Draco is his soulmate and he gets nervous about how to bring it up to Draco.

I love flustered Harry so much.

anonymous asked:

Any new magic AUs you can rec since the last time?

I’m assuming you mean from the au list I did a while ago? Yeah, I can give you some more. :)