mermaid/pirate!AU because i love sea themes so much

Adrien Agreste is a well known, very dangerous and unearthly handsome pirate called Chat Noir. Marinette is a mystic, beautiful and innocent mermaid, who becomes a woman at night.

Kind of a “Little Mermaid” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” mix.

Oh, and Adrien’s ship’s named “La Coccinelle” ;w;

Plus: Chat’s got a cat on his ship, he’s called Plagg ofc and Marinette is friends with this adorable fish Tikki. Hehehehe~

It’s Marichat AU, even though Adrien looks more like Adrien than like Chat. But he behaves like a slightly worse version of Chat Noir (meaning, he’s the bad boy of the seven seas or sth, idk, Sindbad-like).


Ronan Lynch (18 years old), the middle son of the late Niall Lynch, who’d been the head of Lynches trading company in Dublin, Ireland.

After the tragic and mysterious death of his father became quite reckless and insufferable. This behavior forced his elder brother Declan to send him to Glenstal Abbey. After three years in the Abbey Ronan fled from the there back to Dublin, gathered a small crew of desperate men and stole one of Lynches ships called “Corvus”. Those men voted and named him Captain, Ronan changed the name of the vessel to “Rex Corvus” and sailed to West Indies to start his career as a pirate.

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Hello I'm a really REALLY big fan of your art it is my favorite! I have small request, if your okay with it! Can you draw Izuru with shoulder length hair? And maybe Hinata's reaction to the hair cut?? I hope you have fun with it

Ibuki: Tadaaaaa! Fake short hair!

Okay, it’s not shoulder length and he didn’t cut his hair. lmao

I’m sick as hell, that’s why it’s so sketchy… I wanted to draw backgrounds for once, but I’m too tired. haha;;


Blue Sargent (17 years old), one and only daugther of Maura Sargent and an unknown man, born and Raised on Nassau, New Providence.

Blue was born in a family full of women, never had a father and never needed one. Her family’s business - trading, and they trade literally everything - legitimate goods, stolen goods, secrets, gossip, fortune, trading routs etc. Blue was involved in family business till the day she met Ronan, who came to Nassau for the first time and wanted to sell his first plundered goods. Since then they became quite inseparable - two unbelievably salty and flaming characters, but they got along together splendidly, and despite all superstitions, Blue became a member of Ronan’s crew, and not just a regular pirate; she was second in command and nobody aboard Rex Corvus doubted her.

Happy birthday, Paperjam!!!

And ohmygosh, I really love this character. He means so much for me.
Thank you, @7goodangel for creating the most adorable cute little bean that hates this world <3
Also, need to do.
All this cute PJs(except the @miya-sheep‘s gaster version of Paperjam) belong the beautiful @7goodangel 


Adam Parrish (18 years old), son of Robert Parrish (Gansey’s gardener), Gansey’s closest friend, lowborn.

Adam was born and raised in Boston and he was fortunate to be of the same age as Richard Gansey III. Since their childhood boys were very close, almost like brothers. Gansey’s father was oblivious of Adam’s low birth at first, and then he could do nothing about it, because Gansey became very attached to Adam and mr. Gansey doesn’t wanted to separate them.

Adam always been aware of his status and his social place and it always pained his pride. No matter how smart he was, no matter how many languages he spoke, how talented he could be, his low birth would not allow him to become someone of significance.

Since the age of 11 he started to travel with Gansey everywhere, but he was to proud to allow someone to pay for him, so he worked on a ship during the voyages instead. When he was 18, he was better then many sailors aboard the ship, he was also very gifted carpenter, but the only position he recieved was a regular sailor.

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Could you draw some billdip coffee shop au? That'd be really cool. :3 I love your art btw💕

i’m a coffee addicted so why not? xD

so here is my coffee shop AU where Bill is a barista who worked at a weird-but-nice cafe named Mindscape Cafe. Dipper is a mystery novel author who came to finished his manuscript there and somehow he attracted by Bill maybe because of his mysterious demeanour or his wicked sense of humour or his intelligence or bla bla bla. its kinda like ‘Dipper couldn’t stop himself going back there even though he always feels very uneasy to deal with everything Bill does to mess him up’ AU lolol 

any fic rec   ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ? 

Ok but what if near the end Lydia starts to forget Stiles and he’s so desperate for her to hang onto any memory of him that he falls to his knees, his hands holding her waist and begs her to remember.

And here’s Lydia, looking down at a beautiful boy who looks so broken, a boy who seems so familiar to her yet she can’t quiet place him.

His eyes, she thought, look like they belonged to a boy who used to gaze at her from across the classroom. His hands felt like the ones who had held her in the back of an old jeep when she thought she wouldn’t make it through the night. And his voice; she could swear it sounded like the boy who screamed out her name as she fell lifeless onto the lacrosse field when she was fifteen.

“I’m sorry” Lydia whispered, “but I don’t know you”.

Stiles lets his hands drop and watched her turn away from him. He thought he knew heart break, he thought he felt it when his Dad didn’t recognise him and again when his best friend asked who he was, but it was nothing compared to the pain he felt right at that moment when the girl he’d loved with for almost a decade turned her back on him.

“Your best friends name was Allison” Stile said in a desperate attempt to buy some time. Lydia stopped mid stride and turned slowly to face him. “You have a dog”, Stiles continued.  “His name is Prada, you got him for your tenth birthday. You bought him to show and tell and the teacher told you off so I told her it was mine. I had detention for a week but it was worth it to see your smile.”

“You are smart. You are so smart sometimes I wonder if you’re even human” Stiles said. Confusion crossed Lydia’s face. “How do you know-“

“Two months ago,” Stiles interrupted, “you received your acceptance letter from Yale. You once told me that you were going to win the field’s medal and I told you if anyone could, it would be you.” A ghost of a smile appeared on his face as he remembered their junior year dance. That was the moment he found out that Lydia Martin was as kind as she was beautiful, that she was as fearless and she was smart, and she was perfect, so damn perfect.

“I’ve never told anyone that” Lydia said.

Stiles stood, taking slow steps toward her, being mindful not to frighten her. “You told me” he said softly.

“I don’t understand how you know this, why would I tell you this?” Lydia sounded panicked.

“Because you know me, Lydia. And I know you, better than anyone else in the world” Stiles said as he approached her.

Lydia didn’t flinch like she thought she would have when Stiles’ raised his hands to push her hair from her face. She felt that feeling in the pit of her stomach again; familiarity, safety and love.

Lydia closed her eyes, trying to make sense of what was happening when she felt his lips on hers. A kiss, a kiss so soft she thought she could’ve made it up. But when she opened her eyes again she saw him. She saw the boy who would offer his chair to her when she were in middle school; the same boy who always complimented on her fiery red hair when everyone else would make fun of it. She saw the boy with the topaz eyes who she kissed on the floor of the boys’ locker room; the boy on the lacrosse field; in the jeep; in her dreams and constantly on her mind. He was everywhere. He had been there in every point of her life; quietly in the background for so many years but now he was the centre of everything.

He could see it, he could see the exact moment she remembered. She looked up at him and almost lost her breath as it all came back to her.