Christmas with Sirius would include …

  • Being jumped on by a big black dog at 4 am in the morning
  • Having to get up otherwise your face would be covered in slober from where Sirius tried to wake you up.
  • Knowing that even if you do get up Sirius will still lick your face but doing it anyway.
  • You and Sirius sitting at the end of your bed, both with stockings in your hands.
  • Ripping through the presents together like your life depends on it.
  • Showing each other everything you got 
  • even though you both know because you made the others stocking.
  • You waiting patiently because you know what’s about to happen before it’s even happened.
  • Laughing as Sirius transforms back into Padfoot and races over to your jumping on you and pinning you down to the bed before changing back into Sirius.
  • “And know, for the most beautiful lady in my life.”
  • “I better be the only lady in your life,” 
  • “The one and only.”
  • Sirius handing you your present.
  • You never know what it is.
  • He likes surprising you when it comes to presents.
  • Always loving what he got you and always giving him a victory kiss to let him know just how much you love it and him.
  • “My turn, my turn!”
  • “Don’t worry, I didn’t forget!”
  • Giggling as Sirius begged for his present because apparently you were taking ‘too long’ to get it.
  • Always loving the joy that lights up in Sirius’ face every time he opens your present.
  • It makes you fell really special, like you got him the world when in reality you got him something like a leather jacket or a t-shirt.
  • The two of you spending the early hours of the morning in each others arms before you’re both called down by James.
  • The marauders, you and all your girlfriends (including Lily) sitting in the common room, around the fire and passing each other your presents.
  • The night before Sirius goes around and hides his presents for each person around the castle.
  • You and Sirius watch as the others spend all of the time up until lunch looking for their presents.
  • If they haven’t found them by then, then you accio them and give them to them.
  • Sirius and the other marauders always pulling a prank at Christmas lunch, it usually involves mistletoe or snow.
  • You and Sirius co-ordinating a snowball fight with the rest of the people who stayed for the holidays.
  • It always being you and Sirius as the last two standing.
  • “You’ll never beat me Black!”
  • “I wouldn’t speak too soon love.”
  • Sirius always winning, he cheats every time though but you don’t mind.
  • You and Sirius always finishing the day off in the kitchens, they house elves know to make you each a hot chocolate.
  • Your with extra marshmallows.
  • Sirius’ with no cream.
  • And the two of you just sit there, talking about everything that’s been great that year.
  • You don’t need to talk about the bad times because as long as you’re together they’re are no bad times.


anonymous asked:

I was thinking Sirius being so flexible in bed and in general that Remus wonders if he even has a spine and the Marauders joke he should be a cat animagus instead of a dog.

Ohohojo YES

People always joke about the Marauders thinking a stray dog is really Sirius but imagine that the Marauders are exploring the Forbidden Forest and they split up and all of a sudden, a deer comes over and nudges Sirius. And he’s just like, “Oh, hey, mate.” And the deer just nudges him again. And they finally decide to head back to the castle but the deer is having none of it so they literally have to drag him out of the forest. Only they’re panicking because he’s not changing back and come on James, this isn’t funny, you know we can’t get caught. And so they start to worry that something is wrong and he can’t change back. And so they smuggle him back into the castle. And by smuggle I mean, they throw the Invisibility Cloak over him but since he’s a deer, it doesn’t really cover much. And that’s the story of how Professor McGonagall looks up and sees three boys shoving a headless deer past her doorway and she promptly decides that it’s not her problem.

So they get the deer to the common room and it’s only then that they begin to speculate that maybe this deer isn’t James after all. But the deer just keeps doing really vague things that could be James. And they spend the rest of the afternoon having to decide if this really is James and if it is, if he’s messing with them or if something’s wrong, and if he’s not, did they just kidnap a deer?

  • Sirius: Hey, Remus, you can have my share of Halloween chocolates.
  • Remus: Why?
  • Sirius: Chocolate doesn't really agree with me anymore. I suppose it comes with being a dog.
  • Remus: Oh, I'm sorry.
  • Sirius: Why are you apologising?
  • Remus: Just - you know - nothing. Well, I - thank you.
  • Sirius: You're welcome.
  • Remus: I - I should go and find James before he gets another detention.
  • Sirius: Probably a good idea. See you later.
  • Sirius:
  • Peter: Liar.
  • Sirius: Pardon?
  • Peter: You're fine with chocolate. You ate half my supply last week.
  • Sirius:
  • Sirius: I'll eat the other half if you mention a word to Remus.
  • Peter:
  • Peter: I can't decide whether you're a good person or not.
ANIMAGI by J.K. Rowling

from  Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies

An Animagus is a witch or wizard who can transform at will into an animal. While in their animal form, they retain most of their ability to think as a human, their own sense of identity and their memories. They will also retain normal human life expectancy, even if they take their animal form for long periods of time. However, feelings and emotions are simplified and they will have many animal desires, feeding off whatever their animal body craves, rather than demanding human food.

It is immensely difficult to change oneself into an Animagus and the process, which is complex and time-consuming, can go dramatically wrong. As a result, it is believed that fewer than one in a thousand witches or wizards are Animagi.

An Animagus has a great potential advantage in the spheres of espionage and crime. For this reason, an Animagus Registry exists on which all Animagi are expected to log their personal details and the precise appearance of their transformed self. It is usually the case that distinctive markings or disabilities belonging to the human body will transfer to the animal self. Failure to enter oneself onto the Registry may result in a stretch in Azkaban.

When the process of becoming an Animagus goes wrong, it often goes seriously wrong. Impatience with the long and complicated process is generally at the root of such disasters, which usually take the form of horrible half-human, half-animal mutations. There is no known cure for such mistakes and those who make them are often forced to live out their days in their pitiable condition, being unable to become fully animal or fully human.

Talent in both Transfiguration and Potions is necessary to become an Animagus. No responsibility can be taken for any physical or mental problems resulting from following these instructions.

  1. For the space of one entire month (from full moon to full moon), a single leaf from a Mandrake must be carried constantly in the mouth. The leaf must not be swallowed or taken out of the mouth at any point. If the leaf is removed from the mouth, the process must be started again.
  2. Remove the leaf at the full moon and place it, steeped in your saliva, in a small crystal phial that receives the pure rays of the moon (if the night is cloudy, you will have to find a new Mandrake leaf and begin the whole process again). To the moon-struck crystal phial, add one of your own hairs, a silver teaspoon of dew collected from a place that neither sunlight nor human feet have touched for a full seven days, and the chrysalis of a Death’s-head Hawk Moth. Put this mixture in a quiet, dark place and do not look at it or otherwise disturb it until the next electrical storm.
  3. While waiting for the storm, the following procedure should be followed at sunrise and sundown. The tip of the wand should be placed over the heart and the following incantation spoken: ‘Amato Animo Animato Animagus.’
  4. The wait for a storm may take weeks, months or even years. During this time, the crystal phial should remain completely undisturbed and untouched by sunlight. Contamination by sunlight gives rise to the worst mutations. Resist the temptation to look at your potion until lightning occurs. If you continue to repeat your incantation at sunrise and sunset there will come a time when, with the touch of the wand-tip to the chest, a second heartbeat may be sensed, sometimes more powerful than the first, sometimes less so. Nothing should be changed. The incantation should be uttered without fail at the correct times, never omitting a single occasion.
  5. Immediately upon the appearance of lightning in the sky, proceed directly to the place where your crystal phial is hidden. If you have followed all the preceding steps correctly, you will discover a mouthful of blood-red potion inside it.
  6. It is essential to move, at once, to a large, secure place where your transformation cannot cause alarm or place you in physical danger. Place your wand-tip against your heart, speak the incantation ‘Amato Animo Animato Animagus,’ and then drink the potion.
  7. If all has gone correctly, you will feel a fiery pain and an intense double heartbeat. Into your mind will come the shape of the creature into which you are shortly to transform. You must show no fear. It is too late, now, to escape the change you have willed.
  8. The first transformation is usually uncomfortable and frightening. Clothing and items such as glasses or jewellery meld to the skin and become one with fur, scales or spikes. Do not resist and do not panic or the animal mind may gain the ascendancy and you could do something foolish, such as try to escape through a window or charge a wall.
  9. When your transformation is complete you should find yourself physically comfortable. You are strongly advised to pick up your wand at once, and hide it in a place of safekeeping, where you will be able to find it when you regain a human form.
  10. To return to a human form, visualise your human self as clearly as you can. This should be sufficient, but do not panic if the transformation does not occur immediately. With practice, you will be able to slip in and out of your animal form at will, simply by visualising the creature. Advanced Animagi can transform without wands.

Generally wizards prefer to have their clothes Transfigure with them, to escape the embarrassment of reappearing naked. However, it is possible to leave clothes behind if one wishes to give the impression of having gone for a bath or something similar. The longer a witch or wizard has been an Animagus, the better they will become at choosing the precise form of their transformations.

The animal into which one turns, if an Animagus, seems always to be that which becomes the Patronus. There is no known instance of the Animagus form changing to match the Patronus if the latter changes, but the Animagus who can also produce a Patronus is highly unusual and no study has ever been done on sufficient numbers to draw firm conclusions.

I think that the Marauders often orchestrated little skits where Sirius would come bounding into school in his animagus form so that he could steal parchment out of one of the Marauders (mainly James) who hasn’t done their homework and they can start yelling,
“A DOG IS STEALING MY HOMEWORK! A DOG IS EATING MY HOMEWORK! ARGH! OH MERLIN WHAT A TRAGEDY IS THIS?! MY BEAUTIFULLY COMPLETE HOMEWORK. GONE! FOREVER!” They yell it so loudly that their professors hear and let them off and one day Sirius wants to get out of doing his homework so James does it instead - everyone completely freaks out as a huge stag gallops into school and snatches some paper out of a grinning Sirius’ hand

okay but what if sirius got bored one day so he just. transformed into his animagus form and followed james and lily on one of their dates and it’s like a picnic and she doesn’t know they’re animaguses yet SO SHE’S LIKE “HEY, LOOK, A DOG!” and he totally takes over the date and she’s like rubbing his belly and patting his head and scratching his ears and just giving him all this attention like “who’s a good boy? who’s such a cute doggy? who’s a handsome boy?” and sirius is just giving james these smug looks who obviously KNOWS and he has to try to be interested in the dog too. but every time lily turns her back he’s giving sirius this look like “i’m GOING TO CLOBBER YOU?? WHAT IF I DID THIS TO YOU AND REMUS?” And sirius gives him a look like “try it, mate” and james i sjust fuming and lily haS no idea what is up with her weird boyfriend,,,,, kill me dead. kill me DEAD

Harry's 'Sirius' Adventures
  • Draco: I let you live in my house
  • Draco: you get to share my BATHROOM
  • Draco: you basically own the kitchen
  • Draco: and you throw your feet up all over the place as if YOU'RE the one paying mortgage
  • Draco: So please
  • Draco: just for me
  • Draco: don't bring in every single stray dog you see on the street and claim it's because it reminds you of Sirius. I get it. I do. But this is too much, Harry.
  • Harry: *smothered in dogs* You can't do that to me!
  • Harry: See, look. Sirius the Ninth is sad now.
  • Harry: please don't kick out Sirius the Ninth
  • Lily: I'm a little worried about Black.
  • Remus: Sirius? Why?
  • Lily: Well, he's talking to a rat about how to make polyjuice potion.
  • Remus: That is worrying. Wormtail is rubbish at Potions.
  • Lily: Who is Wormtail?
  • Remus: The rat.
  • Lily: You don't find it strange that he is discussing magic with a rat in the first place?
  • Remus: No, why?
  • Lily:
  • Lily: Never mind.