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For the headcannon thing, if it hasn't been asked yet, how about a Hogwarts AU

I’ll add a few more to the one I posted before :D

  • Roy and Riza are both Animagi (unregistered and registered, respectively) who underwent the process of becoming one while enrolled at Hogwarts as students, all for a friend who would undergo a Metamorphosis. Roy takes on the form of a black wolf while Riza takes the form of a hawk. The latter has discovered that her form is quite convenient for keeping an eye on the Elric brothers.
  • Edward excels in Defense Against the Dark Arts while Alphonse excels in Care of Magical Creatures.
  • Winry has found that she is incredibly skilled in healing magic. She shadows the nurses in the hospital wing, mostly because Edward ends up there often.
  • Both Ed and Al have seen and befriended a Thresthal…
  • Headmaster Hohenheim mysteriously vanishes and Eugene Grumman, a well-respected wizard and grandfather of Riza Hawkeye, takes over as the Headmaster.
  • james potter:right, I'm a stag, peter, you're a rat and sirius
  • sirius black:a black dog
  • james potter:I know you've got your heart set on the black dog but
  • sirius black:a black dog
  • james potter:don't you think the fact a black dog is an omen of death might
  • sirius black:james, my name is LITERALLY 'dog black'
  • james potter:yeah, I know, but
  • sirius black:a black dog

It’s second year when the three boys finally realize that Remus is only gone around the full moon.

They confront him about it after winter holidays and suddenly Remus is being plied with chocolate after every full moon.

It’s Sirius who relentlessly researches. Partly because he knows he can’t trust anything his parents have told him, and partly because its Remus and Sirius can’t bear to see him in pain. There has to be a way to help.

It’s almost thanksgiving when a Ravenclaw, intensely ambitious, asks McGonagall about animagus transformations.

“Very dangerous, should only be attempted by those who know exactly what they’re doing and have considerable experience.” Might as well have been an invitation to try for the boys.

They might have given up after a couple of weeks when it became apparent that it was a lot more work than anticipated. BUt a quiet voice belonging to one Peter Pettigrew had boosted their efforts justa week in with his quiet realization 

“Wait, James, Sirius, can animagi get lycanthropy?”

It was almost spring when McGonagall walked in on the three boys in an empty classroom, trying to figure out how exactly one might keep a leaf in their mouths for an entire month.

She raised her eyebrows at them and walked out. If anyone could do it, it would be them and she’d be damned if she deprived that Lupin boy of any comfort.

The fact that a note appeared in front of James at breakfast the next day suggesting a light sticking charm had nothing to do with her at all. 

And when a note appeared in front of her in a similar fashion, the fall of the boy’s fourth year, simply saying We did it, thank you. In James Potter’s handwriting, McGonagall was in no way at all holding back tears.

About 20 years later a big black dog follows the deputy headmistress to the headmaster’s office.

Where there was a dog only moments before, stood a man, looking older than he should have, but alive and free due to the fact that he had loved that scarred boy so many years ago and still did.

marauders locations: beech tree at the edge of the lake · gryffindor common room · gryffindor boys' dormitory · forbidden forest · secret passages · quidditch field · restricted section · shrieking shack · whomping willow

But imagine if Animagi could understand other animals

Peter would be really subtle about it.

James would be pretty subtle but people would remark that he tends to have rather long conversations with his owl.

Sirius would go right up to a random student and curtly say, “Listen mate, you have got to stop feeding your cat canned food. He's this close to scratching your eyes out. He hates it! And honestly, I don’t blame him. Have you ever had canned pet food? It’s disgusting! Get him some nice fish. Also, he thinks that your singing is atrocious.”

And thank goodness they did. Could you imagine what a letdown it would have been if they had all ended up being small animals?

Remus just spends every full moon in the Shrieking Shack sitting on a couch with a rat, a snail, and a sparrow.

People usually write really dramatic chapters about how Lily finds out that the Marauders are Animagi. But I really want a chapter where the Marauders feel so comfortable around Lily that they just forget that she don’t know and one day they’re all talking and Sirius casually changes into a dog and Lily slowly turns to look at him and the other three continue to talk like nothing happened and she’s just like “Are we going to talk about the fact that Black just turned into a dog!?” And James looks up and dismissively says, “Oh yeah, he does that.” And she’s silent for a moment before saying, “Alright…” And that’s the last that’s mentioned of it.

Headcanon that Madam Pomfrey knew James, Sirius, and Peter were Animagi. Maybe she noticed one day during dinner when Peter’s rat tail (from a faulty half-transformation when they were working on it) slipped out from under his robes. She knew something was up, because he hadn’t come to her to have it fixed. And with all the years of seeing all the shit the kids at Hogwarts could pull, and the knowledge of Remus’ affliction and of the Marauders’ friendship, she figured it out. She also knew (despite the three of them thinking they were successfully stealthy) that they would sneak into the Hospital Wing at night to be with Remus after a rough full moon. She’d thought about berating them (really, did they not think she’d set up wards to protect her students?), but she adored Remus and knew how much his friends helped him. So, she’d pretend she knew nothing about any of the heart-warming ways they were there for him, and would smile to herself because this riotous group of boys were just massive softies, dedicated to each other. 

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peter was part of the marauders but not very important, hes just like a bumbling idiot that they tolerate because hes in the same house as them. so it doesn't really matter.

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not sure if you’re trolling orrrrr.

but i dont really care okay heres the thing about Peter. Everything you just said is pure fanon BS. the fandom MADE him that way through fanfic and crap based on, well not much. Except that he betrays his friends. Which no one effing knows until it happens so

Why is this his personality? He wasn’t as good at classes, maybe. He’s nervous and a little twitchy, but Peter learned to be an Animagi just like James and Sirius. Peter helped with the map JUST LIKE THE REST OF THEM. Peter blew up an entire street and killed 12 people with a single spell. Peter was part of their core group, they needed him and loved him and QUITE LITERALLY TRUSTED HIM WITH THEIR LIVES.

Do you really think making him secret keeper was some off the cuff ‘haha yeah mate no one’ll expect PETER’ kind of shit? You think they didn’t take it seriously?? YOU THINK SIRIUS CHILLED IN AZKABAN FOR 12 YEARS WITH NOTHING BUT THIS BETRAYAL KEEPING HIM SANE BECAUSE ‘they just tolerated him’??? 

WHAT. I MEAN if he wanted to hate someone he could’ve stewed over SNAPE for 12 years. BUT NO. PETER. Because the betrayal was so much worse because they were FRIENDS. HE ACTUALLY SAYS IN THE BOOK THAT THEY ALL WOULD’VE DIED FOR PETER. Lily even calls him WORMY. Like, They were FAMILY you guys. oh my god.

AND NOT IMPORTANT?? bruh, lemme tell you a thing. The entire SERIES was set in motion by PETER and SNAPE. Without Snape to deliver the prophecy and ask LV to spare Lily, and Peter to give him their location.

NOT A SHIT THING WOULD’VE HAPPENED AND THE STORY WOULDN’T EXIST. Peter is important. And this isnt even going into the REST of the books, this is just PRE HP SERIES stuff. I sdkfmkfdfgmfg

I HAVE PETER FEELS. And honestly, Peter and Neville are absolutely parallels. And yall wouldn’t say Neville was a bumbling idiot people tolerate, even before he got BAMF. Neville is what Peter should’ve become if he hadn’t given into fear. If being in gryffindor had actually made him brave like it was meant to.


Do you know what you need to think about?

The fact that the Mars spent three years becoming Animagi.

I mean, that in itself is amazing and you should think about it often.

But what I really want you to think about

Is the fact that they must’ve messed up a lot!

I mean, they had to have

It’s human nature!

So just imagine all of the flaws that had to have occur!

James wearing mittens to disguise the fact that he has hooves instead of hands

Sirius getting angry at someone and mid-sentence beginning to bark at them

Peter realizing that he has a tail

James freezing, eyes wide, whenever somebody makes an abrupt movement

Sirius starting to pant in a hot classroom

Peter having an unquenchable appetite for cheese.

“…the dangers of self-transfiguration should never be underestimated, especially when a mage is attempting to change their fundamental morphic-field so that it can permanently embrace a particular shape at-will. Transfiguration, like the vast majority of enchantments, is not typically a permanent change…it is a fundamental rule of nature that everything is aware of what is supposed to be, and actively wills itself into its true and proper shape. It is this knowing that causes fairy-gold to turn back into leaves and sticks the following morning, and bespelled coaches to turn back into pumpkins at midnight.

Becoming a skin-changer, or animagi in the parlance of European wizardry, is to bewitch not only one’s self, but one’s very sense of self. It is for this reason that a wizard cannot truly chose their new animal form outside, perhaps, the possibility of breed or shape. Even then, a mage who is meant to be a lap-dog cannot chose to be a wolf-hound, or vice-versa.

So it is vital the aspiring shapeshifter knows themselves and conducts the appropriate rituals and spells in such a way that does not attempt to change themselves against their nature. True self-knowledge is a vital element to becoming an animagi, and this explains why the talent is so vanishingly rare in this modern age.

Be firmly warned, oh ye seekers of knowledge, that attempting to change yourself against your nature can be a disastrous affair. Take, for example, the case of Rosa and Rita Wentworth, a pair of Rhode Island witches who sought the power of flight when both might have been better suited to burrow in the earth or stalk through the reeds respectfully. Their case has been well documented in many magi-medical texts. Though eventually transformed back into their original forms, the pair never quite got over a certain fondness for raw meat and the unfortunate habit of trying to perch on the backs of chairs…”

From Mordecai Moggle’s A Guide to Advanced Transformation and Transfigutory Theory, the required reading for all EWE Level Transfiguration Students at the Allegiance Academy.