anim art

Part of a project that didn’t pan out, but I really liked this part of it!

Sphinx skull. One of my favorite things about Michelle’s design (and also the hardest thing about her to consistently get right) is that the “human” parts of her are only superficially human. Humans are not at all built to be quadrupedal like sphinxes are, so even though Michelle has a human torso, upper arms, and head, the anatomy underneath the human skin has been mushed around so she can move comfortably.

I should do more of these, they’re fun.

So I just spent all morning working on this and this sai was like “Saving Canvas Failed” soooo I had to just finish it then copy paste it into fire alpaca because i was not re-doing everything just so i could save it as a sai file x-x 

But yeah, TFA Rodimus is adorable! During this i just kept looking back at my toy version of him then back to my drawing.