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look I can draw robots :’)))

SCP-261 appears as a large vending machine equipped with neon lights from the side and front panel with writing in an unknown language.
Internally, SCP-261 is loaded with strange objects in colorful and catchy wrapping that appear to be “snack foods.” When currency is entered into SCP-261 it is immediately rejected and returned through the coin return slot, and also dispenses a random item from inside the machine.

All items dispensed must be recorded along with the amount of money entered and the amount of time elapsed between uses.

Some of these items are described below:
Coke Zero - A simple can of Coke Zero
Cheetos - A small bag of Cheetos
Unknown - A small package of foreign snacks that are said to taste crunchy, and very spicy, with a small hint of beef. Labeling in an unknown language.
Unknown - A tall, thin aluminum can. Opening the can caused a chemical reaction with the liquid inside the can. Liquid was apparently not intended for an oxygenated atmosphere, and detonated violently, causing several injuries and killing two researchers. Testing discontinued, and area cleared. Testing area observed to smell like citrus for several days.