anim art

Finally swallowing my anxiety and doing this oh my godddd.

So yeah, my mental health is worsening and I have been wanting a psychiatric service dog for a while now so I can have assistance for panic/asthma attacks, providing deep-pressure therapy, and blocking the public so I can actually find the courage to step out the front door. I have a job but it pays minimum wage and I’m forced to do nursing work even though that was never in the job descript, so I can’t say that I want to take every chance and work here. It has made me physically sick from anxiety to have to feed and change and bathe patients because I have agoraphobia, but this is all I have right now. The union isn’t any help either.

In any case, all of my funds are spent on paying a small rent fee to my parents, paying for car insurance, savings towards a working and reliable car, and taking care of my leopard gecko and hamster (who are pretty much my only friends and keep me motivated to keep living and do stuff.) Until a full-time position or better position opens up, I am slowly collecting things until I move out.

Either way, I am opening up for commissions! I specialize in rodents, snakes, and dogs. 🐹 Above are examples of small animals. I’m open to a lot of animals, so long as they aren’t anthropomorphic. Just send me a few references, a description of what you’re looking for, and I’ll get started! I’ll sketched out an idea, then create the lineart. If you’re happy with it, then do prices and I’ll get to work (all while keeping you updated along the way!)

Because I work 12 hr shifts, I do absolutely nothing on Thrusday, Friday, and Sunday. Feel free to message me on @hyenahijack @lil-hamilton or @animals-bring-happiness