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Dont you think its a little bit selfish to seperate the anilmals from their natural enviroment for our own wills of pleasement?

Yes I think it’s horrible to take animals out of their habitat but If an animal was born and raised in captivity I think it’s our obligation as humans to give them the best care that we can, because most of the time it’s impossible that they’d survive back in the wild. The ideal thing would be for humans to have never taken animals and used them for entertainment and work in the first place but it’s far too late for that now

List of reasons why the secret life of pets is great

-varying body types in pets

-varying personalities between diffrent anilmals besides just “the hero! the token black friend! the one who is definatly gay but we never say that in the movie!“

-so cute!!!

-leaves a love story in there, uses it in the actual movie, but doesn’t make it the main focus

-genuinlly made me cry

-not a lot comedy that was slapstick and stupid like “farts and butts!“, but left some of it for the kiddies

-litterally so fucking adorable

-katie was a huge sweet heart

-showed genuine character development throughout the movie with all the characters

-charters all had obvious flaws and weren’t made to be either perfect good guy or awful terrible bad guy

-gidget was super girly but still a fucking bad ass




-listen that sweet old grandpa and duke made me sob in the middle of a movie theater surrounded by 5 year olds

-fantastic animation!!! sticks to the style, but still great and ctue!

-that hawk was so sweet and cute !!! i cant remember his name atm but he was great

-pops was damn hilatious and sweet

-shows why you shouldn’t abandon your damn pets you asshole

-shows why you should neuter or spay your cat goddamn


-duke was the purest being i love him

-so was max

-but mostly duke

-lots of relatable characters!

-took a great idea for what could have been a short and made it a full length movie

-fantastic movie

-go watch it right now if you haven’t