You heard me but you weren't listening.

Have me thinking maybe, swearing there’s something wrong with the way that I think- because no one ever seems to see the things that I see.

Being listened to is being understood. You’re not listened to just because you are heard. Don’t you dare think you understand if you never try to listen. Then again everyone has their own perceptions.
Words are very easily said. Anyone can say anything. It is true actions speak louder than words. But people do things ‘cause they can. Also anyone can do anything. And sometimes what you do is not what you meant. You can’t do anything over again. Same with what you say. You can’t take back what is said. And what is said or done isn’t always true. What matters are the intentions. The reasons. Intensions behind each word, each action. Intentions are what is thought. There’s what is said. What is done. What is heard. What is understood. What is meant. What Is true. So listen to none of what you hear & half of what you see. Dig deep. #Angelina don’tbeafool.