anikoku  asked:

Do you ship? /runs away holding face in hands

To a far, far less degree than most of Tumblr, and most of my OTPs are canon. Not out of boringness, but because for the most part, what I’m emotionally invested in with fictional stories is the canon more than the fan materials and I become a fan of how much I like the relationships that I come across. (Let me tell you about Jonathan/Erina. This is my weakness.) I think proooobably the closest I get to shipping the way most of tumblr does is Trish/Mista, with occasional sides of Jolyne/Hermes when I’m in the right sort of mood.

I don’t mind seeing good stuff of couples I don’t actively ship, though! I appreciate the work the artists put in even if it’s not a pairing I’m particularly emotionally invested in, or it’s a pairing where I only like them as friends but the artist clearly sees them as more-than-friends, or I just plain don’t understand that ship but look at the quality of this artwork (or once in a great while, fic) and how much this other person obviously cares and that’s really great and I really admire their work.

hi I am the most boring fandom person!!!!!